TR’s Sincere Message


TR’s Sincere Message


First of all, I’m not sure if this is TR writing or his ghostwriter, Barbara Bingham. Simply logon to  to learn of the real writer behind TR. But I’ll assume it’s TR and respond to his many confusing and misleading points.


I find it odd that his “sincere message” comes a bit too late after 20+ years of damage to this profession as its leading political obstructionist, yellow journalist, phony alliance prez, owner of two phony research scams, and antagonist to every mainstream org in our profession. This sudden sincerity is laughable—kinda like Castro apologizing to the Cuban people after decades of terrorism by his evil dictatorship.


Even in his sincere message, TR still exemplifies his sociopathic tendency and demagoguery nature: in essence, he tell us to not blame him for his years of atrocious behavior, he did it for the good of the profession. After all, he still bills himself here as the “Innate Defender.”


Big $id used the same ploy for 28 long years as he ripped off this profession too, convincing us his demagoguery and exploitation was that of the Savior of Chiropractic, ya folla?


But the facts belie TR’s skewed interpretation of his history. The facts show that his WCA is a sham org of evil vendors with an unknown membership that never holds meetings or elections. It has been denounced by the ACA in a formal resolution: ACA Resolution Denouncing WCA as sham organization . His WCA board has quit: McCoy, Kent, and Gentempo. Yet he still sells himself off as the prez of the WCA! Is this man nuts or what?


He tries to justify his yellow rage as the voice of “pure chiropractic.” He writes that “I founded The Chiropractic Journal in order to give voice to the “silent majority” of the profession whose views were not encompassed by the ACA or its allied organizations such as the Council on Chiropractic Education, Federations of Chiropractic Licensing Boards, etc.”


Indeed, it’s TR against the entire mainstream profession, all its organizations and he’s the self-imposed leader—the Innate Defender!


In fact, TR has used his yellow rag to attack every political rival and financial foe. Simply logon to the many articles that prove his yellow journalism: Wrongberg Smears Again , Rule or Ruin , Attacking from the Rear , Wrongberg Attacks , Rondberg’s Yellow Rant #1Rondberg’s Rant #2 , Journalistic FraudJournalistic CrimeYellow Journalism Continues, or my favorite, The Most Dangerous Man in ChiropracTIC.


Anyone who thinks TR’s rag is legitimate might also be the suckers, err, clients who signed up for his recent research /patient solicitation scam, the RCS. After months of much ballyhoo and PR in his yellow rag touting how this RCS would prove the Big Idea with field research, it lost its IRB, couldn’t support with software the so-called research from the field docs, and finally folded with a whimper. This con-job cost its clients $14,000 upfront and a $100/month for nothing in the end! I do hope these suckers file a lawsuit against TR for his con-job.


Also, TR is now suing David Jackson, the former director of RCS who bailed out when he realized TR is a con-artist. David tried to make RCS into a legitimate effort but was constantly stymied by TR’s attempt to make it into a patient solicitation scam. Depositions are now being done and will reveal more devastating evidence against TR.


TR also failed to mention in his “sincere message” that his CBS malpractice insurance company headed by his son-in-law is in another lawsuit with Compass, its past underwriter. Apparently TR’s Book of Business is in the hands of Compass who won’t let go, and if Compass prevails in court, TR will lose this business altogether.


TR also failed to mention the lawsuit filed against him by the Yoga Room for defamation and for ruining its business in an ugly PR campaign TR began after he committed malpractice on the owner, Peri Ness. Allegedly he gave Peri an adjustment on the floor of her Yoga Room when he was unlicensed and uncovered by his own malpractice company. Logon to learn more at TR’s Legal Woes and TR’s Woes: Part 3. To dissuade her from filing a complaint against him, he conducted an unscrupulous PR campaign in San Diego with his crack head girlfriend, Roxy, who is half his age.


Nor did TR mention his written admission of guilt to Peri written when he was attending drug rehab in Tijuana with Roxy. In a moment of sobriety while learning the 12 Steps, he admitted that he gave her an injurious adjustment, something he now denies!


TR also failed to say in his “sincere message” that his affair with Roxy led to the breakup with his wife, of 30-years, Cindi, who sued him for divorce. In their divorce papers, it was revealed that TR required $20,000 a month to cover his lavish lifestyle, including a $14,000 monthly mortgage that he allegedly wrote off as a tax deduction. BTW: the IRS is aware of his alleged tax evasion.


In this “sincere apology,” TR (I still think it’s Barbara Bingham writing for him) admits: “Before I begin refuting the top ten lies that have circulated around the profession, I want to make a confession: I’m no saint.” Okay, stop laughing ‘cause this is quite an admission from this sociopath.


He (or Barbara) only addresses one so-called lie in this sincere message, so I suppose the other 9 will follow. This will be interesting reading for those of us who know he’s a sick man. Perhaps he’s cleansing his soul before these lawsuits come to trial because there’s a good chance TR will be doing hard time if he’s found guilty. Certainly his many con-jobs will come to bear when cross examined.


Imagine TR answering a few questions:

  1. Why did you write an admission to giving Peri Ness an injurious adjustment while not holding a California license or holding malpractice insurance?
  2. Why did you write off your luxurious home on your federal taxes?
  3. Where is your membership log for the WCA?
  4. When did you last hold an election?
  5. When did you last hold a meeting?
  6. Why did your WCA board quit on you?
  7. Why did the ACA denounce your WCA?
  8. Why did David Jackson quit your RCS?
  9. Why did your RCS lose its IRB?
  10. What research did your RCS actually achieve?
  11. Why did you attend drug rehab with Roxy in Tijuana?
  12. Why has your Chiropractic Journal been called a yellow rag?
  13. Why won’t all reputable chiro colleges allow you on campus?
  14. Can you explain why the website has many articles exposing your illicit career in chiropractic?


I could continue, but I’m getting writer’s cramp, so I’ll let TR or Barbara explain these. I’ll also be waiting to hear the other 9 TOP LIES. I’m sure we’ll all get a good laugh from those too!