Rondberg Revealed


Alleged Sexual Tryst, Harassment  & Malpractice



Rondberg Revealed


“What goes around comes around,” is an old saying that finally rings true for evil vendor and impresario Terry Rondberg, dictator for life of the sham WCA, renowned yellow journalist, CBS malpractice owner, RCS CEO, and general fly in the ointment for mainstream chiropractic. After decades of obstructing legislative progress, undermining intra-professional unity, and promoting himself with his poisoned pen, TR’s karma has finally come to bear in a very odd scenario.


TR has become entangled with a rather embarrassing problem, perhaps larger than all of his other gaffes like interfering in the DVA’s policy concerning DCs, interfering in numerous legislative efforts by 13 national chiro associations in the USA and around the world, character assassinating his political and financial rivals and fomenting discord with his yellow journal, imploding COCSA’s National Chiropractic Leadership Forum, and generally using his power of the tabloid chiro free press to lie to the entire profession without any remorse. Indeed, TR’s been a loose canon for years, but his bang may become a whimper if these allegations are true.


By now it’s clear to every informed DC that TR cannot be trusted to tell the truth on any issue. Perhaps his legacy as a chiro-con artist is wearing on his consciousness and TR is having second thots about his subversive, sociopathic nature, but in his quest for higher enlightenment and inner peace (okay, stop laughing), TR enrolled in a yoga class in Encinitas ( ) operated by Peri and Charles DeFay.


Romance Yoga Style

This became a sordid story with many twists and turns, so hold on as I try to explain what may become TR’s Waterloo. According to Charles DeFay, allegedly TR in his quest for higher consciousness became romantically involved with one of their instructors, Roxanne. Apparently when TR’s wife, Cindi, became aware of his quest for inner piece, err, peace, she confronted and accused Peri only to find it wasn’t her who was having the tryst. Nonetheless, according to Peri, Cindi went on a rampage to discredit her and ruin the reputation of this yoga shop; allthewhile TR allegedly remained in cahoots with Roxanne until Cindi took out a restraining order against Roxanne. Peri had to take out a restraining order against TR for allegedly threatening to cut her throat when this sh*t of his affair hit the fan! What a soap opera!


To make matters worse before his affair became known, TR in a show of bravado reportedly adjusted Peri on the floor of the yoga shop and caused a lumbar disc to herniate, which he openly admits in a letter to her (see below). Apparently she had been in an MVA months before and was still suffering. After TR’s adjustment, she immediately became worse. She was later told by her neurosurgeon she may never walk again, but she refused surgery and has improved under DRX9000 treatment. (Maybe this explains why TR wrote a slanderous article about the DRX a few months ago.)


Before TR had a change of heart and created his website aimed to destroy Peri and Charles DeFay’s yoga shop, he admitted his malfeasance in a hand-written confessional to the DeFays (logon to ).


Dear Peri,

I’m sorry I gave you a horrible adjustment and almost crippled you. I never realized how out of integrity I was. I should have never adjusted you. I want to do whatever it takes to make it up to you. I know I can never replace the time you have lost while you have been recovering, however I will do everything I can to make it up to you. I feel terrible that I injured you on so many levels, spiritually, (not being able to go to the temple and meditate), physically (not being able to walk, being in agony, not being able to teach or take class), emotionally and mentally (hundreds of people and everyone who cares about you at the yoga room has been stressed out and worried about you (and I know it stressed you out tremendously). I am sorry it has taken me so very long to realize my part in all of this. My ego, fears and lack of awareness prevented me from seeing what I caused you to go through. I am still searching for how I can and what I can do for you and Charles so I can repay you for the doctors’ bills and time lost. I know money is the minimum of what I can do now to begin the healing between us. I have used money in the past to buy my way out of my wrong doings. I am not trying to do this, I am trying to take the first step towards being responsible for the pain I caused you. I’m sorry I threatened the yoga room and treated Roxanne so poorly. I know my words mean little to you, I get that. But I still am asking you to forgive me and give me a chance to prove to you that I have started to change. I understand you may not want to forgive me. If I were you I doubt my heart would be big enough or loving enough to forgive someone else if they did the things to me that I did to you. I miss practicing at the yoga room, I miss practicing synergy. I would do anything to be able to start practicing my yoga again. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. I hope you consider this request before I understand you may never trust me again but I really hope I can earn your trust back someday. I know I owe you and Charles many more apologies, this is only the beginning. I’m sorry again for causing you and everyone around you so much pain and agony. You are a unique teacher who is strong, loving, committed and honest. I’m grateful to know you, you have literally saved my life. Thank you a thousand times over.

In love and gratitude with deepest respect,

Terry Alan Rondberg



Compounding his injurious treatment to Peri is a bigger problem for TR—apparently he’s not licensed to practice chiropractic in the state of California. Logon to  , type in his name, and you’ll find that he’s not in the records of licensed DCs. And if he doesn’t hold a license anymore, there’s a big possibility he doesn’t have malpractice insurance from his own CBS company. How ironic: TR’s own CBS malpractice insurance may have no legal duty to defend him!


This time apparently TR has shot himself in the foot, and now has created a smokescreen to obscure his malfeasance and to bully the DeFays. Apparently he was all sweet and apologetic until they tried to reach an out of court settlement. According to Charles DeFay, “Terry R. asked what he could do for us, so we added the losses, since Peri couldn’t teach. The amount we came up was $120,000, but we asked for $30,000 for her back. That was when he freaked out.”


Considering their business grosses over $700,000 annually, with Peri out of work and TR’s slander hurting new client business, their losses quickly accumulated. Peri told me she may lose her business and home due to TR’s harassment.


Smile: Rondberg’s on Candid Camera

What a paradox for the DeFays’ to face: on one hand, TR apologizes profusely, and then he attacks them with his incendiary website and in a segment on San Diego TV news. You’ve got to watch TR as he explains how the yoga shop is a cult. Logon to to hear TR proclaiming how this yoga shop caused him “emotional abuse.” You can also see his girlfriend, Roxanne (the cute little blonde in a black/white dress standing arm-in-arm with TR). No wonder Cindi was livid!

This TV video illustrates the depths TR will go to obfuscate his malfeasance by accusing his victims of straw man issues. Rondberg has the gall to slander these people when the mainstream chiropractic community realizes he is the biggest cult leader since Big $id gave up the reigns at Life. Is it any wonder TR speaks with authority on cults? This is incredulous!

Here is the DeFay’s response to the turmoil caused by TR.

Dear Students and Friends,

You have probably heard by now that we are under tremendous attack by a former student, Terry Rondberg, a chiropractor who injured Peri’s back during an adjustment. Mr. Rondberg is now trying to destroy our business and reputation claiming that Synergy Yoga is a cult, that we brainwash our students and are otherwise morally bankrupt. He has created a website that is very destructive to us on a personal and professional level and is untrue. The website demonstrates pure hatred and slander and is far from the principals of yoga and truthfulness, despite Mr. Rondberg’s claim that he is now a devotee of Yogananda.

In his drive to put us out of business, Mr. Rondberg has encouraged four of our young teachers to leave us. These teachers left without notice and are now participating in Mr. Rondberg’s vendetta. We have attempted to talk to these former teachers to no avail. Nevertheless we wish them well, and hope they abandon this negative path.

Synergy Yoga has been here for 16 years and provided a wonderful service for over 10,000 students and customers. As in all long-established businesses, we have not been able to please everyone. Some people have not appreciated our teachings and trainings. We have always been open to resolving any problems or complaints, and hope to continue to faithfully serve our community. Unfortunately, we do not know if we can fight this man’s conspiracy against us. He apparently has unlimited funds and time to pursue his vendetta. Thus, we ask for your support during this difficult time.

Please understand that Mr. Rondberg’s website only provides negative responses regarding Synergy Yoga. Currently no one can enter his website to counter his claims. Our students’ attempts to counter some of the untruths and post positive testimonials regarding Synergy Yoga are not being published. Thus, we are grateful to an anonymous student who started a blog at . Thank you for all your love and support. We are fighting to keep our business and “your yoga studio” open in order to continue serving you. Please pray for us.

Much love and gratitude,

Charles & Peri
and all of our wonderful teachers world-wide


A Hero’s Quest?

Obviously TR’s attack on the DeFays is his standard modus operandi of character assassination we’ve seen too many times when he’s lashed out at the leadership in the ACA, WFC, ICA, CCE, FCLB, NCMIC and nearly every mainstream chiro college and organization. Now he seems to be bullying the DeFays with the hope of discouraging them for fear of him being exposed. Too late, TR, for the cat’s out of the bag now.


You may recall that he attacked Stephen Perle, Don Petersen and me last year concerning Dr. Perle’s article that ridiculed TR’s RCS scam. Since I wrote a letter defending Perle, I was also sued by TR and his attack dog attorney, Carlos Negrete, who now is attacking the DeFays. Logon to Rule or Ruin @  to learn TR’s smear tactics through the years.


FYI: after my response to TR’s lawsuit against me, Attacking from the Rear, this much ballyhooed attack by TR in his jaded journal faded into the sunset although I’m still asked on occasion about his supposed lawsuit. He also attacked Axiom Worldwide and me for supposedly unsubstantiated claims concerning the DRX9000 spinal decompression table. Of course, he backed off quickly when Axiom threatened to sue him. He’s also ridiculed my whistleblower website aimed at revealing the truth about this evil vendor. Apparently he doesn’t like my mocking him as the Dictator for Life of the evil vendor-driven WCA.


Now TR turns his poisoned pen against the DeFays apparently with the hope that they will back off from filing their own malpractice lawsuit against him for injuring Peri as well as practicing without a license. Not surprising, TR now has a sponsored link to confuse this issue:  Truth About Synergy Yoga @  at which he’s posted his diatribe, “Surviving the Darkness.”

“Like every hero’s journey, mine began with a quest.

Although I am a respected health care professional who has enjoyed success in business, I found myself seeking a way of living that would improve my physical well-being and nurture my ever-growing spirituality.

Much to my delight, I thought I had discovered a small island of peace and healing in Encinitas, California, the day I walked into The Yoga Room. Little did I know, however, that my modern-day quest had led me into the dark forest of a 21st century sorceress whose dragon-filled lair has burned dozens of seekers right here in my own community.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.”

Ain’t that the truth—he’s blowing so much smoke that it confuses even him to keep fact from fiction. TR’s poisoned pen attack on these yoga instructors to camouflage his possible malpractice is astonishing and outlandish, but typical for this yellow journalist.

BTW: his self-description as a “hero” is truly delusional, but also typical for this sociopath. Indeed, I wonder how many of the 60,000 American DCs regard TR as a “hero” or as “a respected health care professional”? Okay, stop laughing! TR’s as much a “hero” or “respected” as Big $id was an “educator,” ya folla?

Big Questions for TR

TR’s alleged sexual gaffe and possible malpractice (injuring Peri while practicing chiropractic without a license) also brings up a few more questions:

  • Does his CBS insurance cover him if he treats someone outside the jurisdiction of his license?
  • For that matter, does TR even have a policy inasmuch as he hasn’t practiced in years?
  • Does CBS have any waiver of liability for itself since TR admits guilt without first consulting them?
  • Has the Chiropractic board in California been made aware that Rondberg treated and injured someone in their state without a license?
  • Will Arizona take disciplinary action against him based on the California allegations?

In a recent telephone conversation with Peri, she told me aside from appearing on TV news proclaiming her yoga shop a cult, TR and his cronies have placed flyers around their small town calling her business a cult and suggesting that she’s operated illegally in an attempt to destroy her. After 16 years in the yoga business, TR has taken it upon himself to destroy the very people who helped him create his supposedly new enlightened consciousness. With friends like him, who needs enemies?

 “He’s the worst kind of man,” she confessed to me. She said he admitted to her that he spent the first 20 years of his career destroying people and their reputations. Apparently TR doesn’t discriminate against who he chooses to destroy, whether it’s mainstream DCs, political rivals, or yoga shop owners where he’s left his indelible mark.

As Terry’s World Turns Upside-Down, Inside-Out

Peri DeFay has lawyered-up with two attorneys, Todd Cardiff and Mike Flynn who has numerous big name clients in the LA area. Hopefully they will protect her from the wrath of TR and his attack dawg attorney, Carlos Negrete, who TR uses to intimidate his opponents and victims. Hopefully they can give TR a run for his money and stop him in his tracks from bullying anyone else who reveals the truth about TR. This time, however, TR may have bit off more than Negrete can chew if these allegations prove to be true.

If this case is accurate as told to me by Peri and Charles DeFay, and TR has slandered and ruined their lives, reputations, and business for the reasons stated, it’s time for the heavy hand of the law to stop this madman. We all know he’s been a pain in the neck of the mainstream chiropractic, but now his evil intention has created what can be described as a little yoga shop of horrors due to his illicit sex, malpractice, money and pride. 

Undoubtedly there is more to come, so stay tuned for the next edition of “As Terry’s World Turns Upside-Down, Inside-Out.” I’ll end this chapter using TR’s standard disclaimer that basically says he doesn’t have to tell the truth in his op-eds. I guess if it’s good enough for him, I can use it too, ya folla?


[Written by Terry Rondberg]

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