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New Direct TV Ad for Patients

When your back goes out, you can’t work.

When you can’t work, you go to an MD who prescribes Oxycodone.

When your pain continues, you get epidural steroid injections at a pain clinic.

When your pain persists, you get a disc fusion.

When your pain continues, you get another disc fusion because you’re told the first one “didn’t take.”

When your pain worsens from two failed back surgeries, you become disabled and you lose your job.

When you lose your job, you get really depressed, so you take more Oxycodone.

When you take more Oxycodone, you become addicted.

When you lose your job and become a drug addict, the bank forecloses on your home and your wife leaves you.

Finally you go to the chiropractor as a last resort.

Go see the chiropractor first.

Sadly, this scenario is only too true for many victims, err, medical patients, who are misdiagnosed, mistreated, and not referred to chiropractors.

Remember what Dr. Robert Mendelsohn once said, “Anyone who has a back surgery without seeing a chiropractor first should also have his head examined.”