Palmer Homecoming


Palmer Homecoming 

On August 12, 2017, I spoke at the Palmer College Homecoming.

 I was thoroughly impressed and refreshed after attending the 2017 Palmer Homecoming.


Indeed, my expectations were more than met, including the many serendipitous events I had meeting people. Such seemingly small events often lead to big impressions.


Many of the speakers were excellent—Shilo Harris, Cynthia English, Alan Sokoloff and, of course, the inspirational Tom Rath all made for an informative and motivational weekend. I wonder if I had a death sentence facing me as does Tom Raft if I would be as upbeat; his speech was thoughtful, his delivery was measured and heart-warming.


I also thought Dan Weinert did a great job with his insightful look into innovation, something that seems to be lacking in our profession. 

I was invigorated not only by the excellent speakers (except for a few who can be accused of Death by PowerPoint), but by the staff, events, alumni, and I was thrilled learning more about the Palmer heritage.

I especially enjoyed speaking with the ol’ timers who I met, such as Dr. Charlie Keller from New York who graduated in 1952. What stories he could tell about the medical war in NY State.


For example, I stumbled across an old newspaper scrapbook in the Vicki Palmer Hall containing hundreds of articles about imprisoned DCs back in the early 1900s; indeed, it look as if it might be BJ’s own collection. It was shocking to see the many sacrifices our predecessors made for us. Every student should read this scrapbook to understand such devotion to our cause. I wonder how many today would do the same.


Every DC from any college, technique tribe or political party should have such an experience to understand why Palmer will always be the fountainhead of our profession.


Indeed, Palmer is much more than classrooms, curriculum, and philosophy—it’s the culture of commitment to chiropractic — the true Fountainhead for over a century.


I must add the gala event on Saturday night also more than met my expectations. The food was great, the music was good (not too loud), the beer was free, and the coeds surpassed my expectations, too. For sure, girls didn’t look like that when I was in college, which is probably a good thing.

To see my lengthy slide show, click on  Palmer Homecoming and enjoy!