TR & Kent Strike Back


Rongberg & Kent Strike Back

Apparently Terry Rongberg can’t handle the truth found on my website,, so he’s finally emerged from his spider hole to slander me, the messenger revealing his many misdeeds. His mudslinging in this article is simply outrageous filled with unsubstantiated comments and personal attacks. I doubt Rongberg wrote it since it’s not his writing style, and my sources guess it may actually be written by his suspected but unconfirmed gay lover, Chris Kent.


Indeed, if TR and CK want to sling mud, let the Games begin! I still challenge them both to a public debate in front of our peers to address these issues once and for all, but they’re afraid so they resort to unethical methods as you will read below.


It was to be expected that this infamous impersonator would finally attack me as he’s done to his other political or financial rivals throughout his career with his standard barrage of lies and personal attacks. In this so-called expose of me, not once did he deal with the real issues I’ve written about, such as his phony WCA, his conflict of interest with his CBS insurance, his yellow journalism with his free tabloid, or his constant meddling in foreign affairs or our own national legislative efforts, to name just a few of the many unethical problems he’s created. It’s just amazing how he dances around these issues by slandering the messenger instead.


I will respond to his unfounded allegations, and I hope not to bore you with my answers to his senseless attacks.


May the Life Force be with you.


Lord of the Alliance


JC Smith Revealed

Chapter One – The Crazy Lady from the Laundromat

You might remember as a child going to the laundromat or some other local neighborhood or block gathering place. She was always there, cigarette ever present, hair in rollers, greasy face, wearing a house dress and furry slippers – the crazy lady from the laundromat. She knew everyone and no one. She talked incessantly about everyone in the neighborhood and always had the latest gossip and an opinion to share. Most tried to avoid her. Many used her in their own efforts to spread gossip about other people – only she did not realize she was being used and how people laughed at her over dinner. The stereotype holds true as most chiropractors know that getting their news from JC Smith is like getting news from “the crazy lady at the laundromat.” [Is this TR’s attempt at humor, which I found to be rather childish, but expected from this sociopath. I daresay most rational DCs consider getting the news from TR is equivalent to the crazy lady, not me!]



You may have been unfortunate enough to receive “news” from Dr. J.C. Smith over the past few years. [Actually, my role is that of a blogger—my online opinions on various issues in this profession.] As you are aware Smith’s e-mail rants are filled with lies [what lies?], character assassinations [the truth may hurt when con-artists like TR are exposed], rude and offensive statements [Sorry if I hurt your feelings, TR, but suck it up.], misrepresentations [of what?], and disturbing insinuations [of what? For someone who has attacked the entire mainstream chiro profession for nearly 20 years, I find your crying to be rather childish. So where is the proof of these allegations? TR says I’m lying, but offers no evidence to prove his sentiments!] So vile and filled with hatred [filled with hard-hitting facts] are his rants [commentaries] that it has become clear to most everyone that, like the crazy lady in the Laundromat, he is unstable [Is this the pot calling the kettle black?] and in need of psychological help. [So, these chirovangelists are now clinical psychologists too. It’s amazing these “straights” are so adept at a field they know nothing about.] Even the ACA is now attempting to distance itself from him after giving him an award. [How’s that, TR? I’m still a member of the ACA and WFC and no one in their orgs have asked me to stop my commentaries at all. More lies by TR!]

Regardless of the reality that his writings are a reflection of his instability [creativity] and that much of what he writes cannot even be taken seriously [by whom, TR? I’ve gotten many responses that understand the truth of my facts and issues! In fact, in just a few month, my website has gotten over 5,000 hits and my GOA membership now exceeds your WCA.], some of it requires a response since those who are less politically saavy might take some of what he writes at face value. [Yes, the politically savvy know I’m telling the truth, but only the naïve believe what TR writes!] Just like the housewife falsely accused of indiscretions must address the crazy lady from the laundromat. [Oh, so TR has been wrongly accused like a housewife? Just where did he get this analogy, anyway? But he refuses to address the issues or accept my challenge for an open debate. Why are you afraid, TR?]

The following is the beginning of an effort to expose JC Smith for what he is – [there he goes with his character assassination attempt. For the record, I’m a WASP, happily married, great kids, owns two lovely homes, recipient of the Key to the City for my Dawg Jawg charity, and a former All-American athlete at Cal] a sorry, disenchanted, vengeful person who has so little in his life to provide happiness that he has resorted to spending a large portion of his life on his own pathetic vendetta, hanging out in his own perpetual laundromat waiting for the next newcomer to the neighborhood to get tangled in his web of distorted reality. [I find your analogy silly, TR, and it’s amazing for someone who I’ve never met that he supposedly knows so much about my life! Indeed, his allegations are so far out they’re funny!]             

Smith Tries to Bring Down Life [which is a dumb name for a college] 

Perhaps the best place to start is somewhere in the middle. JC Smith began his diatribes during the early stages of Life University’s trials and tribulations with the Council on Chiropractic Education. [Wrong: my commentaries revealing the corruption at Life began 20 years ago] One even wonders what the connection is between him, the CCE, the ACA and Life’s temporary and illegal [wrong] loss of accreditation since it is well known [by whom? I’d never even met anyone on the COA until long after the Life issue was decided! The fact is my information was coming from sources within Life’s administration itself, not the COA.] that Smith was and is in regular communication with the past Chair of the Commission [Untrue once again: I had not met Joe Brimhall until the WFC convention last May. Oddly, my communication actually began when Life administrators found my commentaries were so accurate that they thought Brimhall was leaking me information when, in fact, it was people at Life sending me the insiders’ info!] and several members of the Board of the CCE and the ACA [wrong again; no one on the CCE or in the ACA sent me anything about this issue]- just as there  were always a few people who seemed to hang around the crazy lady and pump her for information. [So, TR slanders the CCE and ACA again. Perhaps his anger toward the ACA comes from the fact it issued a renunciation of his phony WCA?] 

Let’s begin in 2002 when Dr. J.C. Smith received the American Chiropractic Association’s “Outstanding Service Award to the Chiropractic Community” which was presented to him by Dr. Daryl Wills, the Former President of the ACA. They gave him the award for all of his “reporting” efforts during the battle between CCE and Life. [Wrong again: the ACA gave me this for my reporting of the last few NCLC in Washington. It had nothing to do with the fiasco at Life—it had legs of its own thanks to Big $id’s inept handling of the accreditation affair.]

JC Smith Receives his “Award” from Dr. Wills, Former President of the ACA.

[I’m proud to be the recipient of this award]

This award was bestowed upon Dr. Smith during the same time [wrong—it was months later when Mike Schmidt was the prez at Life] that the Council on Chiropractic Education had taken away Life University’s College of Chiropractic’s accreditation. Incredibly, in a press release from the ACA immediately following CCE’s withdrawl of Life’s accreditation the ACA stated:

“We applaud the fine efforts of the CCE, both past and present, to protect the integrity and quality of chiropractic higher education.” [Yes, most ethical orgs, educators and DCs knew that Life was tarnished by the corruption at Life.]

One has to wonder how the ACA “knew” that CCE’s actions were in earnest [they read the news, that’s how!] and why the ACA would “applaud” the “fine efforts” of the CCE during a time when students, faculty and alumni were undergoing such a horrific experience [caused by the Williams family of academic imposters]. It seems the ACA shares some insensitivity with JC Smith – among other things. [Another mischaracterization of the truth. Besides, if TR thinks Big $id was a legitimate educator, it just show us all his denial. The fall of Life was $id’s fault, plain and simple, and any hardships on students and faculty were his responsibility alone, ya folla?] 

This should come as no surprise since long time ACA puppeteer, Louis Sportelli’s wrote a column several years ago, “Our Image in the Media.” [How did Big Lou get dragged into this fray? Perhaps due to him being a financial rival of TR’s sham insurance?] In it, he says, of Dr. Sid Williams, then president of Life Chiropractic College: “He is on a mission to save the world. What kind of mission needs to be determined. Some chiropractors may laugh when they read the articles (about Williams which appeared in the Atlanta Constitution), others may feel a sense of despair in knowing that in 1995, chiropractic is still generating front page exposes with cult-like undertones.” [So true: that 2-part expose, “The Life and Times of Sid E. Williams” was an embarrassment to all with the revelation of Life’s atrocious student loan default rates and $id’s Southern redneck comments, “My students ain’t no scalawags, ya folla?”]

“Is there subtle brainwashing going on in this institution?”

Yes there is! Big Lou is one of my heroes who once again has been slander by TR because Lou represents everything TR isn’t—ethical, effective, respected worldwide, and the prez of NCMIC, TR’s rival in the malpractice business


Sportelli on Life [How did an expose of me turn into an attack on Lou? Perhaps because TR hates this insurance rival from NCMIC and takes any opportunity to smear him too?]

Sportelli called for a “new look at the accreditation status” of colleges like Life, asking, “Is there a subtle brainwashing going on in this institution? [Yes!] Is there any fraud or misrepresentation being used to recruit students? [“You can be a rich chiropracTOR like me if you enroll at Life”] … the profession of chiropractic will have to decide soon: Is this the image we want to portray to governments, insurance companies, MCO’s, prospective students, potential patients, and the MEDIA, whose influence shapes the lives of each of us?” [Certainly not, but TR and $id have one thing in common: vendors exploiting this profession under the guise of chirovangelism.]

He then reassures readers, “This article is not about Sid Williams, or about what DE means, or about philosophy, but it is really about responsibility, ethics, professionalism, image and credibility.” [That’s for sure—no one will ever accuse $id of being ethical as a practitioner or as a so-called educator, ya folla?]

Sportelli apparently hasn’t given up on this either since he was heard by many during his speech to the 2004 ACC/RAC luncheon stating “I wish they would all just go ahead and die already”  when referring to those schools and groups that he feels are holding back the progress of the profession. [Sounds good to me! Who wouldn’t be mad at those like TR and $id who ruin our image and hold back our progress, unity, and integration into the mainstream? Indeed, it’s time to put an end to these self-serving radical insurgents!]

Despite the crazy lady and her washroom friends, Life University went on to sue the CCE in United States Federal District Court and was granted an injunction, which restored its accreditation [temporarily by a homeboy activist judge who gave both parties only 2 hours notice to attend his impromptu hearing, so the CCE guys couldn’t show up to defend themselves.]. Despite the years of derogatory and defamatory insults and accusations made by Smith about Life University the court disagreed with him [Wrong, the court said nothing about $id’s corruption, the conflicts of interest as an educator/vendor, or his demagoguery—issues that I broached], the ACA, Sportelli and certainly the CCE.  [FYI: Life remains on probation by both the CCE and SACS, so this fight is far from over!]

One wonders how many Life graduates are ACA members who continue to support an organization that bestowed accolades upon both an individual and an organization that sought to destroy the existence of their alma mater. [Wrong again, TR. Big $id brought this all by himself despite his 3 CCE consultants and ethical staffers like Dr. Asplin who he refused to follow their advice. Your smear tactic typifies the demagoguery that you’ve used for years to denigrate your rivals.]  One wonders if these Life/ACA members understand the emotional ramifications and the legal implications of not having an alma mater. [Life was a dumbed-down diploma mill that should have been shut down long ago, and those who attended Life are the first to admit it’s failure as an institution of “higher” learning, unless you think chiro-dogma is learning.] One wonders why they continue to support the crazy lady. [Moreover, one wonders why anyone listens to you, TR, since your diatribe is just too ridiculous just like much of your yellow journalism. Can you explain to us why, after nearly 20 years of demonizing the ACA, that your WCA has only 240 members?]

Who is James C. Smith? [Thanks for asking: I grew up in SoCal, attained National Merit, CIF SS sprint champ in 100 & 220 yard dashes (9.6; 20.6—not bad for a white boy with short legs); attended Berkeley on an academic-athletic scholarship in two sports, attained All-American status in track in 1968; graduated with BS in 1970. Go Bears!]

JC Smith has attacked nearly every chiropractor and organization dedicated to preserving the principles of this profession [wrong—I only attack the evil vendors like TR who have known conflicts of interest, impersonate legitimate associations, exposed those who print yellow journalism, and those who cause discord with demagoguery] labeling them such things as “menace” [I’ve never used that term, but it does sound appropriate!] calling them “evil” and making a host of unproven, defamatory accusations and statements. [Well then, TR, if I’m wrong, then why not address the issues rather than stating falsehoods against me?] But who is the real menace? And just who is JC Smith? [This issue isn’t about me, TR, it’s about the issues I’ve broached. This assault is typical of TR who attacks the messenger rather than addressing the message.]

J.C. Smith

Not bad for a 56-year old, eh? Just look at those cute dimples.


According to his own website, James C. Smith, B.S., M.A., D.C. began his career in the practice of chiropractic in Warner Robins in 1980.

What he doesn’t tell you is that his career in chiropractic actually began as an employee of Dr. Sid and Nell Williams.[Yes, where I learned how NOT to run an office, unless you think free exams and $10 office visits is the way to go.] Obviously Dr. Smith did not perform very well since Dr. Williams fired JC [Wrong again, TR. I was never fired, I simply worked out my contract and left, only to be robbed of the $5,000 from AR I was owed by $id, who sent me a check for $800 that bounced!] and this no doubt left a permanent imprint in his mind and serves as the impetus behind his hatred for the Williams [stealing $5,000 would leave a bad imprint on most young grads methinks. The more I got to know him, the more I realized what an unethical tyrant and megalomaniac Big $id was!] and Life University. Anyone that has read his diatribes where he goes on and on about Dr. Sid and Nell knows that this is a deeply troubled man [The only thing that troubles me is the Evil Vendors who’ve manipulated this profession for their own profit, ya folla?] who cannot escape nor let go of his past or his jealousy of Dr. Williams’ achievements. [Geez, gimme a break TR. Since when are you a psychoanalyst? In fact, $id is the deeply troubled megalomaniac as most rational DCs understand.]  It is interesting that he never makes any reference to this portion of his life and career. [For what purpose? I try to leave the rip-offs from the past alone unless they continue to haunt my future as $id’s diploma mill certainly did when he flooded the market with unethical chirovangelists.]

[Actually, I find TR’s sudden allegiance to Big $id odd in light of his email to me a few years ago:

Dear JC,
I have read your material and I know much of what you said is true.  I stop attending DE in 1974.  I went maybe 3 or 4 times and experienced the very things you have written about.  I have observed Big Sid up close many times and I can tell you the deception and misrepresentations are true.  I have been lied to many times directly by SW.  I was wondering if you had also experienced this same thing? 

Dr. Terry Rondberg,

World Chiropractic Alliance

[Does this mean TR’s love affair with $id is over? Seriously, it’s obvious that TR will even side with his straight enemies in order to attack me! Strange bedfellows, indeed.]

What Smith does brag about is that he has a “nationally certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center (the only one in Georgia) but neglects to tell anyone who certified it. [Kim Christensen’s Chiropractic Rehabilitation Association, that’s who!] Probably the ACA through their wanna be PT’s Rehabilitation Association (guess his center isn’t good enough to be certified by Medicare i.e. a real Certified Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility CORF). [Gimme a break, TR. And just who has certified your clinic–Rev. Reggie and his Church of the Divine Spine?]

Smith says it “reflects his dedication to his patients and teaching them the basics of good health and how to maintain wellness.” Wellness? JC Smith is a wellness doctor now? [Yes, I’ve been teaching wellness for over 20 years in a 90-minute PowerPoint Health Class that teaches how to prevent a back attack, a fat attack and a heart attack; I’ve accumulated over 435 brochures and know more about wellness than TR will ever know.] We’ll get back to that one later. [I hope you do!] What his rehab facility really reflects is his selfish desire to make money, [Coming from TR this is just too funny!] since if he really cared about his patients he would simply refer them to a real specialist in rehabilitation. [What a trip! And who might that be? I know more about spinal rehab than anyone in middle Georgia, you fool]

Or does he think his Park Ranger degree [any degree from UC Berkeley is worth more than any degree TR or Kent have] and weekend Sociology of Sport degree [A Masters degree is no “weekend” course, and this insult is indicative of his anti-educated mindset, ya folla?] give him the credentials to “rehab” people? He freely admits his chiropractic training didn’t do it. [That’s for sure, which explains why I did post-grad courses. Tell me, TR or CK, how many joints are there in the spine, anyway?]

Notice also that he doesn’t list any of his staff and brag about their credentials on his website. [Is that important to prospective patients?] Chances are he has a bunch of high school kids [Actually, my office manager has been with me for over 20 years; another for 15 years, another for 13 years, and all are certified CAs] in white lab coats holding clipboards putting people on his Spinalators while he bills all his PI cases to the tune of $180.00 a visit. [Just where did that figure come from? Actually, if I were paid for all the services I do on the serious cases, it still wouldn’t come to $180.]  I’ll bet he has to keep those roller tables and Body by Jake machines humming all day long to pay for all this space and equipment. [What a stupid remark, again.] No doubt he is bilking insurance companies for these unproven modalities. [Just what’s unproven, TR? What’s apparent is your ignorance, which is well proven.] Perhaps the claims adjustors for all those PI cases should start looking into his practices – especially now that the Georgia Board is investigating him. [There’s no investigation altho I have asked for a meeting with the board to ask how they feel about being manipulated by TR for his political retaliation against me after his national solicitation.]




Smith himself admits he has a big nut to crack: “My 4,200 sq.ft. facility has over $250,000.00 worth of spinal equipment to help those patients with the worse spinal problems.”   [Just what does his cliché mean– “..a big nut to crack” Seems to me the only nut here is TR]

And in case you didn’t know that JC Smith thinks he is better than you and every other chiropractor he tells his patients “Choosing the right Chiropractor is extremely important. Take a tour of his facility to see the difference for yourself.” [That’s right, TR. Not all DCs are the same, especially those chirovangelists who use simplistic methods like Activator but market for serious disc and PI cases! As Forrest Gump may have said, “Chiropractors are like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you’ll get.]

Georgia Board Begins Investigation of Smith

Recently a complaint was filed by several chiropractors to the Georgia Board of Chiropractic. [Wrong: it was led by TR’s solicitation to his 20,000 email list to harass me. I am friendly with past and present members of the board who know exactly what I’m doing.] The complaint was filed after several chiropractors [Wrong again: no one had ever said anything until TR used his demagoguery to incite them with his foolish accusations.] reviewed Smith’s website and found outlandish claims for cure rates [Wrong again: the 86% success rate has been shown in numerous studies by reputable MDs and PhDs], claims of superiority over other chiropractors [Wrong: where is that written, but the fact is the DRX is a superior tool for disc problems than anything SMT or Activator has to offer], false advertising [Wrong: there is nothing false about this research], and deceiving and misleading statements [Wrong: I simply stated the research]. Incredibly in his response [what response is that?] to the complaint that has been filed against him Smith not only admits that he thinks he is better than other chiropractors but brags about it and proclaims its:

“…justifiably so because it can be fully substantiated.” [That’s right]

One can’t help recall all the references to “ego” that Smith complains about in his diatribes against other chiropractors. All Hail his majesty JC Smith. [Thanks, TR/CK. As the Lord of the GO Alliance, my “membership” now exceeds that of your phony WCA. Franchises are still available!]

He goes on extolling his superiority:

“I can’t tell you about how many disgruntled patients who’ve transferred to my office from the Activator “Gentle Chiropractic” guys or the “pop and pray to Innate” chirovangelists from Life Diploma Mill. [That’s for sure. A similar complaint was just written by a disgruntled patient who was fleeced by a WCA member. Logon to to read of this deplorable, but common ruse used by TR/CK’s sycophants] Once these patients understand how spinal rehab actually works and feel better with our comprehensive spinal care, then they realize that, in fact, our office does offer superior service to these simplistic chirovangelists like Rongberg. Enuf sed, ya folla?” [Ain’t that the truth! There’s a whole lot more to spinal care than SMT alone, but these simplistic chirovangelists would be the last to know that.]

Since Georgia law specifically forbids chiropractors from utilizing advertising [Actually, this was not in any advertisement to the public, it was written solely for my GO membership in an online commentary.] which conveys the impression of professional superiority or other superior attributes that cannot be substantiated [Wrong, yes they can] and since Smith does not deny his contention that he is superior, it is expected that the Board will order Smith to remove such claims from his website and from his signs. [What sign is that? And while we talking about unproven claims, what about the many websites designed by Bob Braile that are full of unsubstantiated claims such as those posted on the initial web page video that states:  “Health, vitality, performance, potential, function, all this and so much more—chiropractic—release the power within!” While I can prove my claim of 86% rate, Braile’s website should raise more concerns:

  • Can Braile and the many chiropracTORs who are his customers prove these claims with RCTs, or is it just their “philosophy”?
  • Does he use an Innatometer or Sub Station to measure “the power within”?
  • How does he prove chiropractic care will enhance “health, vitality, performance, potential, function”? Just show me the proof of this chiro-babble.


As ludicrous as these claims may sound to the board, I believe his websites are more harmful to unsuspecting patients than my claim of a clinical success rate of 86%. I would like to know the board’s opinion of his website that is entirely comprised of exaggeration without any facts whatsoever.]




Who Really Has the Ego Problem? [TR, CK, CJ, Big $id, just for starters!]

Smith’s other claims of superiority include being “a well known and respected author and lecturer” Well known by who? [By the rational element of this profession, and now by your radicals as well. Thanks, TR, for the exposure!] The people he sends his e-mail trash to? [Trash? HAHHAAHHA. This is too funny coming from the most notorious yellow journalist this profession has ever seen.] Author? Does he mean that dumb book about a chiropractor and orthopedist who fall in love – yeah that’ll make the best seller list![It’s a great meta-fiction story that took me 20 years to experience and 4 years to write—a Romeo and Juliet in the medical world. Call my office at 800-336-2013 to order.] Path to Mastery? How about Path to Raping Insurance Companies. [Wrong again, TR/CK. This is an ethical treatise how not to rape anyone as our charismatic gurus teach. Indeed, I quote Robert Schuller, Stephen Covey, RS Marlow, Tom Peters, Michael Gerber, to name a few of the leading ethicists nowadays. You can order it for only $35 by phoning my office.] He says these are “widely acclaimed” – just because your wife and kids like your books does not make them “widely acclaimed”! [Geez, TR/CK, your argument is quickly degenerating.]

And when was the last time he lectured to anyone about anything anywhere besides National College of Anything Goes. [Wrong: National is among the most respected reputable chiro colleges where evidence-based healthcare is taught, unlike your meta-physical crapola.] No one else would have him on their campus. [Actually, I’ve also been at LACC, NYCC, Palmer-West, and will soon speak at WSCC] At least students and faculty on the campuses where the WCA has been banned still want them to come and speak! [Wrong again: the rational campuses understand TR/CK are con artists, rabble-rousers, demagogues, propagandists and evil vendors. The only misled souls who want TR/CK back are a few radicals cell terrorists.] I doubt Smith’s phone is ringing daily with invitations from students, schools and organizations. [It has rung off the hook after this stupid attack by you. Thanks for the free plug!]

Smith Attempts to Escape his Roots

While many have certainly called JC Smith a bastard [Geez, more ad hominen attacks], it turns out that he really is one. [This ought to be interesting.] You see he has a mixed [err, you mean “straight” methinks.] chiropractic educational background since he attended Sherman and Life and holds his DC from Life – whether he likes it or not. [That’s for sure. For the same money, I could have gotten a real education elsewhere.]

Smith often belittles his chiropractic education accusing Sherman and Life of giving him a substandard education and being “Diploma Mills”. [Yes!]The funny thing is that he brags on his website that he “Graduated with Honors.” [Who didn’t graduate with honors at Life?] If it’s a Diploma Mill what do the Honors mean? [Not much, I’m afraid.] I guess it means he was really good at getting a degree from a Diploma Mill! [Is this a joke or what?] So since he is cut from the same cloth, Smith is really no different than the 15,000 other Life alumni he so often disparages. [What convoluted thinking! FYI: most Lifers hated $id and certainly not all Lifers are $idiots, ya folla?]

And while Smith continuously calls people like Guy Reikeman “academic imposters” [Sorry, but I expect nowadays that a college prez actually have some academic credentials.] he has no shame about bragging about the rest of his “so what” and make-believe [?] academic background. Smith earned a BS degree in Conservation of Natural Resources in 1970 [from the University of California, one of the most prestigious universities in the world]. Wow, bet those classes were hard. [You’re right about that, you moron!] Aren’t those the kinds of classes kids take when they don’t want to take the hard classes? [Wrong: it was a science-based curriculum.] Was he planning on being a Park Ranger? [No, actually, I wanted to help stop the global pollution, but being a park ranger sounds good to me too. You gotta a problem with that, TR? It sure beats being a yellow journalist and evil vendor!] Then Smith got a Masters in the Sociology of Sport from Goddard College. Wonder how much time he actually sat in a classroom there? [Actually, I sat in the classroom for 3 years while teaching/coaching at Rutgers University] Goddard’s Mission:

“Goddard’s students are regarded as unique individuals who take charge of their own learning and collaborate with other students, staff, and faculty to build a strong community.”

Taking “charge of your own education” translates to: make up a degree you want to get, do some paperwork, fly in a couple of weekends and presto you have a Masters in the Sociology of Sport! [Just how is TR/CK so expert on something they know nothing about?] You can’t even get away with that at Life! [Are you so sure?]

Finally Smith then he enrolled in Chiropractic College went back and forth between Life and Sherman [no, I just transferred once from Sherman to Life.] until finally graduating with honors in 1978 from Life Chiropractic College. Though why he points out the honors – no one knows. [What’s your point? Your writing is as confusing as your thinking.]

Who’s he Mad at Now? [Just the Evil Vendors who exploit this profession.]

Just like the unpredictable behavior of the crazy lady in the laundromat one never knows who Smith will choose to rail against next. His list of people he hates or has insulted includes:

Terry Rondberg, Guy Reikeman, Pat Gentempo, Larry Markson, Dennis Perman, Bob Hoffman,Tom Klapp, Christopher Kent, CJ Mertz, Matthew McCoy, Dan Murphy, Tedd Koren, Tom Gelardi, Ben DeSpain [wrong], Sid Williams, DD Humber, Brian McAulay, David Jackson [who’s he?], Jim Sigafoose, Charles Ribley, Timothy Fueling, Cindy Rondberg, Veronica Geuterez, David Singer [wrong], Don Harrison, Deed Harrison [wrong], Arlan Fuhr, Chris Colloca, Richard Plummer, Tim Langley, Deborah Pogrelis, Jay Holder, Reggie Gold, Kim Williams, Nell Williams, Joe Lupo [who’s he?], Corey Rodnick [who’s he?], Bob Braile, Fred Barge, Joe Fleisha, BJ Palmer, Candace Pert [who’s she?], John Downes [wrong], Jeanne Ohm [who’s she?], Don Hirsch [who’s he?], Ron Hendrickson [who’s he?], Bill Jarr [who’s he?], Jim Parker [wrong], Leona Fischer, Mike McClean [who’s he?], Fabrizio Mancini [wrong], Kent Greenawalt [wrong], Mark Sanna [wrong], Shawn Ferguson [who’s he?], Mark Styers…. And on and on and on. [Yep, that includes most of the Evil Vendors or chirovangelists who are soiling this profession with cultism, dissension, and unethical methods.]

The most recent recipient of the crazy lady’s wrath has been directed at Guy Reikeman. Smith continues to rail against Dr. Reikeman’s [lack of] credentials calling him an “academic imposter, unqualified vendor” and other assorted names while the reality is that Dr. Riekeman has the same or similar credentials as James Winterstein at National, George Goodman at Logan, Frank Nicchi at NYCC, Alfred Traina at Northwestern, Donald Kern at Palmer, Fabrizio Mancini at Parker, Carl Cleveland at Cleveland KC and LA, Richard Brassard at Texas, Gerry Clum at Life West, Joe Brimhall at Western States, as well as some of the recently retired presidents from these same schools: Shelby Elliot, Bill Dallas, Thom Gelardi and Ken Padgett. [The difference is that these men have not sown seeds of dissension and discord, nor were they vendors. King Guy now has the opportunity to either continue with his chirovangelism or move toward the center of our profession—indeed, time will tell if he is serious about improving Life’s programs or not. His sudden departure from Palmer and the staff/students relief when he left still needs to be answered.]

Dr. Smith’s suggestion that Dr. Riekeman is somehow less qualified than all of these other chiropractic college presidents is downright dishonest. [TR/CK, it boils down to intention. These legitimate educators strive to progress education, not dumb it down to the diploma mill level with chirovangelism, ya folla?] These other chiropractic colleges seem to do quite well with accreditation agencies with their “unqualified” presidents. [Because they follow the CCE Standards, that’s why!] Interestingly some of these other Presidents support Smith’s efforts and don’t realize Smith is insulting them since they have the same credentials. [Not at all: some agree that in the future chiro college prezs should have proper credentials.]

In Chapter Two we’ll look closer at JC Smith’s background and some of the skeleton’s in his and his family’s closet.


[Since when is my family a target for TR/CK’s animosity toward me? This below-the-belt mudslinging illustrates to all the depths of despair that TR/CK will resort to in order to slander their opponents. If chapter two is as erroneous as this first chapter, it ought to be funny. Indeed, the more they talk, the more we all can see their yellow journalism and demagoguery to incite prejudices to vilify an opponent—typical tactic used by Big $id and other Evil Vendors. No wonder both TR and CK are afraid like girlyman to confront me and my panel of colleagues in an open debate in a public setting. Hit-and-hide journalism is the cornerstone of their attack as they’ve done for years in the TCJ, their free tabloid rag, and they’ve done with this online attack.


I hope everyone who reads this personal attack on Lou Sportelli and me will clearly see the depths of depravity these Evil Vendors will stoop to in order to mount a useless defense of their ruse in this profession. You’ve noticed that TR/CK have not once addressed any of the serious allegations I’ve written about. Instead, they resort to their character assassination that will prove fruitless for them, but will show everyone just how vicious these scoundrels actually are.


Until our profession raises not only its educational and professional standards, but also raises the consciousness and ethics of our rank and file, these Evil Vendors and yellow journalists will continue to reek havoc, foment discord, stir dissension, and polarize our profession as they’ve done for decades.


It’s time to “isolate these rascals” as George McAndrews once said.


May the Life Force be with you.

Lord of the Alliance

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