TR v. Keith Charlton


Subject:     Re: vertical submarines and pseudo-scientists

  Date:     Tue, 06 Jun 2006 06:19:07 +1000

  From:     Dr Keith Charlton <[email protected]

  To:     Dr Terry A Rondberg <[email protected]

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  Dear Dr Rondberg


  Thank you for taking the time to reply and apprise me of your perspectives.


  Your masthead for the website of the WCA claims to aim for a world free of vertebral subluxation. I would have thought expressions of joy from you and your contemporaries would have been the order of the day at my news of the lesion’s non-existence. Your aim is completely fulfilled.


  It’s a shame about Dr McCoy and JVSR. I was responding to an entreaty from him in the Editorial to write a Letter to the Editor.


  Does this mean, now, it won’t be published?


  Kind regards


  Keith Charlton


  Dr Terry A Rondberg wrote:

    Dear Dr. Charlatan,


    As Publisher of the JVSR, here’s a test of deep commitment to denigrate the vertebral subluxation:  Hold a public protest, douse your self with a petroleum product of your choice and set your self on fire.


    I read your testimony it’s pure demagoguery to denounce the mainstream of our profession, the ACC members and the principles we all value.  Your desire to be well known for your ridiculous opinions speaks volumes about who you are; a dishonest scientific phony, who wants to be somebody.


    I will advise Dr. McCoy to ignore you because you aren’t worth his time.

    You don’t know the first thing about intellectual honesty you freak.


    Your accusations about VS may make you feel important (no doubt due to your small penis) but you are nothing more than a pseudo-scientist!


    Please feel free to include this in full anywhere you like, please.


    Terry A Rondberg, DC

    President, World Chiropractic


From: Matthew McCoy, Editor of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research




What’s the matter Charleton – you don’t have the balls to publish your stupid statements? Then we could tell everyone how you lied on the stand. And better yet – how you are medicated for mental illness.


Instead you hide behind BCC e-mails to your intellectually incompetent friends who have also sold out the chiropractic profession.


You are a sad, pathetic, mentally ill, lying sack of shit.


When the meds start working and your testicles descend – let me know. In the meantime do not ever e-mail me again.



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From: Dr Keith Charlton [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Sunday, June 04, 2006 8:38 PM

To: [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: vertical submarines


Dear Editor




Here’s a test of intellectual probity: why not tell your readers that you lied on the stand about VS guidelines being endorsed by the US Government?


Then you could give them the URL for what the Judge thought about you and your testimony!


Please do include this in full in your letters to the editor, please.


Yours for intellectual honesty, especially about the lack of any evidence for VS,


Keith Charlton DC MPhil MPainMed (c) PhD (c)