TR Stepping Down


Stepping down … but not walking away


Another Dead Man Walking

by Dr. Terry A. Rondberg

It probably came as a shock to many people to learn that the board of directors of the World Chiropractic Alliance elected a new president recently and that I was stepping down from the position I’ve held since I founded the WCA in 1989. [Who actually cares about you, TR? You’re about as relevant now as Dick Cheney, ya folla?] Contrary to what many of my detractors have long claimed, I don’t “own” the organization [Pinocchio, your nose is growing.] or even rule it as a benevolent dictator. [Who ever claimed TR is “benevolent” considering he sues everyone around him, plus his old cronies have all fled him, such as Matt McCoy, Kent, and Gentempo?] The WCA has always been run by a small but committed group of individuals who made the deliberate decision not to create a bloated bureaucracy that made any kind of quick action impossible. [Clever way of saying the WCA was run by a gang of evil vendors, not by people dedicated to the advancement of this profession guided by democratic principles.]

For what it’s worth, I voted for Dr. Richard Barwell along with the other officers of the board! [This guy must be a real sycophant if he wants to follow in TR’s muddy footsteps.] I realized that it was time for me to step down and hand the leadership reins to someone better equipped to take on the challenging job of guiding the profession to a more progressive identity as a neurologically based health care system. [Maybe TR’s three lawsuits is another reason he stepped down: one with David Jackson, his former partner in the RCS scam; one as a defendant in a malpractice case with Peri Ness of the Yoga Room who he almost crippled; and one against Compass v. CBS where his little malpractice insurance company may lose its Book of Business. There’s also the possibility the IRS is investigating why TR pays no federal income tax or why he’s writing off his old mansion as a business expense. Then there’s the Chiro Anti-Defamation Fund that he allegedly uses to pay his attorney, Carlos Negrete.]

That doesn’t mean I’m walking away from the WCA or the profession! [Too bad, but just like Big $id Williams, these old megalomaniacs won’t leave until they’re dead.] I am now the CEO of the organization and as such I’ll be the chief administrator and responsible for all the general management of the group and for translating the WCA’s visions into reality. [“Reality”, now that’s funny coming from delusional TR. His new role as CEO reminds us of Vladimir Putin “stepping down” too. Does Barwell understand his role as the new WCA puppet?] Dr. Barwell and the other officers and members of the Board of Directors will have the challenging task of determining the best way for our organization to carry on its mission of safeguarding the future of subluxation-centered chiropractic and the success and prosperity of its practitioners. [The best thing they can do is to dissolve the sham WCA and let the progressives in our profession—the ACA and WFC—deal with the real issues, as they already have done. Indeed, does TR really think anyone in power takes his sham WCA seriously? Okay, stop laughing!]

In the past, the WCA worked hard and diligently to protect our right to focus on the detection and correction of subluxations and to approach our great profession from a non-medical perspective. [Oh yeah, blah, blah, blah. He sounds like an old version of Big $id, doesn’t he? Has this guy ever had one creative thot in his life?] We fought back efforts of our enemies to force us to perform non-chiropractic treatments and tests and to forbid us from caring for children and asymptomatic patients. [Once again, he sounds like Don Quixote fighting his imaginary foes.] We struggled to combat anti-chiropractic propaganda and misinformation [Ironically, TR’s own TCJ is the worst yellow journalism in this profession, but he still thinks he’s the one fighting “anti-chiropractic propaganda”?] in the media and made significant progress in countering claims that chiropractic was linked to strokes. [In reality, it was the FCER and NCMIC that sponsored the research about SMT and stroke, not TR and his sham WCA; but this does show how TR steals their thunder, ya folla?]

We also battled head-to-head with those within our profession who agreed to medical gatekeeper systems that put obstacles in the way of people who wanted to see chiropractors. [Geez, here he goes again lambasting the VA deal that got DCs into the largest healthcare system in the country as specialists, not as PCPs, which most “detect and correct VSC” guys are definitely not anyway.] We served on members of government and private sector committees to make sure the views of non-medical chiropractic were not ignored or suppressed. We worked on federal, state and even international levels to prevent our enemies (and even some of our well-meaning but wrong-headed friends) from limiting us to treating musculoskeletal conditions. [Okay, TR, just show us what you’ve done other than blow more smoke? The WCA has done nothing of this sort, but his naïve readership doesn’t realize this since they’re spoon fed his bullshit of misinformation. I’m still waiting for TR to explain how is RCS research scam that was to prove the Big Idea suddenly failed, leaving his clients in debt and embarrassed for being suckers to TR’s stupid patient solicitation scam, just like his previous one.]

We accomplished a lot in the past 20 years, but we all wanted to do still more. [Yeah, but his many lawsuits got in the way.] The introduction of revolutionary new instrumentation convinced us that chiropractic could finally realize the century old dream of addressing neurological issues rather than simply “moving bones.” [For someone who doesn’t move bones very well if the Peri Ness incident is any indication, I’m not surprised he denigrates traditional MSD spinal care since he’s never been one to appreciate a good adjustment for this epidemic of back pain.] The mission of the WCA evolved to embrace this new paradigm and its infrastructure changed to reflect the new mission. Our board was expanded, reconstituted and redirected. And Dr. Barwell was elected as the new president to take up the baton and lead us into a more scientifically sound future. [What happened to Innate? I thot the WCA was a vitalistic org like the ICA and Life, but now TR wants a “paradigm” shift to open new markets to sell more junk.]

As he noted, there are many things about the WCA that will be different, but one thing that won’t change is our determination NOT to fall into the trap of so many other organizations and spend most of our time and energy building a bureaucracy rather than being about the business of promoting the profession. [Yeah, who needs a democratic org when an autocratic one is cheaper, ya folla?] We’re not adding a layer of elected officials who will battle each other every few years or put on a show of changing leadership by playing musical chairs. [Wait a second: that’s exactly what TR is doing now—he’s simply changing chairs from Dictator to CEO.] Decisions will still be made by a relatively small group of people who have the time and energy to really commit themselves to our efforts. [So there! Who needs a messy democracy when TR can think for you?]

I’m sure the WCA’s opponents will continue to carp and complain (as they have for 20 years) that we aren’t a “democratic” organization. [Geez, TR, you finally got it after 20 years!] To them, I’ll say what I’ve been saying for two decades: so what? [Sounds like Saddam, Castro, and Dick Cheney, doesn’t it? They just don’t get the idea that autocracy doesn’t work, which may explain why TR refuses to admit to his actual membership, believed to be in the low few hundred.] Our members are far more interested in getting the job done than mailing in a proxy vote sheet once a year. As long as we protect their rights, help them succeed, and fight our opponents, they’re happy with the setup. [Just where is the polling that proves this, TR? Or is it just more of your political bullshit you’ve been shoveling for two decades now?] We may not have a huge membership but, unlike other groups, growing our organization is NOT our primary goal. [That’s true: the WCA is simply a vendor-driven sham org to sell products, not promote the best interests of this profession.] Being bigger isn’t as important as being better. [Of which your WCA is neither, ya folla?] That’s why you don’t get frequent and annoying mailings from the WCA asking you to join or donate money to us. [Okay, stop gasping! How many MLM schemes has TR promoted over the years? How much sham “research” projects has he started? How many political issues has he obstructed? How much will he and Barwell make selling their new “neurologically-based” gizmos?] We welcome new members who share our goals and want to help us meet them, but we don’t expend a lot of our precious resources recruiting people just to have bragging rights about our size. [This is so stupid it speaks volumes how delusional TR has become. Maybe he and his druggy girlfriend Roxy ought to lay off the drugs for a while.]

I’ve always been proud of the World Chiropractic Alliance, how it operates, and what it does. [That’s makes you a very lonely person, TR, since no one else is proud of anything you’ve done, which explains why your 3 amigos have all left you.] I’m even prouder now that it has taken the lead in this exciting new journey into neurologically based chiropractic. [Whatever happened to sub-based chiropracTIC?] And I’m looking forward to two more decades with the group — and it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s as CEO, dues-paying member, or chief bottle washer. [Which he may be doing soon in jail if he loses these lawsuits.] I know that I’m doing my part to advance our great profession and safeguard BJ Palmer’s “sacred trust.” [Okay, TR, stop with the self-aggrandizement. You’re a total farce and everyone in this profession (except a few WCA sycophants) know you’re a delusional megalomaniac who is unethical, mean-spirited and a lousy human being—just ask your ex-wife, Peri Ness, and 3 amigos, to name just a few who really know what a scoundrel you really are. I daresay BJ is rolling over in his grave knowing his “sacred trust” has you, an evil vendor, taking claim.]