TR Sued


Rondberg Sued for Defamation


The infamous yellow journalist is finally getting a taste of his own medicine for an article aimed to defame Dr. JC Smith and Axiom Worldwide, manufacturer of the DRX 9000 spinal decompression table. You can read the entire article, “Device championed by JC Smith under fire as fraudulent,” at


In a letter from Axiom’s attorney, L. Joseph Shaheen, Jr., Rondberg’s article is “replete with factual statements that are untrue, incomplete and clearly intended to defame Dr. JC Smith and Axiom.” You can read the entire letter attached.


Finally, the shoe is on the other foot. For years Rondberg has used his poisoned pen to misrepresent the issues, mischaracterize his opponents, and mislead the profession with his yellow journal. He has frequently used his attorney to bully his opponents despite the first amendment that allows for freedom of expression of opinions. Indeed, TR and his attorney have mis-used the law to bully his opponents as evident in his supposed lawsuit against Stephen Perle, Don Petersen, Jr, and myself. Logon to Rule or Ruin  to learn the truth of this issue since Wrongberg will never give both sides of any story.


Now it’s time for TR to sweat a few bullets himself. He has clearly misrepresented the DRX 9000 to his readership. As Mr. Shaheen wrote, “No one questions that the device is fraudulent. Your statement to that effect is clearly defamatory and is intended to harm both Axiom and JC Smith.”


Mr. Shaheen has demanded a retraction, which will be a tough pill for TR to swallow.  Undoubtedly TR will use this to promote himself as a chiropracTIC martyr rather than the infamous yellow journalist that he actually is. We’ve seen this stunt before: logon to The Most Dangerous Man in ChiropracTIC .


So let’s now see how this pig will squeal now that he’s finally been called on the carpet for his yellow journalism. How he rationalizes this blatant act of defamation will certainly be interesting since there is no doubt his actions were malicious and defamatory, ya folla?