Never Ending Yellow Jour


Never-Ending Yellow Journalism by Wrongberg


To say it’s becoming tedious is obvious: Wrongberg is at it again with his usual unethical journalism. Apparently his threat of a lawsuit over being miscast as an unscrupulous entrepreneur supporting the spurious RCS scam (okay, stop laughing) didn’t dissuade this demagogue from finding another issue to attack me, the Lord of the Galactic Online Alliance, his main nemesis in the battle of spurious chiro organizations. Logon to  to learn of our many battles for supremacy of the entire chiropractic world, here and beyond, ya folla?


It never ceases to amaze me the time and effort put forth by yellow journalists in the chiropractic profession to misinform their readership. We see a constant stream of misinformation on nearly every issue from Wrongberg’s rag, the ICA’s newsletter, and Don Harrison’s tabloid, just to name a few of the free newspapers that disseminate tripe to members in this profession. Indeed, it’s hard to learn the truth on many matters within our profession when evil vendor/yellow journalists distort nearly every issue to meet their own political and financial agendas.


While some TV journalists try to convince us that their news reporting is “fair and balanced,” others have no qualms to present their personal opinion as journalistic fact even when it’s purely an opt-ed piece (BTW: they all have books for sale too). Then we have the yellow journalists like the infamous and amateurish Terry Wrongberg of the free tabloid, The Chiropractic Journal, who continually prints misinformation in his attempt to character assassinate his political rivals, undermine his financial foes or to misconstrue events in our legislative or clinical efforts to reform this profession. Logon to Journalistic Crime .


He has fought against the progress made by the ACA, WFC, CCE, CCGPP, the VA inclusion, DoD military health services inclusion, ICA-ACA unity, to name but a few of his many conflicts with mainstream chiropractic. It’s come to the point where if Wrongberg isn’t against you, something must be wrong! Logon to If Wrongberg is Against It, It Must be Good.


Indeed, his interference is so bad that 15 foreign national chiro associations have filed complaints against this demagogue, a self-appointed spokesman for the evil vendors who plague this profession. Of course, he’s also the dictator for life of the bogus WCA, a non-democratic group of marginal and naïve DCs who are clueless about every issue that we face as a profession. Indeed, Wrongberg has shown that a sucker is born every minute, and most of them practice chiropracTIC, ya folla?


If you haven’t been attacked by Wrongberg yet, then you’re among the few DCs on this planet who is painfully unaware of any important issue plaguing our profession, ranging from bogus research projects like RCS or VSRI, disunity caused by political demagoguery from the WCA, spurious products/services sold by evil vendors, or blatant misrepresentation of the truth by so-called journalists like Wrongberg himself or Matt McCoy of the Journal of Very Silly Research, the source of pseudo-scientific articles.


His most recent attempt to silence his critics who criticized the farcical RCS, Stephen Perle, Don Petersen, Jr. and me, while ballyhooed in his free rag by he and his boisterous attorney, eventually ended with more of a whimper than his initial roar when it became obvious that we are entitled to an opinion according to legal precedents and constitutional rights, but his readership would never have known that by reading his attack articles that convicted us in his press. Logon to Rule or Ruin  to learn the truth of this issue since Wrongberg will never give both sides of any story.


Also coming to light was Wrongberg’s personal disclaimer in which he asserts nothing in his journal is based on fact, just his own personal opinion. While he is certainly able to offer his distorted opinion, he never allows his opponents the same right, a nauseatingly unethical act for any publisher, yet one that he has ignored for nearly 20 years as he has attacked anyone who angered this despot. Just ask Lou Sportelli, Don Petersen, Jim Winterstein, Jay Triano, Reed Phillips, David Chapman Smith, the leadership of the ACA, WFC or CCGP. Indeed, nearly every legitimate org or leader has been subjected to the illogical and self-serving rants by Wrongberg—the more he writes, the more stupidity flows from his poisoned pen.


This article was prepared as a service to the Chiropractic community. Neither the World Chiropractic Alliance nor Dr. Terry Rondberg, or any of their employees, agents or staff, make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, service, product, person or process disclosed, or represent that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference herein to any specific commercial products, person, process, or service by trade name, trademark manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the World Chiropractic Alliance or Dr. Terry Rondberg.  The examples and quotes provided are not intended to be considered to be representations of fact, but rather illustrations and/or expressions of opinion.  The statements made herein are intended to be opinions of the author made for the purpose of illustrating and/or expressing issues that are of concern to the Chiropractic community and consumers.

The latest misinformation by Wrongberg appeared recently in which he takes aim again at me concerning the use of the DRX spinal decompression table in his January edition, “Device championed by JC Smith under fire as fraudulent.” How I became the “champion” of this table is a wonder to me inasmuch as I am not employed by Axiom nor do I appear as a spokesman for this company. I simply use this table because it works to save many patients from back surgery. Indeed, I believe it’s the missing link between SMT and surgery, yet Wrongberg has attacked me and this innovative piece of equipment for what purpose: a feeble attempt to invalidate me, a long-time critic of this phony? Logon to to learn more about this Evil Vendor.

While Wrongberg is brandishing criticism over “experimental” methods like axial decompression or motorized traction, why did he not include some methods closer to his own like the Chris Kent’s unremarkable/unproven Subluxation Station or Pat Gentempo’s Insight Gizmo, or Activator, BEST, Network, to name just a few of “experimental” methods that advertise in his free tabloid rag. If Wrongberg is now a critic of every “unproven” technique in our ranks, why is his focus so narrow? Okay, stop laughing because there’s no rationale to anything this bloke does. His agenda is to lambaste his political rivals and nothing else—“fair and balanced” is not his agenda.


I might add the British Chiropractic Association offered Wrongberg the opportunity to debate David Chapman Smith of the WFC and myself, but he declined, wetting his pants in fear of being exposed for his corruption by his rivals in public—something Wrongberg avoids at all costs, so he remains in his spider hole with his poisoned pen.  I have repeatedly challenged Wrongberg to a debate, once confronting him in person at an FCER seminar at SoCal UHS, yet he ran out of the room to avoid me! Yes, he actually ran out of the seminar, and then later denied we had ever met! Indeed, the man is a sociopath who cannot tolerate be held accountable by anyone. (Kinda reminds me of another chiro sociopath from Marietta, ya folla?)

January 2007

Device championed by JC Smith under fire as fraudulent

The “DRX 9000 spinal decompression system” is the subject of recent lawsuits and legal investigations as a fraudulent device  [There he goes again with misinformation. Axial decompression is not new nor is it a “fraudulent device” as Wrongberg writes. It may be the source of some tacky marketing and high-priced fees, but it does do a great job at decompression or tractioning the lumbar spine. I wonder if the manufacturer of the DRX is interested to know that Wrongberg has defamed its device is fraudulent?] being promoted by false advertising. The device has been widely promoted [how?]and touted by JC Smith, DC, winner of the American Chiropractic Association’s ‘Service to Chiropractic’ award. [Thanks for the accolade attention, but why is it whenever Wrongberg defames me in his diatribes that he always mentions this award? Is this his way of suggesting the ACA was wrong in awarding me this prestigious award or what?]

In one article, Dr. Smith stated that “The most effective form of care for failed back surgery, severe low back pain, or for patients with back pain in most cases of patients who complete the program.” Speaking of his own “Spinal Care Clinic,” Smith proudly announced, “Without hesitation I can say the DRX 9000 ranks among the best treatments for many types of low back pain, and when combined with our spinal rehab program, patient improvement is assured.” [Indeed, my understanding of spinal rehab consists of 1) adjusting spinal joints to restore motion, 2) restoring core strength, 3) decompressing discs when radiculitis fails to improve with SMT, 4) teaching the ABC’s of the ADLs.]

It is widely accepted [by whom? I didn’t know my practice was so well known.] that the “success” of Smith’s back pain clinic depended on his use of this device.  [It is? Again, just where does Wrongberg’s info come from?] Yet, according to prosecutors, the device is “questionable” and advertised claims that the device has an “86 percent success rate for treating debilitating back pain without surgery” is unfounded. [Wrong again: one study of anecdotal cases did show a 77 to 86% success rate, which certainly is not “unfounded,” ya folla?]

You can read the entire article at


I realize broaching journalistic ethics concerning Wrongberg is like beating a dead horse since this man is a loose canon with his poisoned pen, but this does illustrate why our profession remains fragmented and slow to progress on any issue—whether it’s political reform or progress with clinical issues as we see now with CCGPP.  Since he has proven himself for nearly 20 years to be a journalist with low-brow ethics (logon to Journalistic Fraud ), it comes as no surprise to anyone that he continues to use his free rag to character assassinate his rivals. Even Big $id Williams did not use his magazine to attack his opponents specifically, although he too used it to foment discord and to fight against academic progress, which eventually led to his fall at Life. (Okay, stop cheering!)


Once again I’ll challenge Wrongberg and his WCA cronies (Kent, Gentempo, McCoy, Jackson) to attend RAC for a public debate on all these issues. Of course, these guys are frightened to speak outside of their own circle of evil vendors, but their refusal to debate illustrates to all their lack of ethics and remains an admission of their folly.


Isn’t it sad that our profession is infected with such low-lifes who run amok to cause discord, dissent, and disunity? Just think what our profession might be like when we rid it of Terry Wrongberg and his cronies. Although it took a few decades to get rid of Big $id and his academic hacks, it’s time for Innate to rid this dis-ease called the WCA from our ranks too. Now that’s something to smile about, ya folla?