Yoga Fights TR


Thank you for the valiant effort to substantiate some facts, timeline and relativity to the truth about the horrific events in Encinitas at the Yoga room starting in January of 2008.

My timeline is much more accurate, please note:

In early January 2008, Roxanne DePalma called from Peri’s bathroom at the Yoga Room and told Peri and Charles she had a major confession to make.  She said she almost died 2 nights earlier smoking (freebasing) crack cocaine.  She had been doing crack cocaine for the entire six years she had been at The Yoga Room and felt ashamed and embarrassed for lying this whole time.  Additionally, she had been lying because she had been with Terry Rondberg most of the time.  She said she could not tell her mother or Terry about this abuse problem and she asked Peri for help.   Peri immediately told her to drive down to the William Hitt Drug Rehab Center in Tijuana which is the best free drug rehabilitation center in the world where many, many students and friends and friend of the Yoga Room who have health issues and addiction issues.  She complied and immediately drove down to Tijuana for this treatment.   Dr. Terry Rondberg joined her a couple days after she began her treatment and did the program with her.  On January 11th, Roxanne told Peri and Charles that this was the first sober birthday she could remember.  On January 12th, Terry Rondberg wrote his infamous confessional letter to Peri; also during drug rehab.

Terry Rondberg began as a student at The Yoga Room in January 2006. He began his ADULTEROUS RELATIONSHIP with Roxanne DePalma in March 2007.

Terry Rondberg did not attend the February 2007 Ten-day intensive.  He attended the April 2007 Ten-Day Intensive.

In April of 2007 Dr. Terry Rondberg told Peri that her shoulders were off and convinced her to allow him to adjust her along with Outi, Charles and Roxanne.  Peri had no major injury of any kind at this time.  Since the inception of The Yoga Room sixteen years ago,  Peri lead and practiced advanced Synergy Yoga class, all ten-day intensives, Synergy Yoga midterms and finals and special classes at The Yoga Room along with her regular Synergy Yoga practice.  Immediately after Dr. Terry Rondberg’s final adjustment on Peri, she said to Outi and Charles “I will never let him touch me again”.  He did a major lower back adjustment on the floor and severely injured her which many Chiropractor’s have attested to can created injuries.  This started the immediate demise in her ability to practice yoga, to walk, to meditate and to be without pain.  He did not injure anything further, he created a new injury.  

Dr. Terry Rondberg exposed himself during the ten-day intensive stating his destructive behavior began in his teenage and early adult life, destroying people, property, reputations, businesses and abnormal behavior. Immediately after the ten day intensive, Roxanne and Terry experienced their first major breakup and after Terry Rondberg emailed the Yoga Room promising he would never hurt Roxanne, Peri or Charles, they allowed him back.  

Terry Rondberg did not attend the grand opening of Surf Therapy Yoga in the new building in Point Arena in February 2007.  Terry Rondberg attended the Synergy Yoga Therapy workshop at Surf Therapy in June 2007.  Terry Rondberg, Roxanne, and Charmaine Calcara rented a car and drove to Point Arena for the June 2007 workshop.  Terry Rondberg told his partner in the workshop that he did not want to divorce his wife and he told Goldi, Peri’s mom that he wanted to marry Roxanne.  On the Saturday afternoon walk to the mediation/walk to the beach at bowling ball beach he picked up a beautiful old-growth redwood walking stick which he brought back to Encinitas. On the drive back Charmaine Calcara got two beautiful kittens from Peri and Charles.  Upon returning to Encinitas within 48 hours, Terry Rondberg’s estranged wife Cindy completely demolished Terry’s house with the walking stick Terry picked up.  This included mirrors, televisions, computers, kitchenware, lamps clothing & bedroom apparel.  She came out of the house after doing this when Roxanne and Terry pulled up. Within a couple days, Terry Rondberg abandoned Roxanne again and in the process threatened Melinda DePalma. He physically pushed Melinda DePalma when she confronted him.  Roxanne DePalma filed a temporary restraining order in the North San Diego County Courthouse in which she stated Terry Rondberg threatened to slit her throat if she was with any other guy.  Peri and Charles never saw Terry again until January 2008. Even though Roxanne had other boyfriends, it is suspected that Roxanne was with Terry the whole time.

The July 2007 Ten Day Intensive was fabulous with the first ever all women Ten-Day Intensive.  The August mid-term was Peri’s last Yoga Room event until the February 2008 Ten Day Intensive.

Peri’s back was worsening week by week after the April 2007 Terry Rondberg adjustments.  July, August, and September 2007 she could barely walk and yet continued working and practicing yoga in pain.  She had to stop her practice many times because of high back pain.  

Peri had no sabbaticals until October 2007.  The Ten-Day Intensive was cancelled due to her being unable to work and the high fire danger in San Diego.  Peri spent October, November, and part of December 2007 in Point Arena working every day on the phone with Roxanne, Outi, Charmaine, Elia and Derek to maintain the Yoga Room and the work, back in Encinitas.

During Charles and Peri’s September Baja trip, Peri could barely walk to the beach (50 feet from their campsite).  Peri started Chiropractic work with Dr. David Klein in LaJolla in late September 2007 until early February 2008.  Right before that she was told by a leading Orthopedic Surgeon in Encinitas that if she did not get surgery, she would never walk again.  Peri refused surgery as an option.  She found and experienced amazing results from Dr. Klein in LaJolla and made great progress. On February 28th, on her Monday appointment after the February Ten-Day Intensive, Terry Rondberg called Dr. Klein right before Peri’s appointment and threatened Dr. Klein so much that after the appointment, he dropped Peri as a patient saying he needed to protect himself.  He was afraid of Terry Rondberg.  This was devastating.

Concerning Melinda DePalma, she is a major factor in the financial decline of The Yoga Room business.  Her incompetence is unsurpassed in the Yoga Room history of 16 years.  Conspiratorial to say the least!  From not paying insurance, Workman’s Comp insurance, accounts receivable, and an incredible general misrepresentation of who she really was.  From obtaining a line of credit and credit card in Peri’s name without Peri’s signature to Bank of America for $30,000+ to make it easier for Melinda to run the business.  The issue is being investigated by Bank of America.  It is no wonder Melinda DePalma is so outright aggressive to smoke screen her own guilt.  Roxanne begged Peri and Charles not to prosecute Melinda, her sister and they did not.  

Elia Nikolaev was denied workman’s unemployment after he walked out on his responsibilities which included staff work and teaching with no notice.  In his appeal witnessed by Charles and The Yoga Room lawyer, Todd Cardiff, he admitted that the Yoga Room is NOT A CULT.  And he admitted that he distributed the “Shocking News About A Cult” cards all over North County.  On houses, cars, streets, in front of the temple, at the Ashram.  He was caught red handed distributing those cards by Outi, Charles and Pam.  Just recently,  after he filed an appeal, the State granted Elia unemployment insurance.

Lorraine Salguerio is a former Synergy Yoga teacher at the Yoga Room and student.  She left suddenly when the Rondberg crew abandoned the Yoga Room and started their destructive behavior.  Her new studio mirrors the Yoga Room schedule almost exactly and is staffed by mostly former Yoga Room teachers.  She used the Yoga Room for years for solicitation of Usana products, clientele, and obviously recruiting Synergy Yoga teachers.

Charmaine Calcara conveniently (ulterior motives) left the Yoga Room on the first day of the Synergy Yoga Ten Day Intensive February 2008 knowing how damaging this would be to the functioning of this core work at the Yoga Room.  She was on the schedule for the Ten Day and was a critical link to all Synergy Yoga functions.  She conveniently stayed on board for a couple days but did not honor her two week notice.  She must have got all the necessary information she needed off of the computers to conduct her tasteless departure.  Her departure was incredibly hurtful.  Charles and Peri knew her as a child and she grew up at the Yoga Room starting work at age thirteen.  Her father, Jeff Calcara, is on the Board of Directors of Synergy Yoga. Both Jeff and her mother Virginia have remained silent this whole time.  

See the Synergy Yoga website for phone messages from Elia, Roxanne, Charmaine and Derek which everyone should check out.   Note audio clips on the Synergy Yoga website, of Roxanne DePalma 12 hours before she left the Yoga Room unexpectedly. Charmaine’s message was 4 days before she left.  They are self-explanatory and obvious.  Note that Peri, Charles, Outi, Sumathi, Jen and Linda never expected or saw the betrayal coming.  All of these former employees were given excellent salaries, skills for a lifetime, appreciation, respect and a safe place to be.  Their leading and driving force, Terry Rondberg and Roxanne DePalma, are unstable, unpredictable and dangerous.  Terry Rondberg as described by many Chiropractors is a true terrorist (see and in this case a classic Svengali.  Little do these young people know that at any time, Terry Rondberg can and will abandon Roxanne and they will all need to get their own lawyer to defend themselves in this classic conspiracy.  There was never a threat of malpractice concerning Terry Rondberg.  Peri and Charles have filed a complaint concerning this and his slanderous, damaging website.  Terry Rondberg actually asked Peri, Charles and The Yoga Room what he needed to do to be able to return.  The $150,000 for financial losses incurred during Peri’s absence from work was a dollar amount the Yoga Room came up with to cover losses. The Yoga Room never wanted to see the face of Terry Rondberg again but they wanted to keep Roxanne in the business because she was adored.  HER JOB WAS NEVER IN JEOPARDY.  IN FACT, SHE IMMEDIATELY STARTED TEACHING AT THE YOGA ROOM UPON HER COMPLETION OF DRUG REHAB BUT SHE COULD NOT TEACH PERI’S CLASSES UNTIL SHE WAS PROVEN SOBER FOR A PERIOD OF TIME.  Within a couple of days, this whole shocking and horrific betrayal started. The rest is history.

On the News Ten broadcast March 27th, everyone is smiling in front of the TV.  They do not look traumatized, abused or brainwashed.

Unfortunately, the laws in the United States have not caught up to the power of the internet, cyber bullies have no idea of the Karma they are creating. Anyone’s reputation can be destroyed overnight on the internet in this modern world.  The Yoga Room did not pick this fight and will not be a spiritual doormat. The Yoga Room and Synergy Yoga remain confident in the victory of good over evil.

Encinitas surfer and local business owner