Terry Wrongberg


Dr. Terry Rondberg, aka, Terry Wrongberg, was a force in chiropractic for many years as a renown yellow journalist and publisher of The Chiropractic Journal as well as president-for-life of the World Chiropractic Alliance, a vendor-driven alliance. Outwardly he also represented himself as the leader of straight chiropracTORs, a researcher, and a spokesman for our profession. He also owned a brokerage firm selling insurance to gullible followers.

In fact, he was a fraud. His journal was a free paper filled with vendor-driven pay-to-play articles with adjacent ads, his WCA was a phony organization comprised of only a few hundred sycophants, his RCS research project never produced a single paper, his CBS insurance brokerage was constantly under fire, and he proved to be a self-serving demagogue who finally went bust after his personal life went down the toilet.

His yellow journalism was most noticeable as he attacked numerous leaders in our profession with unfounded accusations; plus he never allowed rebuttals from his victims. He constantly interferred with chiro legislation as he misrepresented himself as a leader whose main goal, like the Tea Party, was to obstruct progress and diversity.

For nearly 20 years he spun his yellow journalism only to cause dissent and confusion. Finally in 2000, the ACA Chairman of the Board asked me to investigate this charade that led to the follow articles over the next few years. I had little knowledge of the depths of fraud and demagoguery used by TR, but it quickly became obvious he was a bad apple in our profession.

I created a website to expose TR and his Evil Vendors who comprised the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA). I named my website the Galactic Online Alliance where I posted many of the following articles until TR hacked the site and threatened my webmaster with a legal suit. You can read of his lawsuit and my response. In all, I’ve posted 50+ articles I wrote about TR and his Evil Vendors at the WCA and the damage they did to our professional unity, image, and mindset. Indeed, many of these evil people still persist to exploit our naive colleagues with their gimmicks and foolosophy.

Once TR finally admitted defeat and left the WCA and his yellow rag newspaper after suffering numerous lawsuits himself as a result of his many scams–RCS research scam, CBS insurance, defamation lawsuits filed by associates, a divorce, and a malpractice lawsuit–he finally has disappeared. The last I heard he was selling MLM products.

During this era of investigation, I had numerous disgruntled associates of TR who spoke with me about his illegal and unethical behavior. Just as I found while investigating Big $id Williams, he had made many enemies in his quest for power and money. Many of these whistleblowers’ stories were so outrageous they were hard to believe, but they all proved to be too true. It was a godsend when he finally left the profession in disgrace.

I’ve posted many of these articles that will shock you just as they did me. Hopefully in the future our profession will not be so gullible to the next charismatic demagogue espousing hate ideology as he laughs all the way to the bank.

Currently TR is operating the “Temecula Wellness Center is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives.”