Notes from David Jackson


Telephone conversation with Dr. David Jackson, Sunday, May 18, 2007


“I didn’t know what I was getting into—can’t believe it. Hope it goes to trial to remove TR. I know where the dead bodies, per se, are buried. Not a political guy, just a help guys. Worried about family safety, live only 1 ½ miles from TR in San Diego. I was his counselor, his mediator to patch up things with Cindy.


RCS didn’t work, nothing ever happened, money-maker for TR. TR threatened him after telling him “best friend ever,” “couldn’t’ get it launched” TR’s reputation was the downfall.


Meeting with Don Petersen and Reed Phillips  to cooperate. Asked if TR is involved? Strong begging by Jackson, Blanks and McCoy to TR to “get out of RCS.” TR said, “you’re right.” Signed over all shares to go with full disclosure” a week later TR told DJ that “I got it back”. Total manipulated—he transferred to someone in Arizona.


DJ resigned, TR told him “I love you like a brother,” but 5 days later he gets letter from Carlos Negrete saying DJ caused TR to lose millions of dollars of damage.

“Threw the kitchen sink at me” criminal prosecution, embezzlement, stole funds. Try to kill you over the last 1 ½ years = extortion plan.


DJ is involved with John Butcher, very wealthy man and is why TR is suing DJ for $500,000, which TR said is “nickels and dimes to Butcher.” DJ has already spent $100,000 on attorney fees. P&K deposition—3 in a row cancelled by TR.


TR into drugs for 1 ½ years; DJ at TR’s house, next day forgotten.


Conference calls TR fell asleep on desk.


Admitted alcoholic attended AA, had affair with AA counselor.


Caught talking on phone for 3 hours by Cindy. Depose Cindy to get into books.


TR paying Carlos with anti-defamation fund, laundered nicely. “How is Carlos protecting chiro?” no activity to protect chiro, but Carlos is being paid.


TR isn’t wealthy man; $750,000 is second mortgage, borrowed from grand kids, tapped out.


Cindy and TR divorced while back in a quick claim divorce. TR consulted with 20 attorneys so Cindy couldn’t hire them. At Parker in Las Vegas TR walking hand in hand with Cindy. DJ asked her about it, she replied, “Think of Bill and Hillary.” Paid endorsement.


DJ countersued TR; lied thru teeth, over-promised, paid nothing, all lies, spent all money. TR gave DJ loan to get software together for RCS, couldn’t sell any product. TR forgave all advances to DJ. DJ knew biggest problem in profession is TR. He forgave loans on several occasions. Cindy’s letter exactly right—TR is pathological liar


Screwed broker in Jan or Feb, lost his CBS book, in federal court with CBS; Carlos lost in first hearing, tried to switch broker.


TR doesn’t pay income tax, puts everything thru TCJ newspaper, deals with advertisers, all people in boards WCA and RCS moved around, “standing alone” “upside down board” even McCoy.


DJ—never had an enemy in my life. TR has threatened me, “Put DJ on the street.” DJ has vowed not let TR get away with it.”


TR doesn’t write; Barbara Begum in Oregon writes all his copy.


TR re-wrote purpose of RCS to be similar to Butcher/DJ; TR to help DCs obtain new patients. Completely perjury 90% of time.


TR bi-polar disorder; has no malpractice insurance 98% sure.


When DJ told DJ he was going broke with RCS, TR told him to sell house, cars, bag groceries.