Federal Election Comm.


May 4, 2004

Office of General Counsel

Federal Election Commission

999 E Street, NW

Washington, DC 20463


RE:      Respondent Terry Rondberg

c/o World Chiropractic Alliance
2950 N. Dobson Rd. Suite 1
Chandler, AZ 85224
Fax: 480-732-9313

Phone: 1-800-347-1011


To Whom It May Concern:


I, James C. Smith (complainant) would like to register a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission against the Chiropractors for Wellness Care PAC and its treasurer and custodian of records, Terry Rondberg, D.C. (respondent).   The methods of solicitation executed by Dr. Rondberg and his Political Action Committee (Chiropractors for Wellness Care PAC) are in direct violation of current campaign finance law and I request that the Federal Election Commission investigate this matter closely.


It is my understanding that under campaign finance law, of which the Federal Election Commission is the governing body, the Chiropractors for Wellness Care PAC operating as a non-connected political action committee, is prohibited from raising PAC contributions through a connected organization.  In utmost disregard for this campaign finance law regulation, Dr. Rondberg, president and founder of the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA), is soliciting PAC contributions on the WCA website (attachment A) and it is my understanding that Dr. Rondberg promoted his PAC at the WCA Legislative Summit last week.  By promoting the Chiropractors for Wellness Care PAC on the WCA website and at WCA functions, Dr. Rondberg clearly is defining the WCA as the connected organization, a violation of the defining characteristic of a non-connected political action committee.   


Dr. Rondberg is attempting to dupe the public and the Federal government by registering the Chiropractors for Wellness Care PAC as a non-connected political action committee, and blatantly connecting this PAC to the WCA.  In my opinion, Dr. Rondberg is deceiving the public by violating federal election commission regulations to promote the WCA agenda.  It is obvious that Dr. Rondberg only established the Chiropractors for Wellness Care PAC as a non-connected political action committee to have the ability to solicit contributions from the general public instead of the limited WCA membership.   


For your information, Rondberg has a prior similar incident of illegal campaign contributions in which he was found guilty and fined $6,840. You can logon to www.chiroweb.com/archives/09/24/07.html to read “WCA President Admits to Violating Arizona Campaign Contribution Laws” that appeared in a professional newspaper and revealed Rondberg’s illegal money-laundering activity.


Thank you for your time and I appreciate your investigation into this matter.  As a doctor of chiropractic, I am concerned that this PAC is simply a plan to advance the agenda of the WCA with resulting damage to the chiropractic profession on Capitol Hill. 





James C. Smith, D.C.


State of Georgia                                               Signed and sworn to before this by James C.

County of ____________                                   Smith D.C. this ____day of ____, 2004


                                                                                                          Notary Public


 Attachment A


Source: http://www.wcanews.com/archives/2004/apr28a.htm