TR Woes


Update on TR’s Woes:

An Inconvenient Affair


The President-for-Life of the sham WCA has had a few battles to wage lately that his free rag, The Chiropractic Journal, has failed to mention to the profession, so let me give you an update. This is a rather lengthy article, but if you enjoy a good soap opera about TR, the most dangerous man in chiropracTIC, you’ll read and weep as you see how he’s destroyed his supposed friends and loved ones including his own family.


According to records from the county courts of San Diego, it seems TR has had his hands full:

  • Breach of Contract/Warranty case: RCS vs. David Jackson: also named as Defendants are John Butcher and Nicole Jackson (12/08/06)
  • Harassment: TR vs. Michelle Roxanne Depalma (5/18/07)
  • Domestic Violence: Michelle Roxanne Depalma vs. TR (5/22/07)
  • Dissolution of Marriage: TR vs. Cindy Rondberg (5/29/07)
  • Domestic Violence: Michelle Roxanne Depalma vs. TR (6/13/07)
  • Harassment: TR vs. Michelle Roxanne Depalma (6/20/07)
  • Harassment: TR vs. Melinda Depalma (6/20/07)
  • Defamation: Peri Ness vs. TR (3/19/08)



Although TR is reportedly now divorced from Cindy, his wife of 30 years, and living with his “girl” friend Roxanne Depalma, the path of destruction this sociopath has left is truly amazing. Perhaps the most poignant issues include the destruction of the Synergy Yoga Room once owned by Charles and Peri Ness DeFay and the destruction of TR’s marriage.


While his destructive nature may not come as a surprise by those in the chiropractic profession who TR has attacked with his poisoned pen, which includes most everyone—the ACA, WFC, CCE, FCLB, NCMIC, and every rational educator—this sordid situation is even stranger.


Apparently his RCS scam is on the rocks since he’s now suing David Jackson for breach of contract. Being tight-lipped, TR and his JVSR minion, Matt McCoy, have failed to disclose this schism in the TCJ or JVSR, but undoubtedly it has to do with money. After all, their quest to prove the Big Idea—that chiro care cures everything—can only take a back seat to TR’s true god—the almighty dollar after he invested $450,000 of his own money to keep RCS alive.


But don’t worry about TR’s financial situation when you consider his revenue stream—remember he has had several scams such as the previous VS Research project to the recent RCS scam, which brought in lots of money, his brokerage fees from his CBS malpractice insurance, the WCA tabloid and his “arrangements” with his vendors and advertisers (reportedly he gets a PR fee from each advertiser/columnist), and the $200 per year he charges each doctor to belong in order to get his CBS insurance. 


Let’s just say he has 3000 clients for round figures, and that alone for doing nothing is $600,000.00 annually, plus 20+ percent from the total premiums charged by CNA (he gets that as a broker for advertising service, etc), so if the premiums were $4 to $6 million–that is not pocket change and for lots of years. 


After TR’s divorce, his 8,600 sq. ft. mansion is for sale for a mere $3.3 million.


“Exquisitely detailed & designed residence situated in the prestigious guard-gated golf community of Rancho Santa Fe Farms. The expansive floor plan boasts 4 bedroom suites plus a double office & den, stunning curvilinear architecture, elegant travertine flooring, wide crown molding, 4 fireplaces, and a dramatic 2-story living room with a wall of glass that enhances the breathtaking views & provides an abundance of natural light. The wood paneled double office, which could be the 5th bedroom, has a built-in desk area, coffered ceilings & French doors that open onto the backyard. The gorgeous cook’s kitchen offers granite countertops with travertine backsplash, stainless steel appliances, a butler’s pantry, breakfast area, wine closet & a walk-in pantry. The generous 35×21 family room features striking coffered ceilings, a full bar, fireplace, and French doors leading to the backyard. One exceptional bedroom suite is located on the entry level. The upper level consists of 2 beautiful bedrooms suites, a sitting/game room, and the privately situated master retreat featuring panoramic golf course & mountain views, a cozy fireplace, and a sumptuous bath with dual vanities, dual lavatories, spa tub, separate shower and his & hers walk-in closets. The secluded backyard is an absolute paradise with lush landscaping, soothing fountain, pool & spa with a cascading waterfall, built-in grilling station, and a large bar area. Other amenities include: zoned central forced heating & air conditioning, central vacuum system, security system, and more.”


Plus, who knows what else—unsubstantiated rumors for years have alleged possible drug dealings down there in Arizona and San Diego, but now more hearsay has surfaced in this latest affair with Roxanne, his live-in “girl” friend who worked at the Yoga Room, who had a drug problem, and entered a drug rehab program in Tijuana along with TR. Maybe that explains his erratic behavior.

According to reports from employees at the Yoga Room, “in early January 2008, Roxanne DePalma admitted to Peri Ness (the owner of the Yoga Room), that she said she almost died 2 nights earlier smoking (freebasing) crack cocaine.  She had been doing crack cocaine for the entire six years she had been at The Yoga Room and felt ashamed and embarrassed for lying this whole time.  Additionally, she had been lying because she had been with Terry Rondberg most of the time.  

“Peri immediately told her to drive down to the William Hitt Drug Rehab Center in Tijuana which is the best free drug rehabilitation center in the world where many, many students and friends of the Yoga Room who have health issues and addiction issues.  She complied and immediately drove down to Tijuana for this treatment…Dr. Terry Rondberg joined her a couple days after she began her treatment and did the program with her.  On January 11th, Roxanne told Peri and Charles that this was the first sober birthday she could remember.

“On January 12th, Terry Rondberg wrote his infamous confessional letter to Peri; also during drug rehab.”

Dear Peri,

I’m sorry I gave you a horrible adjustment and almost crippled you. I never realized how out of integrity I was. I should have never adjusted you. I want to do whatever it takes to make it up to you. I know I can never replace the time you have lost while you have been recovering, however I will do everything I can to make it up to you. I feel terrible that I injured you on so many levels, spiritually, (not being able to go to the temple and meditate), physically (not being able to walk, being in agony, not being able to teach or take class), emotionally and mentally (hundreds of people and everyone who cares about you at the yoga room has been stressed out and worried about you (and I know it stressed you out tremendously). I am sorry it has taken me so very long to realize my part in all of this. My ego, fears and lack of awareness prevented me from seeing what I caused you to go through. I am still searching for how I can and what I can do for you and Charles so I can repay you for the doctors bills and time lost. I know money is the minimum of what I can do now to begin the healing between us. I have used money in the past to buy my way out of my wrong doings. I am not trying to do this, I am trying to take the first step towards being responsible for the pain I caused you. I’m sorry I threatened the yoga room and treated Roxanne so poorly. I know my words mean little to you, I get that. But I still am asking you to forgive me and give me a chance to prove to you that I have started to change. I understand you may not want to forgive me. If I were you I doubt my heart would be big enough or loving enough to forgive someone else if they did the things to me that I did to you. I miss practicing at the yoga room, I miss practicing synergy. I would do anything to be able to start practicing my yoga again. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. I hope you consider this request before I understand you may never trust me again but I really hope I can earn your trust back someday. I know I owe you and Charles many more apologies, this is only the beginning. I’m sorry again for causing you and everyone around you so much pain and agony. You are a unique teacher who is strong, loving, committed and honest. I’m grateful to know you, you have literally saved my life. Thank you a thousand times over. In love and gratitude with deepest respect,

Terry Alan Rondberg


According to reports from the Yoga Room:

“Terry Rondberg began as a student at The Yoga Room in January 2006. He began his adulterous relationship with Roxanne DePalma in March 2007.

“In April of 2007 Dr. Terry Rondberg told Peri that her shoulders were off and convinced her to allow him to adjust her along with Outi, Charles and Roxanne.  Peri had no major injury of any kind at this time.  Since the inception of The Yoga Room sixteen years ago, Peri lead and practiced advanced Synergy Yoga class, all ten-day intensives, Synergy Yoga midterms and finals and special classes at The Yoga Room along with her regular Synergy Yoga practice.  

“Immediately after Dr. Terry Rondberg’s final adjustment on Peri, she said to Outi and Charles “I will never let him touch me again”.  He did a major lower back adjustment on the floor and severely injured her which many Chiropractor’s have attested to can created injuries.  This started the immediate demise in her ability to practice yoga, to walk, to meditate and to be without pain.  He did not injure anything further, he created a new injury.  

“Dr. Terry Rondberg exposed himself during the ten-day intensive stating his destructive behavior began in his teenage and early adult life, destroying people, property, reputations, businesses and abnormal behavior. Immediately after the ten day intensive, Roxanne and Terry experienced their first major breakup and after Terry Rondberg emailed the Yoga Room promising he would never hurt Roxanne, Peri or Charles, they allowed him back.  

“Peri’s back was worsening week by week after the April 2007 Terry Rondberg adjustments.  July, August, and September 2007 she could barely walk and yet continued working and practicing yoga in pain.  She had to stop her practice many times because of high back pain.  

“During Charles and Peri’s September Baja trip, Peri could barely walk to the beach (50 feet from their campsite).  Peri started Chiropractic work with Dr. David Klein in LaJolla in late September 2007 until early February 2008.  Right before that she was told by a leading Orthopedic Surgeon in Encinitas that if she did not get surgery, she would never walk again.  Peri refused surgery as an option.  She found and experienced amazing results from Dr. Klein in LaJolla and made great progress. On February 28th, on her Monday appointment after the February Ten-Day Intensive, Terry Rondberg called Dr. Klein right before Peri’s appointment and threatened Dr. Klein so much that after the appointment, he dropped Peri as a patient saying he needed to protect himself.  He was afraid of Terry Rondberg.  This was devastating.

“Terry Rondberg actually asked Peri, Charles and The Yoga Room what he needed to do to be able to return.  The $150,000 for financial losses incurred during Peri’s absence from work was a dollar amount the Yoga Room came up with to cover losses. The Yoga Room never wanted to see the face of Terry Rondberg again but they wanted to keep Roxanne in the business because she was adored.  Her job was never in jeopardy.  In fact, she immediately started teaching at the yoga room upon her completion of drug rehab but she could not teach Peri’s classes until she was proven sober for a period of time.  Within a couple of days, this whole shocking and horrific betrayal started. The rest is history.”


From the court records, letters between TR, Roxanne, Cindy Rondberg and the Yoga Room personnel reveal an interesting story in that TR initially professes his love and admiration for the Yoga Room, but after he seriously injures the owner, Peri Ness, and learns of her request of $150,000 to cover her losses from his injurious, un-licensed lumbar roll, he turns his guns on her to destroy her and her business.


The following excerpts from letters between TR and this cast of characters reveals his turncoat, vindictive nature as well as his tumultuous affair with a 29-year old employee, Roxanne, and the dissolution of his 30-year marriage to Cindy Rondberg.


On May 4, 2007, TR wrote to Peri Ness DeFay the following letter:


“Dear Peri,

“I wanted to write you and thank you for accepting me into the Practicum Program, it is an honor to learn Synergy from you and I am very appreciative for this opportunity.


“Synergy Yoga and your guidance have completely changed my life. When I came to the Yoga room I was a complete mess, living a life and very unhappy.


“The moment I stepped into the Yoga room I felt an acceptance and love that I had never experienced before.


“You led me through classes; you introduced me to the incredible healers (Dr. Hit, Dr. Parker, Brinda Rao, Dr. Harrison, and many more). Through your training Roxanne in Synergy Yoga Therapy, working with her helped me to unlock many old patterns and I have many more to go.


“Thank you for being my Master Teacher and a facilitator for changing and healing in my life. I know I have a lot of old stuff to work out and a lot of old patterns to unwind and A LOT of cleaning up to do.


“You have been a constant support of Light and Love in my life.


“I greatly appreciate your feedback.


“With much love and respect,

“Terry Rondberg”


TR’s next email letter:


“May 22, 2007

“Subject: Too many freaks, not enough circuses…


“Hi Rick,

“I have been on an emotional roller coaster since the ten day and the dust is finally starting to settle. Roxanne saved my life recently by calling my wife and telling things about us that I was finding impossible to say to her. It caused a lot of change in my life very quickly and it’s amazing how fast things can change once consciousness shifts…I had no idea how out of control my ego had become or that I was so stuck in my own stuff I was drowning.


“I did a lot of foolish things in the aftermath and while in a state of fear while I continued to process the last few weeks. I thank God for the changes that occurred  in my life recently and the sudden shifts, my life is completely different today than when we started the ten day together…I will always love and value the lessons I learned from Roxanne she is the most wonderful, giving and incredible person I have ever known.


“Have a blessed day,


PS It’s time for me to find my circus!”


TR’s next email:


“May 25, 2007

“Dear Peri,

“I’m writing this letter to assure you that I will never harm the Synergy Yoga Center and if Cindy Rondberg ever tries to file legal action or harm the Synergy Yoga Center in any way I will oppose this action and protect the Synergy Yoga Center.


“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Synergy Yoga Center.



“Terry A. Rondberg”


TR’s next email:


“May 30, 2007

“Dear Peri,

 “I am so sorry to you, Charles and Roxy and everyone at the Yoga Room for creating such as mess. I’m sorry for lying about who you guys are. I’m sorry for playing the role of the victim, I’m sorry for putting so much stress on you and for wasting so much of your valuable time the last couple of weeks.


“I’m sorry for threatening your livelihood, I was in so much fear, denial, guilt and shame, I’m so sorry for putting you guys through hell. I’m sorry for calling the police on Roxanne and pretending that I was a victim.


“All you ever did was give me love and support and introduce me to Roxanne, who changed my life in so many positive ways. I was in so much fear and shock because of the huge changes in my life I almost threw away the best thing that ever happened to me.


“Thank God that you were willing to go out on a limb for me and give me another chance. I’m going to do everything in my power to make up for my despicable behavior and I am forever indebted to you for so many reasons.


“First and foremost you have reintroduced me to Paramahansa Yogananda who is the Guru of all Gurus and I know how that He and Maharaji were working together and that Maharaji saw that I needed additional help and that is why he brought you and Yogananda into my life.


“Secondly you gave me Synergy Yoga which as continued to help me heal emotionally, mentally, physically and to grow spiritually. I cannot wait until I have the honor of calling myself a Synergy Yoga Teacher.


“Third, you introduced me to the most wonderful, honest, strong, beautiful, loving, courageous woman I have ever known. Roxanne is the love of my life and I hope someday I will earn her trust and respect again.


“If Roxanne agrees to marry me some day, I pray that we will live a long spiritual life together spreading and growing in Master’s work and Love.


““You and Charles are incredible examples of what a spiritual marriage should be. Charles has always been like a brother to me, so kind and fair, even when I acted like a complete jerk. I admire him for being fearless, honest, and filled with integrity. He is a perfect example of what a Yogi should be.


“Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Parker, I look forward to many hours of therapy with him and also for introducing me to Dr. Hitt.


“Peri, your integrity and encouragement have seen me through one of the worst times in my life and at the same time I know I am moving forwards towards some of the best moments ahead. I can’t wait to learn Kriya Yoga and sit at the Master’s feet.


“I have no idea  how I can thank you enough I will continue to work on being humble and develop a higher level of integrity, and I look forward to your feedback always. If I wasn’t for you I might still be sitting in my own little pity party, sucking my thumb and acting like a victim.


“Thank you for being so generous, kind and thoughtful.”



Reading an email of June 5, 2007 written by Cindy Rondberg to TR, Roxanne, Peri, and Charles, it is heartbreaking to hear Cindy pour out her anguish over losing her husband to a girl nearly half his age of 57. After venting her anger to Peri for not interceding with his affair with her employee, Roxanne, Cindy then turns her guns at TR. Here are a few excerpts:


“I know Terry is now crawling back to you and Charles and apologizing for what he did [seriously injuring Peri with his un-licensed lumbar roll adjustment on the floor of her yoga shop]. I know how he can sweet talk people I have seen him do it for decades. I know how convincing he is and how manipulative he is. You can buy into all of that but his apologizes are not from his heart, but rather from fear of now being alone. He told me that just yesterday! When I refused to take him back, after your dear sweet Roxanne and him had an affair, (which I know you encouraged), he was so afraid that I wouldn’t let him come home, he denied it for an hour until he finally confessed, still hoping I would take him back. He was begging me the night he got back from the airport to come and home and when I refused, he went to a hotel. He was that afraid to go back to his house since someone had broken into it and stole information from his computer on two different occasions.  I know it was Roxanne, and you probably put her up to it, afraid he would destroy you. Let me tell you this, I warned you that Terry was a pathological liar. You refused to listen to me because of your own ego problems, but he lies to everyone and has no problem doing it. He is lying to you now! I know he is a wonderful apologizer and will thank you from the bottom of his heart for everything you have done for him and make you feel like you are the greatest person on earth, but remember, all liars are wonderful apologizers. That’s how they get away with al that they do!


“During our conversation, my next request was that you didn’t continue encouraging him to loose more weight or go to Mexico for some controversial therapies. I pleaded with you, trying to make you understand what problems Terry and I have had to deal with for the last 30 years concerning his health and diet issues, his previous cancer and his drug addiction to make you see that you were not qualified to state what is best for him medically, or any other way…


“You had been condoning and encouraging Roxanne, your number 1 puppet to sleep with my husband and lure him away from his children and grandchildren, and broke all of our hearts. Is this what you call a school of integrity? This is the darkest karma and you and Roxanne will pay dearly for it.”


Excerpts from Cindy’s June 5, 2007 letter to Roxanne:

“Lastly, I have to say that your actions when Terry walked out on you, have been heartless and cruel. The details of your sexual activities with my husband, and the things you told me were absolutely unnecessary and designed just to injure me further. Are you void of compassion and completely heartless? You think a sex pillow in my husband’s closet is disgusting? Have you never looked in the mirror at your own behavior, and what you have done? That is disgusting! If you wanted to tell me you had an affair with Terry, why didn’t you just tell me that. “Why would you go into detail about the sex, the DNA, the flowers etc? I know he would have denied it. He always denies everything! Do you think for a second he wasn’t lying to you also? I know who Terry is, better than anyone on this earth. I always know when he is lying…I can assure you that you are not immune to Terry’s lies. No one is! So you can fool yourself, and buy into whatever he tells you, but you will be sorry. I would like to recommend a good book for you. “When your lover is a liar” by Susan Forward, PhD. It has helped me a lot, and now you WILL need it!


“Terry wavers back and forth, because he is scared and insecure and very fearful of being alone. He will cling on to you during this process and make you believe he loves you, but I know, and he knows he does not. He told me he waited a week for me to come back to him, and when I didn’t he then called you and tried to convince you he still loved you because he was not going to be alone. That was his exact words! This is the man you think is S0000 deeply spiritual! He certainly wants to be, he certainly talks it, but he has never shown any practice of true spirituality, honesty or integrity. How sad and tragic that he gave up everyone who every truly loved him, has always been there for him, and now he won’t even be allowed to see any of his grandchildren again. My youngest daughter has told me only her Uncle Tommy will be walking her down the aisle, because he father has broken her heartAnd all for what, a girl half his age, who he doesn’t even truly love. This is the man you want in your life? I can assure you that your relationship with him was born in hell, deceit and lies and will never bring either or you any peace. I am very sorry for you both.


“You will probably bounce right back, since you call yourself a flirt, and find the next victim that walks into the yoga room very quickly. I don’t think that will be the case for Terry though, and it is very sad.


“Roxanne, ask yourself, are you practicing one shred of decency and following your teachings that you state you love and abide by? I ask you that you rethink your actions, your motives and move on. I would suggest you spend the rest of your life repenting and asking God for forgiveness. Your true, real God, not a self appointed one.


“God be with you on your journey.”


Excerpts from Cindy’s letter to Charles DeFay, Peri’s husband:


“It is also unfortunate that you too have fallen under the Terry spell. He has told me that you were one of the neediest looking guys he has ever seen. That was one of the nicest things h said about you. I have nothing against you personally, I have never even met you.  I can just tell you that Terry is NOT your friend. You don’t know who he truly is, and what he is capable of. He absolutely would have destroyed you and Peri and the school’s reputation, just like he threatened, if I would have taken him back, after he got caught cheating on me. We were already talking to his attorney about a law suit. The only reason he is sorry now, is that he got caught, and he now has no home. He has nowhere to go and has screwed up his life so badly, he only had you and Roxanne to turn to. You were all his last resort and he had to humbly crawl back and say things to you he didn’t mean at all.


“A last note to all of you:

It is so unfortunate that all of this has happened, especially when it could have been prevented with a little true integrity on everyone’s part. If Peri could invite humility into her life, and the others could stop worshipping false idols, and get their morals in check, you probably cold do a nice service of simple yoga classes for the community,. My wish is for you all to heal, learn from this and choose only constructive means from this moment on to conduct your lives. Live by the lessons your guru has given you. You cannot just talk it, you have to walk it!


“Cindy Rondberg”


Apparently TR wavered between being with Cindy and Roxanne, and the following letter is a break-up letter to Roxanne.


“June 11, 2207



“Let me make this perfectly clear. I am sorry I was not clear in my last text. I am in love with my wife, and I have always been in love with her. She is my life. You DID put pressure on me, and you make me feel like there was something wrong with my marriage, when Cindy and I had always worked out our difficulties in the past, you came long and made me question my life at a time when I was vulnerable, and I have regretted it ever since I never wanted to leave her.


“I was proud of her when she trashed my house. I knew she really loved me and I couldn’t wait to fall back into her arms.

[Apparently TR and Roxanne spent a weekend together at Point Arenas according to reports. “On the Saturday afternoon walk to the beach he picked up a beautiful old-growth redwood walking stick which he brought back to Encinitas. Upon returning to Encinitas within 48 hours, Terry Rondberg’s estranged wife Cindy completely demolished Terry’s house with the walking stick Terry picked up.  This included mirrors, televisions, computers, kitchenware, lamps clothing & bedroom apparel.”]


“I never wanted to call the police, you pressured me into it. I will not bad mouth you but I will tell you personally that you did have a terrible impact on my life. You were a big part of injuring the trust between me and Cindy. Thank God she is who she is and now we are so strong together, and we are rebuilding our lives together. She is the most spiritual, understanding and love woman I have ever known. We now are stronger than ever! She IS my queen. She IS the love of my life. She IS my heart and soul. Our love is eternal. Since I have been back with Cindy I have found a sense of well being, a sense of peace and love and compassion I have never known before. We are two teenagers in love again and I am finally home, at last. I will look at our time together as a temporary setback but actually it was a terrible nightmare. I always felt empty, lonely and dishonest being with you. I felt like I had to pretend to be someone I was not.


“I am sorry to tell you I was never honest with you. I never loved you. You were a distraction during a difficult time in my marriage. I told you what I thought you wanted to hear just so I didn’t have to be alone. I am sorry for hurt you, but you probably know that you deserved it. You knew I was married and you took advantage of the situation and knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. As far as the money goes, just keep it. I don’t want you to contact me again for any reason so do not pay me back. DO NOT EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN BY PHONE, EMAIL, TEXT OR ANYTHINGN ELSE!


“I will show Cindy this email, just like I let her listen to your messages the other day. We are completely honest with each other now and for always. I will NEVER make that mistake again!

“Now, leave me alone, and just go away. I will never be with any one else in my life but Cindy and will NEVER love anyone else…EVER. She is my one and only soulmate. “Good bye and good riddance.”



Reportedly TR is now living with Roxanne only a few blocks from the former Yoga Room that is now out of business. Due to Peri Ness’s injury, she has been unable to work to pay the rent. As well, reportedly TR financed the former employees of the Yoga Room to open a nearby yoga shop. The demise of the Yoga Room began when TR and a few disgruntled employees of the Yoga Room, supposedly under his Svengali spell, leafleted the neighborhood with flyers stating the Yoga Room was a cult. TR and his minions even appeared on the local TV news stating the same.


Considering their business grosses over $700,000 annually, with Peri out of work and TR’s slander hurting new client business, their losses quickly accumulated. What a paradox for the DeFays to face: on one hand, TR apologizes profusely, promises never to hurt them, and then he attacks them with his incendiary website and in a segment on San Diego TV news. You’ve got to watch TR as he explains how the Yoga Room is a cult.


Logon to to hear TR proclaiming how this Yoga Room caused him emotional abuse. From the video, none of them seem abused, smiling and carrying on as if they were celebrities. You can also see his girlfriend, Roxanne (the cute little blonde in a black/white dress standing arm-in-arm with TR). No wonder Cindi was livid!


This TV video illustrates the depths TR will go to obfuscate his malfeasance by accusing his victims of straw man issues. Rondberg has the gall to slander these people when the mainstream chiropractic community realizes he is the biggest cult leader and megalomaniac since Big $id gave up the reigns at Life. Is it any wonder TR speaks with authority on cults? This is incredulous!


Sadly, Peri Ness and Charles DeFay are now living in Point Arenas where they have another Yoga Room. They’re nearly broke from attorney fees and the loss of income from Peri’s injury. I’ve spoken with their attorney, Todd Cardiff, who told me they need $30-40,000 to fight TR and his attack dawg attorney, Carlos Negrete. If you’d like to contribute to their legal fund, I will be glad to give his address or I can forward money to him if you want to remain anonymous.


This is a sad case of TR’s vengeance once again destroying the lives, reputation, and careers of innocent people. We’ve seen this evil action by TR before in his many spurious lawsuits against his critics, we’ve seen his poisoned pen and yellow journalism distort the truth on numerous chiropractic issues, and we’ve seen him laugh all the way to the bank by convincing naïve DCs to buy his CBS insurance, or to buy into his WCA and RCS scams.


Hopefully justice will prevail (okay, stop laughing) and he will be found guilty of malpractice, injuring Peri with an unlicensed lumbar roll, destroying her Yoga Room with slanderous flyers, internet websites, and TV broadcasts.


TR is an evil man and this sordid affair, the destruction of his marriage, and the ruination of the Yoga Room is another perfect example of his dangerous mind at work. The sooner this sociopath is gone, the better everyone will be, ya folla?


How any reasonable DC can support TR’s business interests like the sham WCA, his yellow rag TCJ, his pseudo-scientific JVSR, his research scam RCS or his ever-changing CBS insurance? It’s bewildering to me he still has any support in our profession. Hopefully this legal mess will expose to even his minions like Matt McCoy and those few WCA members and advertisers that their leader is sick and destructive. No amount of phony philosophy about “subluxation-based chiropracTIC” can get TR out of these legal messes. Indeed, anyone who continues to support any of TR’s businesses must be as unethical as he is.


As George McAndrews once said, “It’s time to isolate the rascals.” Certainly time in jail for TR is one way to isolate him for good, ya folla?