Slip Joints, Not Discs


Chiropractors say for back pain,

“You Don’t Slip Discs,

 But You Do Slip Joints”

The disc theory for back pain is dead.
Medical researchers have found “bad discs” in patients with no back pain. They now admit that most back pain is due to mechanical motion problems of the 137 spinal joints.

Get Spinal Adjustments, not Disc Surgery

Just Say NO

to Drugs, Shots &  Spine Surgery.


 John Mennell, MD, renown orthopedist and professor, admitted:

“In the spine there are about 137 synovial joints…If you don’t manipulate to relieve the symptoms from this condition of joint dysfunction, then you are depriving the patient of the one thing that is likely to relieve them of their suffering.”  


Chiropractors are now


Primary Spine Care Providers

Proven Treatments
helping millions,
saving billions.

Visit your local chiropractor
before drugs, shots, and surgery.

[1] Transcript of testimony of John McMillan Mennell, M.D., Wilk v AMA transcript pp. 2090-2093.

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