TR Panics



Chiro Coalition Panics!


Well, it seems the Evil Vendor and Phony Prez of the Wrong Chiro Assn has a black eye after Dr. Gerry Clum announced at the WFC meeting that the ICA joining forces with the WCA as a dumb move: “Well — and you can quote me on this — forming an alliance with the WCA was the dumbest thing that the ICA has ever done.  Actually, not much is going on with the relationship and I hope it dies a natural death.”


Of course, Clum was speaking the truth and, as the next WFC president, it’s a wise move to distance himself from the phony WCA and its dictator/evil vendor for life, Terry Wrongberg. As we all know, TR is also the leading obstructionist and yellow journalist this profession has ever experienced, surpassing even the dethroned Big $id, so he couldn’t resist to put his own spin on this embarrassing matter.


As you will read, Dr. Clum doesn’t renounce his critical sentiment whatsoever, but TR tries to put a positive spin on this embarrassment still trying to make it appear that everything is okay in the feeble Chiro Coalition. Indeed, something’s rotten in the Coalition, and it’s about time someone mentioned the stench, ya folla?


ICA remains committed to Coalition

[but Gerry Clum doesn’t!]


Despite recent remarks by one high-profile ICA member, Gerard Clum, DC, the leadership of the International Chiropractors Association has reiterated its strong commitment to the Chiropractic Coalition, the profession’s only ongoing effort to create a unified legislative presence in Washington.  [TR can’t even write one sentence without lying: The fact is the ACC-ACA-FCLB-NBCE-WFC-CCE is the major “unified legislative presence in Washington.”  The sham Chiro Coalition is a small group of misfits that only act to obstruct mainstream efforts in order for TR to profit–his conflicts of interest are well known by all. The latest example is the Chiro Coalition’s foolish obstructionism now has interfered with HR 999.]


As reported by one critic, who dubs himself the “Lord of the Galactic Online Alliance” in his frequent bursts of online vitriol, [Wrongberg just doesn’t get it—my GOA is a satire of his sham WCA. He’s as much a “president” of a legitimate chiro org as I am “lord” of anything, ya folla TR? And  why is it when I clamor about TR’s conflicts of interest, his yellow journalism, his misrepresentation of political strength, his non-democratic phony alliance, that it’s regarded as “vitriol” when it’s actually fair and accurate reporting? Perhaps TR can’t stand the truth, ya folla?] Clum made a comment that “Forming an alliance [the Chiropractic Coalition] with the WCA [World Chiropractic Alliance] was the dumbest thing that the ICA has ever done. Actually, not much is going on with the relationship and I hope it dies a natural death.” [Right on, Dr. Clum! Finally someone in the world of straight DCs tells the truth!]


The self-proclaimed [is this the pot calling the kettle black or what?] “Lord” – who received the ACA’s “service to chiropractic” award in 2003 [Yes, thank you so much for reminding everyone of my dedicated service to the ACA to tell the truth about imposters like Big $id and TR.]— said he got the quote second hand from Dr. Cynthia Vaughn, an ACA delegate and wife of past ACA president James Edwards. Clum reportedly made the comment at a World Federation of Chiropractic meeting in Australia. (Note: The decision was made not to include the critic’s name in this story in order to avoid any perception of personal attack on him.) [Geez, thanks again TR, but I can stand the heat—but can you? How about the Great Debate offer that you keep ignoring because you’re afraid to have your feet held to the fire! BTW: the offer still stands, anytime, anywhere, you girlyman!]


In the interest of fairness, [“fairness”? Okay, stop laughing! The last journalist anyone in this profession would expect to be fair is this spinmeister of all time, the evil vendor/yellow journalist, TR]  Terry A. Rondberg, DC, president [dictator for life] of the [sham] WCA, emailed Dr. Clum and asked him about the statement. [why does TR write about himself in the third-person? We all know he writes his own PR, yet he tries to fool readers with this style.]


Dr. Clum’s response, addressed to both Dr. Rondberg and the “Lord” was:

“You have both expressed interest in my comments made during a meeting of the WFC Council in Sydney Australia (a meeting of less than 20 people) with respect to the ICA’s involvement in the Coalition with the FSCO and the WCA.


“As I recall the matter I was asked to comment on ICA’s involvement in the Coalition. This question came from Cindy Vaughn who was representing ACA to the Council of the WFC. I responded indicating that I thought that the involvement of the ICA in the Coalition was a mistake and unwise. I also expressed the view that I would be happy if ICA were no longer involved in the Coalition.


“My comments have been reported as ‘denouncing the WCA’. This is not correct. I spoke about the political wisdom or lack thereof, of ICA being involved in the Coalition, I do not recall making any comment about the WCA or the FSCO.  [Sorry if I incorrectly thot Clum’s comment was a renunciation when he called the ICA being tied to the WCA as “dumb,” but it sure sounds like a renunciation, ya folla? If it’s not, then what do you call it other than “dumb”? Don’t get me started…]


“I would appreciate it both of you would feel free to check with me before reporting something I am purported to have said. I am rather available and telephones and e-mail do reach all the way to California.” [Har, har, Gerry! Well said.]


The lively email discussion that followed helped Coalition members better understand Dr. Clum’s position, and reinforced the commitment to the Coalition by the ICA.


In a separate message to Dr. Rondberg, Dr. Clum added:

“I was asked by Dr. Vaughan from the ACA about the Coalition. My response, as I recall it, was directed to the coalition concept in general and not at the WCA or FSCO.


I was never in favor of the Coalition. From the perspective of ICA I thought it was an ill-advised effort. I continue to have that view. That being said I have never promoted or circulated that perspective (unless asked) but that is how I felt. When I was asked point blank about it I responded with the view that ICA was not served by the Coalition and that I felt it would be better if it fell by the wayside.   [I congratulate Clum for not backing down to TR’s public pressure on him. Interesting to note that despite Clum’s assertion that this coalition is “dumb,” that TR still spins otherwise.]


Thank you for asking about my thoughts on the matter if you are going to run something as a follow up to one of [The Lord’s] rants.” [How is this a rant? I merely reported the news and interpreted “dumb” as implying a renunciation of the WCA by Clum, which it is in effect, ya folla?]


Dr. Rondberg responded to Dr. Clum:

“Thank you for your clarification. I’m relieved to find out that your statements were not a direct attack on the World Chiropractic Alliance and/or Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations. [If it’s not a direct attack, then what do you call it when Clum says the ICA-WCA coalition is “dumb”? Geez, talk about spin!]

“I still must question why, as a high-profile representative of the ICA, you would publicly denounce your organization’s efforts to nurture professional unity and sabotage its efforts to create an effective political force that has been extremely successful in Washington.
[There he goes again with his spin—no one but TR and his WCA sycophants would ever suggest the WCA tries to ”nurture professional unity” or claim this sham Coalition ”has been extremely successful in Washington.” Okay, stop laughing—this is just too delusional, but symptomatic of this megalomaniac, ya folla?]

“Although the WCA champions freedom of thought and speech, and encourages internal dissent, [HAHAAHAAHAA! This has to be the funniest comment TR’s ever made! Since when has TR ever championed ”freedom of thought and speech, and encourages internal dissent”? This is the same egotist who refuses to debate me openly, he is well known to discontinue sending his TCJ rag to anyone who objects to his baloney, yet now he thinks he’s the protector of freedom of speech? Okay, stop barfing!]  I can’t recall a single instance when one of our Board members thought it appropriate to give our enemies [What happen to ”encourages internal dissent”? I thot all DCs were colleagues regardless of their differences? So much for TR’s magnanimity, ya folla?] that kind of ammunition to use against us. At a time when the ACA is continuing to work to absorb the ICA, [wrong: the ACA wants nothing to do with absorbing the ICA or WCA—those two marginal groups will soon wither on the vine by themselves with their anti-intellectual chirovangelism.] I do not see the wisdom in eroding the profession’s confidence in the ICA. [The erosion of this profession’s confidence in the ICA happened 20 years ago when Big $id’s coupdetat took over the ICA. It has continued to erode with the other self-serving vendor-presidents such as Bob Braille, CJ Mertz, Bob Hoffman, DD Humber, to name a few of the evil entrepreneurs with conflicts of interest.]

“Frankly, everyone involved in the Coalition has been extremely enthusiastic about what it has accomplished and what it can achieve in the future. [Just what has the Coalition accomplished aside from obstructing everything the ACA, ACC, and WFC attempt?] Unlike the ACA – which went on record saying it will not engage in joint legislative action with any other organization – the ICA, WCA and FSCO (along with numerous other organizations affiliated with the Coalition) think that working together toward common goals is in the best interest of the profession and the public. [There he goes again with his political spin. The ACA doesn’t need the help of shysters in the ICA or vendor-driven exploiters in the WCA or simplistic ideologues in the FSCO. The ACA’s track record on Capitol Hill is just fine with its many accomplishments, but for TR to try and take credit is typical of these spinmeisters just as Big $id did on too many occasions, ya folla?]

“Instead of giving the ICA a black eye by condemning its actions, perhaps it would be better to help advance its objectives by supporting its actions and its involvement in the profession’s only multi-organization political action effort. [Wrong again, TR. Dr. Clum is smart enuf to realize the Coalition is just another sham front for Wrongberg to promote himself as a phony political leader. Indeed, the WCA has ~250 members, which represents about 0.004% of the profession, yet he thinks he’s the king of the hill. Again, what a megalomaniac!]

“As G. K. Chesterton said: ‘We are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.'” [Okay, stop gagging when TR quotes a poet to enforce his evil intentions.]


The conversation continued with Dr. Clum reply to Dr. Rondberg:

“It seems somewhat pointless to answer your question as you have already drawn all sorts of conclusions about my motives, what they mean etc. [Indeed, TR has a problem of being factual with anything he writes; indeed, his spin is endless.]

“While you may view the outcomes of the Coalition to be quite positive and from the perspective of WCA perhaps they are, from the ICA perspective I don’t see the gain.
[Or from the perspective of the ACA, ACC, WFC, NBCE, FCLB, CCE or any other mainstream chiro org, no one but the delusional TR thinks his obstructionism is positive.]

From your closing quote you seem to interpret total agreement and acquiescence with loyalty. I don’t. ” [Thank you, Dr. Clum!]


Others added to the conversation. Dr. Matthew McCoy, a member of the WCA Board of Directors [and publisher of the Journal of Very Silly Research] asked Dr. Clum:

“Why do you feel that way about the ICA’s involvement?” [Duh, Matt, just what planet have you been on lately?]


Dr. Clum responded:

“I simply did not and do not seen the gain for ICA in the matter, there may be gain for the WCA and/or the FSCO but I do not see the gain for ICA.”


Dr. McCoy, apparently taken aback by that response, replied:

“Is it really about what the gain is for the ICA or the WCA or the FSCO though? … In my mind it is about what the gain is for the profession and the consumer and I can’t think of a single way in which the Coalition has been bad for the profession or consumer.” [So, Matt, just what has the Coalition actually done other than obstruct legislation as we see again with the HR 999, or confused legislators with your misrepresentation of your WCA powerbase, or confuse the public with your silly chirovangelist articles in your journal?]


Brian Stenzler, DC, a member of the WCA International Board of Governors, told Dr. Clum:

“I have done my best over the past years to remain as “apolitical” as possible. I have supported the ICA since the beginning of my short Chiropractic career, even as a student starting back in 1994. I still practice full time and adjust subluxations everyday on as many people as the universe sends into my offices. [to pop and pray to Innate, no doubt.] Being an Executive Board member of the New York Chiropractic Council and a member of the WCA Board of Governors [isn’t every sycophant a member of this non-voting board?] has given me the opportunity to really help the advancement of chiropractic, without compromise. [Do I hear a Money Hum coming on too?]


“In all of these emails, you keep stating that the ICA has little to nothing to gain in being a part of the Chiropractic Coalition. What I am curious to know is do you not see what CHIROPRACTIC has gained from the unified action? Is Chiropractic’s gain not an ICA gain? [No, most of chiropractic’s gain has come from the efforts of the ACA, ACC, and WFC, not the Innatists Chiro Org, ya folla?


“I don’t think that the WCA or FSCO had any ulterior motives for forming the Coalition with the ICA, [just shows you how naïve this guy really is when he thinks the WCA has no ulterior motives—okay, quit laughing!] other than the advancement of Chiropractic [the advance of TR’s pocketbook is more likely] and I don’t believe that any organization has gained anymore than any individual Chiropractor has from the efforts of the CHIROPRACTORS who help work with the Coalition. [Geez, this guy is truly delusional—he’s been reading the TCJ too much, methinks] It’s not about the ICA, WCA, FSCO or even the ACA, it’s purely about ChiropracTIC! I have never seen so many Chiropractors with different political affiliations work together so beautifully and effectively as I have seen for the past two years with the existence of the Coalition. [Then try attending the ACA and WFC meeting where rational DCs of many different persuasions work together in a democratic org, unlike the dictatorship of the evil TR.] I think that alone has helped Chiropractic in ways we will never be able to quantify. [that’s for sure—you’ll never be able to quantify anything the Coalition has done other than make money for TR and his evil vendor sidekicks like Kent, Gentempo, McCoy, etc.] I am proud to be a Chiropractor and proud to be part of the solution! [Should we start the Money Hum now as we pray to Innate?]


“(You have been a good friend to the NY Chiropractic Council over the years and I want you to know that I appreciate that. This letter has been written strictly by me, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the NY Chiropractic Council or any other member of the Council. I wrote this as a Chiropractor, not as a Board member of the Council.)”


By that point, Dr. Clum was obviously tiring of the exchange [who wouldn’t be trying to be logical with $idiots?] and wrote back:

“You indicated I keep saying etc. If I keep being asked I will keep giving the same answer.


“I do not ascribe any ulterior motives to anyone. I am not being critical of anyone. I was asked a question and I responded honestly. I agree with you that the good of the chiropractic profession or better yet the good of the consumer of chiropractic is the ultimate goal. The strategies and approaches to that end are varied and multiple.


“In closing I would like to offer the perspective that honorable people can have honorable disagreements.” [Well, that excludes TR—the most notorious and dishonorable charlatan left in this profession. And that’s why Clum is committed to the WFC, the true international chiro org unlike the phony WCA or ICA or Coalition. The sooner other well-meaning ICA DCs understand the huge difference between legitimate chiro orgs and the vendor-driven WCA and outdated ICA, the sooner they will learn where best to put their loyalties, ya folla?]


Ending the discussion on a positive note was ICA Chairman of the Board, Michael McLean, DC, who stated:

“Dr. Clum has a right to express his opinion on the Coalition just as I have a right to express my opinion on the WFC. It was perhaps an unfortunate choice of timing, since Gerry’s presence as an ICA representative at the WFC meeting gave the appearance of an official ICA policy statement. It wasn’t. [who cares since no one in the rational world of chiro takes the present ICA seriously anymore. Indeed, like the WCA, the ICA is a shell of the org once headed by Jerry McAndrews and Mike Pedigo after Big $id and his evil DE cronies took over. To learn the history of this fiasco, logon to ]


“The ICA is committed to the Chiropractic Coalition as a practical union to further chiropractic as a profession on the political level, as well as a place for the various associations to meet and better understand one another. [Okay, stop gasping at this hyperbole. Indeed, if he’s so keen on unity, he should discuss a merger with the ACA, but I doubt the rational ACA folks want to be tainted with the Innatism and shysterism associated with the current ICA.] As Board Chair, I can assure you of my personal commitment to perpetuation of the Coalition, and that President John Maltby is in complete agreement with me on this. As well, there has not been one note of dissention from this stance by any member of the Board of Directors. [What ever happened to intellectual debate or are all ICA board members just sock puppets doing as they’re told, just like Big $id ran the ICA and Life BOT for decades? Indeed, people on those boards were afraid to speak out for fear of the wrath of Big $id, ya folla?]


“Additionally, I believe the synergy we create is much greater than the sum of our parts. The best is yet to come.” [Seriously, the “best” is for more rational straights like Dr. Clum to acknowledge truthfully that any association with TR and his sham WCA is foolhardy or, as he put it, simply “dumb,” ya folla? This is why many reputable straight chiro colleges refuse to let TR or his sham WCA on campus, such as Palmer Univ. itself as well as all the mixer, comprehensive colleges.


The ICA no longer represents mainstream “straights” anymore after the coupdetat by the $idiots. It’s become a marginalized group of ideologues stuck in the past rather than working toward the future—evidence-based progress, education, imagery, and reform.


I applaud Dr. Clum for his stance and encourage his admirers in the ICA to do the same—reject the WCA and the exploitation of this profession by evil vendors like Wrongberg, ya folla?


Lastly, I again challenge the girlyman Wrongberg to an Open Debate on any college campus. In fact, Dr. Reed Phillips once offered his campus for a controlled debate. But TR is afraid to debate anyone outside of his WCA. Indeed, does TR have a backbone at all or is it just as yellow as his journalism, ya folla?


May the Life Farce be with you, TR,




Dr. JC Smith
Lord of the Galactic Online Alliance
“May the Life Force be with you, ya folla?”