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15 Minutes of Fame
Academic Demagoguery
Academic Spring
Affirmative Action
AHCPR Gone with the Wind
American Life Radio
Australian MD Letter Response
Back Surgery Modern Medical Pitfall
Back Surgery Not Needed
Back Surgery Part 1
Back Surgery Part 2
Back Surgery Part 3
Back Surgery Part 4
Back Surgery Scam
Bad for Business
Balancing Costs and Benefits
Believe or Understand
Better Mousetrap
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Bogus Science
Bone of Contention
Bones and Flaws
Bonesetter Sweets
Buyer Beware
CAM No So Alternative
Celebrate Our Victories
Changing Tactics
Chiropractic and Wall Street
Chiropractic Epiphany
Chiropractic Hyperbole
Chiropractic Paradigm
Chiropractic Scalawags
Chiropractic Scenarios
Chiropractor as Hero
Chiropractor Is Naked
Chiropractors Blame AMA
Chiropractors Cry Foul
Chiropractors Have Your Back
Chiropractors Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes
Chiropractors Request Apology from AMA
Chiropractors undergoing public image makeover
CNN Fairness Doctrine
Confronting Iatrogenesis
Consumer Beware
Cooks and Chiropractors
Creeping Capitalism in Healthcare
Docs Not Honest
Doctor NO
Doubting Dr. Deyo
Dr. Jerry McAndrews
Dr. RD Guyer Letter
Dream Keeper
Drive Till It Breaks
Ending Medical Racism
Erin Brockovich & Chiropractic
Evidence-Based Care for LBP
Faith Restored
Fighting the Medical Wars
Fighting To Help
Fishbein Cartoon
Fundamental Flaws
Germ Theory or Disk Theory
Get Off Our Backs
Goin’ To Jail for Chiro
Golden Opportunity Missed
Green Healthcare
Guardians of a Monopoly
Hospital Fraud
Humpty Dumpty and Workers Comp
I Have a Dream 1-16-2012
In Defense of Backache Care
Infomercial #2 Buyer Beware
Infomercial Script #1
Infomercial #2
Ironic Vindication
Is Chiropractic Politically Correct
Is Democracy Possible In Chiropractic
Jim Crow Still Alive
Juice Man Cometh
Key to the Locked Box
Killer Subluxation
Letter to Editor
Letter to Medscape
Letter to Parade Magazine
Making Waves
Managed Care Sickness
Media Mess
Medical McCarthyism
Medical Merry-Go Round
Medical Mistakes
Medical Monopoly
Medical Supremacy
Medical Voodoo
Medicare for Everyone
Merchants of Misinformation
Military Service Health Issues
Misleading Research
Monopoly Capitalism in Medicine
Musculoskeletal Incompetence in Allopathic Medicine
My Aching Sacroiliac
Mystery Science Profession
Newsweek Rips Spine Surgery
No Spine Zone
Not All Epidemics Kill
NPR Letter to Blake Farmer
NPR Blake Farmer
Operation Coffee Cup
Ounce of Prevention
Painful Memories
Path Less Traveled
People Will Talk
Power of Prejudice
Power to the Patients
Pursuit of Image or Ignominy
Quackery & Chiropractic
Response Australia Letter
Response to TRICARE
Sample Reading from Poisoned Love
Sanjay Gupta CAM Show
Say No to Drugs, Err, Medications
Skeletons in the Medical Closet
Slipped Discs or Slipped Joints
Snubbed Again
Spine Surgeons Wrath
Spittin’ Up Their Milk
Squeeze Care to Expand Profits
Stabbed In the Back
Taboo Chiropractic
Tainted Image
Tale of Two Chiropractors
Tear Down This Wall
The Bane of Chiropractic
The Dark Ages of Medicine
The Future of Health Care in America
The High Cost of Workers
The Intangible Key to Success
The Last Resort
The Operation Was a Success but the Patient Died
The Paradoxical Backache
The Responsibility for Failurerevision
The Trend to Alternatives
Thick Skins
Think Out of the Box
Time to Change Course
Time to Crow
Tipping Point
Too Many Notes, Mozart
Truth or Dare
Voodoo Diagnosis
Wall Street in Healthcare
We’re 72nd
What Went Wrong With the ICA
Where Do We Draw the Line
Who’s Got Your Back
Whose Got Your Back
Why Surgeons Wear Masks
Zombie Spine Care