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Videos produced by JCS.

These videos are examples of educational programs each chiropractic college and state or national association could be producing for cable television in every major city. Instead of testimonials by celebrities or, worse yet, doing nothing, we could produce enlightening videos about various aspects of chiropractic and alternative healthcare.

Recall David Eisenberg’s two studies showing Americans made more visits to non-MDs than to MDs. Obviously, there is a market seeking our brand of natural healthcare, now it is up to us to enlighten, entertain and motivate them to seek our care.

We have a wonderful service to offer, our history is fascinating as the underdog surviving a vicious medical monopoly, and our treatments have been proven to be more cost and clinically effective than drugs, shots, or surgery. But it is up to us to tell this story.

Interview with host Kelly D’Ambrosio on WFXL in Albany, Georgia

Part One
Watch Dr. JC Smith introduce
the concepts of chiropractic
spinal care.
You can read the script @ Infomercial #2

Part Two
Introduction to Chiropractic.
You can read the script @ Infomercial #3.