The foremost example of medical supremacy and taxation without representation is the continuing blockade of chiropractors from public hospitals despite a major lawsuit rendering illegal the medical boycott of chiropractors in public hospitals.

Imagine if there were a sign on any hospital stating, “Whites Only,” the public would be outraged although this obvious discrimination was common during the era of Jim Crow, MD. In effect, we see a similar virtual sign on 96% of public hospitals that states, “Chiropractors Not Welcomed.”

A fascinating 2016 article in The Atlantic summarized this issueAmerica’s Health Segregation Problem  Has the country done enough to overcome its Jim Crow health care history?:

“Like other forms of segregation, health-care segregation was originally a function of explicitly racist black codes and Jim Crow laws. Many hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices were totally segregated by race, and many more maintained separate wings or staff that could never intermingle under threat of law.

“The sweeping tide of Civil Rights papered over the fissures that were built into Jim Crow-era health-care, but progress was slow and proved much more difficult to assess than progress in education or housing. Generations of strict geographical segregation left hospitals that served black people deeply segregated, understaffed, and under-resourced. The number of black physicians has never come close to matching their demographic share of the total population. Unlike the temporary integration gains in education, there is no real high-water mark for the state of health-care integration.”

 This obvious act of racial discrimination was a clear example of illegal segregation and the lack of free enterprise as well as an example of “taxation without representation.” With the excuse of protecting “patient welfare,” the medical profession has taken over public hospitals as if black MDs or DCs are more dangerous compared to their brand of medical care. Nothing could be further from the truth; in fact, it is simply a turf war over money by controlling the marketplace (hospital).

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