The recent removal of Confederate statues erected to intimidate Blacks in the Jim Crow era after the Civil War as well as the effort to rename military posts and bases named inexplicably after Confederate generals certainly has been a long time coming but will be child’s play compared to toppling the medical monarchy in healthcare. 

Hospitals have become sacred medical monuments erected by public taxes but remain virtually shielded from competition by chiropractors and the exclusive domain as a medical Bastille where due to the lack of Informed Consent back pain patients have no choice to their care options under the direction of the medical monarchy to opioids, injections, and spine surgery without practical alternative options to chiropractors.

Obviously, it is past time for DCs to topple a few medical monuments to address the prevailing medical bigotry, aka,  ‘chirophobia’ — the irrational fear, antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, or hatred of chiropractors instilled by decades of medical intolerance, bullying, name-calling, and dirty tricks—that still haunts every hospital and all healthcare programs—nothing in the medical industrial-complex escapes the ghost of Jim Crow, MD, or the legacy of the Medical Mussolini.

The call for equality and diversity in medicine is not as farfetched as it seems. This sentiment is evident by the recent toppling of a statute of the medical monarchy in Central Park dedicated to a medical terrorist from colonial days. 

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