Medical Care Gone Wild


“Medical Spine Gone Wild”

Experts agree:
•    From 1994 to 2007, the patient population increased by only 12%, but spine medicine has gone wild:
 •    spinal fusion surgery increased 204%,
•    MRIs increased 307%,
 •    spinal injections increased 629%, 
 •   opiate use increased 423%, (1)
 •   America does five times more back surgery per capita than Great Britain.(2)

Just Say NO

to Drugs, Shots &  Spine Surgery.


The evidence for chiropractic care is mounting:

•    Spine research newsletter from Georgetown University states,
“Spinal medicine in the US is a poster child for inefficient spine care.” (3)

  •      A 1998 editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine noted that

“spinal manipulation is the treatment of choice.” (4)

•    Even the North American Spine Society recommends
spinal manipulation before surgery. (5)


Chiropractors are now


Primary Spine Care Providers

Proven Treatments
helping millions,
saving billions.

Visit your local chiropractor
before drugs, shots, and surgery.

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