Say No to Back Surgery


Chiropractors say for back pain,

“Say No to Disc Surgery”

Researchers note the “bad discs” seen on MRI has led to “false positive” misdiagnosis, suggesting that “many of these abnormalities are trivial,

harmless, and irrelevant, so they have been recently dubbed incidentalomas,”  and “they are likely to lead to more tests, patient anxiety, and perhaps even unnecessary surgery.”  
In 2011, North Carolina Blue Cross/Blue Shield  said it
will no longer pay for disc fusion if the sole criterion is an abnormal disc.


Just Say NO

to Drugs, Shots &  Spine Surgery.

Guidelines now recommend:
Chiropractic care first;
drugs, shots, & surgery last.


Chiropractors are now


Primary Spine Care Providers

Proven Treatments
helping millions,
saving billions.

Visit your local chiropractor
before drugs, shots, and surgery.

1.  RA Deyo and DL Patrick, Hope or Hype:  The Obsession with Medical Advances and the High Cost of False Promises (2002):191.

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