TR Sues Perle & Petersen


View the letter from attorney Carlos Negrete to Mr. Don Petersen and Dr. Stephen Perle

Lawyer says Perle, Petersen knowingly lied about RCS

There he goes again with journalistic fraud. Apparently Wrongberg is unable to convince his readership that RCS is a legitimate research project, so now he uses an attorney to threaten Dr. Perle and Don Petersen for broaching the numerous issues regarding this shady operation.

Sadly, this is not uncommon for Wrongberg or Big $id who routinely have threatened lawsuits against anyone who opposed their shenanigans. I personally have been threatened by Big $id on three different occasions altho nothing every became of them because I was telling the truth as history has now proven. Wrongberg and Kent have also threatened to sue me altho, once again, nothing materialized because my commentaries rang of the truth that exposed their profiteering posing as altruism.

Once again Wrongberg does his usual misrepresentation of the facts by using his attorney as an authority to denounce Dr. Perle, just as he’s done before against me. A few years ago he filed a bogus complaint with the GBCE against me for my website,, that never materialized to any legal or professional sanction, yet Wrongberg wrote in his TCJ that I was “under investigation” as if I were a criminal of sorts.

Now Wrongberg writes another mischaracterization of this issue by using his attorney’s biased opinion as if it were the decision of a court. This is classic journalistic fraud to use opinions as fact, let alone misrepresented facts without the benefit of a fair and balanced response. So, let me once again respond to Wrongberg’s yellow journalism.



View the letter from attorney Carlos Negrete to Mr. Don Petersen and Dr. Stephen Perle

Lawyer says Perle, Petersen knowingly lied about RCS

Carlos Negrete, the attorney who defeated “Quackbuster” Stephen Barrett in court five times, has served Dynamic Chiropractic publisher Don Petersen, Jr., and Stephen M. Perle, DC, with a demand for retraction of libelous publication. [As a paid attorney, he would file any complaint against anyone if the price is right. He’s not a public defender or federal prosecutor protecting the public as this appears.]

The action stems from Mr. Petersen’s publication of a column authored by Dr. Perle (“The Ethics of Research a.k.a. Marketing”) which contained “false statements and information that are clearly designed and intended to be libelous on their face,” according to Negrete. [What ever happened to freedom of speech? Apparently if Wrongberg doesn’t like being exposed, he threatens the whistleblower. Inasmuch as 13 foreign national associations have written to Wrongberg to cease and desist in interfering with their internal affairs, I wonder if he sued them too? For example:

Your arrogance in meddling in the affairs of other countries is exceeded only by the damage you can create.

We have succeeded in having our Ministry of Health declare that only CCE accredited schools will be considered the standard for licensing in Israel. We took this step because of the disgraceful behavior of Dr. Boone of SCCC and SCASA in approving a substandard program for unqualified students in this country.

If you have any plans to approach our government we demand they be dropped immediately. We are in the middle of delicate negotiations and cannot afford to have the waters muddied with the importation of mindless philosophical posturings.


David S. Greenblatt, D.C.
President, Israel Chiropractic Society

In his demand letter, delivered June 23, Negrete notes: “It is apparent that the article was intended to cause my clients to be held in a false light and damage their reputation and business, which would invariably lead to damages. Indeed, the entire article is grossly libelous and based on false statements, half-truths and innuendo which is also intended to subject them to ridicule and false portrayal. The article contains no literary value other than to defame my clients in order to advance your own personal and professional animus that you have had toward my clients for years, now further advanced by your calumniating statements directed at RCS and its founders.”

[So, what exactly were “false statements, half-truths and innuendo”? Strangely, nothing was listed since RCS is exactly what Perle mentioned—a seriously flawed research project with a foregone conclusion to prove the Big Idea, posing as research when in reality it is another patient-solicitation scheme, just like the previous VSRI.]

Although Perle’s column was primarily directed against Research & Clinical Science (RCS), a private-sector research project which has received financial and editorial support from Terry A. Rondberg, DC, Perle also took potshots at Dr. Rondberg himself, dredging up decades-old controversies unrelated to RCS or other current issues. [How can he say that inasmuch as RCS is a modern version of VSRI or the fact that Wrongberg has a long litany of offenses perpetrated on this profession? Methinks this attorney doesn’t know his client’s background.]

In reviewing the situation, Negrete concluded that the current article was merely the latest volley in a long-standing campaign by Petersen against Rondberg and his competing newspaper, The Chiropractic Journal. [Wrong: Wrongberg’s TCJ is a joke of a free tabloid that is nothing more than his opt-ed pieces pasted between vendors/columnists. To compare TCJ with Dynamic Chiropractic is clearly apples and oranges. Secondly, Petersen has written about the many exploits of Wrongberg throughout the last 20+ years, such as Litany of Issues: “Stop Your Actions” @

  • Phony Research Scam VSRI
  • Phony Research Scam: The agreement required Dr. Rondberg to pay $9,840 to the Maricopa County Anti-Racketeering Revolving Fund.
  • WCA President under Investigation for Unprofessional Conduct: Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners Issues Complaint
  • Editorial Space for Sale: “I am interested in writers who advertise — for every full page ad, I would be willing to offer you a column …”
  • What’s In It For Me?: New Book Further Reveals Drs. Rondberg and Immerman’s Involvement in AzScam
  • An Open Letter to the Profession from Chester Wilk: “A Serious Threat to the Future and Integrity of Chiropractic”: “The Chiropractic Journal changed my wording to read that both the ACA and the PR firm had rejected my idea. I did not write that.”
  • Chiropractic Worldwide Responds to WCA “Meddling”: To date, chiropractic associations in 13 countries have written WCA President Dr. Terry A. Rondberg to demand that these incursions be “dropped immediately”: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, France, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Panama, Portugal, Singapore, Trinidad/Tobago, and the United States.
  • Israel Complaint: “If you have any plans to approach our government we demand they be dropped immediately. We are in the middle of delicate negotiations and cannot afford to have the waters muddied with the importation of mindless philosophical posturings.”
  • Japanese Complaint: “your letter dated September 2, 1992 to Dr. Nakamura was not only inappropriate but also detrimental to our present efforts.”
  • Norwegian Complaint: “World Chiropractic Alliance does not represent the national organizations of the countries of the world.”
  • Singapore Complaint: “Please do not sabotage the growth and development of our wonderful profession in the second and third worlds with your straight vs. mixer rhetoric.”
  • Trinidad Complaint: “We find that you intervention at this critical point is not only distasteful and unprofessional, but also calculated, and can only cause confusion for chiropractic in general.”
  • The problem IS Rondberg: “Terry Rondberg, in my opinion, is just another salesman who’s had his 15 minutes of fame.”
  • AHCPR Responds to WCA’s Second Misleading Announcement: Chief Medical Officer States: “We don’t have any intention of supporting them (WCA) or giving them guidance or leadership.”
  • VSRI Sham: “…it appears to me that the Vertebral Subluxation Research Institute (VSRI) protocol is a proven sham! Why else would a satisfied “researcher” state that the program paid for itself within a certain period of time? I’ve never heard of purchasing a “research program.”
  • From the Bully Pulpit: “Dr. Rondberg’s agenda is to cause dissention to further fragment the profession through antagonism and dogmatic self-promotion of his own products and causes.”
  • Drs. Rondberg and Gelardi Testify against CCE: While the WCA claims to “support both” the CCE and SCASA, it is interesting that the WCA president would spend WCA money to fly from Arizona to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Virginia to protest the recognition of the CCE.
  • The Chiropractic Profession Has Been Defrauded!: Dr. Sportelli stated, “The publication, which claims to be ‘dedicated to fairness in communication’ on its masthead, violated some cardinal rules of truth and propriety in its carrying of the so-called ‘letter’; investigation points to the fact that the critical letter was probably a malicious concoction by the publication (The Chiropractic Journal) or parties unknown.” Why was it so easy for a “fictitious” person to have a character-defaming letter printed in a chiropractic publication? I submit that The Chiropractic Journal has a responsibility to not only PRINT THE TRUTH, but and obligation NOT TO MANUFACTURE STORIES, INVENT DOCTORS, PERPETRATE A PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN TO ATTEMPT TO DESTROY THE CREDIBILITY OF INDIVIDUALS, and finally, BE RESPONSIBLE AND HONEST WITH ITS READERS.
  • “These CCP Guidelines are issued as a pseudo-scientific response to the Mercy Guidelines”: “These guidelines (CCP) support my voodoo technique,” and ask “Whaddaya mean ‘200 visits are too many’?” Look at the chief instigators of the CCP: Terry Rondberg, Christopher Kent, Patrick Gentempo, Jay Holder, and others of similar ilk, though lesser known. And what about practice gurus like Greg Stanley, David Singer, Chuck Gibson, Ian Grassam? Since when do they have the scientific background to qualify as experts on technique and science? The CCP Guidelines were and are a joke. They are nothing but an attempt to put a scholarly spin on what is pure and simple money making pap and nonsense.
  • Thou Shalt Not Criticize Rondberg: “I recently wrote a highly critical letter to the Chiropractic Journal published by Terry Rondberg, D.C. To my surprise I have not received a copy of the Chiropractic Journal since that date, over eight weeks ago. I discovered this fact in reading a recent letter from a Dr. DiPietro of Tuscon, who had made a similar discovery. I find it disturbing that a publication that claims to be open to all viewpoints, would so radically trim their mailing list. The publishing policy of the Chiropractic Journal does not seem to live up to its own philosophy.”
  • Rondberg Defends Big $id: “…misrepresenting and publicly denigrating our profession…” “From his insulated ivory tower of so-called research, Triano deliberately attempts to misrepresent Dr. Sid Williams’ anti-medical bias and anti-science.” Okay, stop laughing!

“We are very mindful of the history of attacks [I daresay reporting the above facts is not “attacks.”] that you have directed toward Dr. Rondberg over the course of many years,” Negrete told Petersen in his letter. “We observe that your motives are transparent and not overlooked. It is of general knowledge that you, Mr. Petersen, are a business competitor of Dr. Rondberg which has, in the past, displayed your proclivity to defaming and attacking Dr. Rondberg and his business interests June 23, 2006 for the purpose of advancing and enhancing your own business operations and interests.” [Geez, I wonder if attorney Negrete is even familiar with Wrongberg’s many antics since he sounds completely naïve.]

After enumerating the specific instances of the numerous false and libelous statements made in Perle’s article, Negrete told Petersen: “The fact that this article is, in itself, a true bait-and-switch tactic of the publisher is confirmed by your own solicitation of ‘donations to the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research’ (FCER). This article demonstrates to be a carefully orchestrated plan and scheme to cause damage to RCS by diverting funds to for your own personal benefit and crusade.” He added: “It should be noted that our office will be conducting an investigation as to FCER and your participation therein along with the role and participation, if any, that the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic has had in the publication of this article.” [So, go ahead and investigate to find there’s no conspiracy against Wrongberg or the RCS, but there’s mutual disgust at this phony patient solicitation scam.]

In the past, Dynamic Chiropractic has reported on the legal actions undertaken by the attorney in defense of chiropractic and is aware of his aggressive devotion to ensuring fairness to the profession. [I don’t think fighting the FTC in Tedd Koren’s behalf is the same as being Wrongberg’s attack dawg, ya folla?] Negrete reminded Petersen of his company’s reputation, saying: “As you are certainly aware, our firm has been dedicated to providing representation to professional individuals and companies that have come under attack. Our firm enjoys a special relationship with our clients. [Isn’t that sweet?] Not only do we support their philosophies and objectives, but we also stand in front of them when they are the subjects of vicious attacks [aka, honest assessments] such as the Article. Based upon recent events that you, yourself, Mr. Peterson, have reported about our law firm, I am confident that you understand that our firm is not reluctant to take cases to trial to correct an injustice that has been perpetrated against our clients. This case would be no exception.” [I don’t think Negrete wants Wrongberg’s history of spurious, self-serving actions to come out in a courtroom. Imagine if the national representatives from 13 countries were to testify against Wrongberg? Imagine when the ACA tells the jury why it publicly denounced the WCA as a sham organization?]

“We will let them just ignore this issue, as though they are above standards of common decency and professionalism,” [This is too ironic since Wrongberg’s journalism is the least professional in this profession! And considering this many money-making ventures shaded beneath professional altruism, I don’t think this attorney knows the entire facts that may come forth, ya folla?] Negrete stated. “No one in this profession is above the law [Okay, stop laughing inasmuch as Wrongberg has been a loose cannon for 20+ years; again, methinks his attorney is clueless about his client’s reputation.] , no matter how powerful their allies are. I’ve always fought for chiropractic, whether it is against critics outside the profession or those who try to tear it apart from within [Incredible! Wrongberg and his WCA cronies have fought against Unity, yet his attorney now thinks Perle and Petersen are trying to “tear it apart from within”. This is ludicrous since we’re not dealing with reputable DCs who are striving for higher ethics, reform, progress or unity. Indeed, Wrongberg and his WCA ilk are fighting tooth and nail against such efforts, yet his attorney mischaracterizes them badly.], and I’ll continue to do so with all my strength and resources.” [Methinks he ought to learn more about his client before he risks his reputation on this perverse effort to intimidate Wrongberg’s critics, ya folla?]


Obviously anyone remotely aware of Wrongberg’s notorious past will understand this threat for what it really is—an attempt to censor those who oppose this RCS venture. Rather than debating this at RAC in an open forum, Wrongberg chooses to throw his money to an attack dawg attorney willing to make few bucks, allthewhile, himself being fooled by his own client. If this doesn’t prove to the entire profession the low-brow ethics of Terry Wrongberg, what will? Don’t Perle and Petersen have the right to voice their opinions? Indeed, as a so-called journalist who’s crossed over the line of professional ethics repeatedly as seen above in the list of issues, which is only a partial list I might add, I find his attempt to shout down his critics is deplorable.


Again, if Wrongberg is adamant that Dr. Perle’s opinion of this RCS project are wrong, I challenge him again to come to the next RAC and explain his position. I’d love to hear Wrongberg, McCoy, Kent and Gentempo defend the conflicts of interests and ethics of all of their profiteering efforts including the CLA, the JVSR, the Sub Station, the Insight Discovery, to name a few of their businesses.


How ‘bout it Wrongberg? Willing to have this judged by your peers at RAC? You can even bring your attorney with you, ya folla?