Fair Journalism

Scandal Under the Media’s Nose

Mark Twain once warned not to “pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.”

His comment explains perfectly the situation the chiropractic profession has experienced over the past century fighting against the medical media.

For example, let me ask you a question that illustrates my point: When was the last time you’ve seen an in-depth article in the mainstream news media touting the benefits the chiropractic profession brings to a disabled world overwhelmed by opioid painkillers and back surgeries?

I can answer that question for you: “Never.”

And this comes at a time when back pain is the #1 disabling condition in the nation, military, and in the world.

This question also comes after twenty years of scientific research has demonstrated that chiropractic care is a “proven treatment” for this pandemic of back pain that you’ve never been told by the media.

Moreover, the accumulating spine research has concluded that medical spine care is a “national disaster” that has led to the current Hillbilly Heroin epidemic of opioid painkiller addictions and deaths, the ineffectiveness of epidural steroid injections, and the tsunami of unnecessary spine fusions based on an outdated ‘bad disc’ theory.

But the public has not heard one word about this paradigm shift in spine care because chiropractors have not been buying ink by the barrel, too, like the medical profession.

Unfortunately, there has been no ‘fair and balanced’ reporting or whistleblower exposés when it comes to the medical persecution of chiropractic care. Too few medical reporters and news programs have broached this issue because it reveals the prejudice and power of political medicine, the inefficiency of medical spine care, as well as shows the enormous influence Big Pharma and the AMA wield in the media.

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