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Moratorium on Back Surgeries

There’s a new and unlikely champion in spine care. Similar to the underdog boxer Rocky fighting the overpowering champ, Apollo Creed, not only does Rocky go the distance, but eventually he came out on top. Now it’s time for the entire chiropractic profession to take a...

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Taking a Knee for Chiro

Taking a Knee for Chiropractic Issues of social injustice, police violence, and sexual abuse continue to gain attention in the media, whether it’s the social activism of NFL players who take a knee or actresses coming forth after being sexually assaulted by Harvey...

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Imperfect Storm at FSU

Imperfect Storm at FSU The thrust to expand chiropractic education from small private colleges operating on shoe-string budgets to a major university level became the goal of the Florida Chiropractic Association in 2004. They lobbied five years to convince the state...

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Lancet Elephant Part 3

The Lancet Elephant Part 3: Follow the Money Famed Washington Post investigative journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein describe the adage that kept them on the hunt of President Richard Nixon and his White House gang during the Watergate caper to not only,...

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Lancet Part 2

The Lancet Elephant Part 2: Practitioners vs. Academic Elitists The Lancet panel was foremost an ensemble of the “evidence-based medicine” (EBM) advocates who apparently placed little regard on “practice-based evidence” (PBE) gleaned from empirical clinical work. As...

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Lancet Elephant Part 1

The Lancet Elephant Part 1: Blind Researchers Established in 1823 by its founder, Thomas Wakley to improve hospital reform, the historic British medical journal, The Lancet, on March 22, 2018, published a three-part series on Low Back Pain compiled by 31...

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Price of Pain

The Price of Pain “The pen may be mightier than the sword,  but it is not mightier than the dollar.” NM Hadler, MD, author of Stabbed in the Back[1] Not only is there a huge social cost of chronic pain to society in terms of addiction, disability, and deaths, the...

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Medical Titanic

Medical Titanic The tragic sinking of the behemoth RMS Titanic was a story of bad leadership to follow warnings and design errors such as the lack of life boats that led to the deaths of 1,524 passengers and crew. If you will, that tragedy parallels the failure of the...

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Dangerous Cargo

Dangerous Cargo The Lancet Viewpoint commentary, Low back pain: a call for action,[i] came to a sobering conclusion about the “widespread use of ineffective and harmful care” in the pandemic of LBP: “Other barriers to optimal evidence-based...

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Minimal Mass Media

Minimal Mass Media What struck me most about the media reaction to The Lancet review was how quickly it passed without much discussion. This medically-made worldwide pandemic of disabling low back pain leading to the opioid crisis caused no outrage from Sanjay Gupta...

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