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According to the infamous yellow journalist and dictator for life of the sham alliance of Evil Vendors, Terry Wrongberg recently defended his bizarre behavior meddling once again in the VA inclusion of chiropractic by quoting ol’ BJ himself: “Regarding the childish comments about distortions and deceptions, BJ Palmer said it best: ‘You can deceive others easily; yourself, for a time; but Innate never.’”


Before I state the issues concerning his latest interfering in the VA matter, let me say about that quote: baloney!


Innate is not a god that wields any super-natural consciousness over mankind. Nor is BJ an apostle for higher consciousness or ethereal beliefs. In fact, BJ was the first megalomaniac, phony educator, and vendor who made millions off this profession at his diploma mill graduating anyone with a heart beat and tuition, leasing worthless NCMs to field docs, and fomenting discord with his straight vs. mixer battle. In other words, quoting BJ is equivalent to quoting L. Ron Hubbard in my estimation.


This smacks of the cultism that typifies our chirovangelists, ya folla? I want to hurl whenever I read such gobbledygook, especially when it comes from an Evil Vendor using this cult-based attitude as a marketing ploy to rip-off this profession as Wrongberg constantly has done for the past 20 years. In fact, this phony WCA dictator and sorry excuse for a publisher is best described by the term “snollygoster,” which means a shrewd but unprincipled person. And that’s being nice since his trail of lies, meddling, obstruction, and evil machinations to hurt this profession is a litany rivaled by few other sociopaths. Enuf sed, ya folla?


Moreover, for Terry Wrongberg to preach to this profession on any issue of morality or ethics smacks of his delusional character [To learn of all of his unethical acts, logon to ]  Recall, this is the same man who:

  • Was convicted and fined for illegal campaign contributions.
  • Has been publicly condemned for meddling in internal political affairs by at least 13 foreign countries.
  • Is known for obvious conflicts of interest as a publisher, owner of CBS insurance, financier of RCS research scam, issues that speak volumes about his journalistic fraud and unethical conflicts that he ignores.
  • Has been accused of yellow journalism on many occasions for his character assassinations of political or financial rivals like the ACA, WFC or NCMIC, Lou Sportelli, and even me!
  • Owned the VSRI phony research scam that was shut down as a patient solicitation fraud, and now finances the RCS scam, a newer version of the same con-job.
  • And his phony tiny WCA of evil vendors was denounced by the ACA as a vendor-driven sham headed by a dictator, yet he still bills it as a major alliance to politicians when, in fact, it’s smaller than most state associations.


Of all people to throw barbs regarding “childish comments about distortions and deceptions,” Wrongberg is the very last person in this profession who should do so! This equates to Saddam crying out against the lack of legal rights in his trial! Indeed, this chiro sociopath is incapable of telling the truth!


The irony of his statement cannot go without comment inasmuch as his journalistic fraud has done more to deceive members of this profession than any other media organization. [To learn more about his fraud, logon to ]  Plus, as a leading demagogue who has constantly mischaracterized the truth in every political situation, his recent flurry of email articles concerning the latest developments with chiropractic’s inclusion in the VA program sheds more light on his evil intentions. This man is clearly a sociopath who is out of control in his quest to take over this profession.


In fact, reading Wrongberg’s reaction and those of his WCA sycophant on the VA committee, Leona Fischer, strangely reminded me of listening to Osama Bin Laden and his jihadists insurgents who scream against democracy in the Mid-East. The similarities are remarkable: allegiance to a radical ideology, sycophants subservient to a demagogue who hides in the dark and who seems not only irrational but violent.


Why is it that megalomaniacs prevail among our chirovangelists, whether it’s BJ, Big $id or now the Evil Wrongberg?

Demagoguery is a powerful tool used to mislead and to exploit naïve people by using passions and prejudices to stir emotions into deviant action. Whether its dogmatic dictators or religious fanatics, impassioned people with silver tongues or poisoned pens sway otherwise logical people to do illogical acts, such as we’ve seen in our profession for too long from BJ to Big $id and now to Wrongberg.


Stirring the pot to arouse passions to appear to be the “chiropracTIC defender” has long been the tactic of many chirovangelists, all who have something to sell. These Evil Vendors have in common the same tactics—the use of the mass media along with a skewed sense of self-righteousness to do whatever they can to formulate dissent and discord with the hidden agenda to profit by selling something—seminars, diplomas, malpractice insurance, research projects, or products of any type, but to sell something to their sycophants who seek chiropracTIC salvation. The latest Wrongberg scam is the RCS research project—“Yes, for only $14,000 you too can be an evidence-based researcher in your community and attract hundreds of patients while you prove the Big Idea!”


The Holy Grail of the VA

Whether it’s a fight against CCE to improve chiro education or the refusal of faith-based chiropracTIC to accept evidence-based guidelines, Wrongberg has focused his obstructionism toward the VA inclusion issue once again. [To read of the first VA battle, logon to ] If you recall, the past VA Sec. Principi included DCs as NMS specialists, which means as with all medical second tier specialists, a patient is required to see a PCP for a diagnosis or consultation before being referred onward in the VA system to any second tier specialist. Knowing full well that DCs are not considered PCPs/diagnosticians, rational DCs on the VA committee gladly accepted this second-tier inclusion, but not Wrongberg and his WCA sycophants.


What seemed like a rational decision, of course, pissed off Wrongberg who was livid because DCs were not considered PCP gatekeepers. To illustrate the inflated image of the ability of chiropracTORs, his WCA lackey, Leona Fischer, even recommended that every VA patient should see a DC first regardless of condition in order to “detect and correct any VSC.” Okay, stop laughing!


Imagine these hate-straight simpletons with their admittedly non-diagnostic capabilities and Sub Stations in hand trying to screen every VA patient for subluxation although most will have a variety of primary ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, amputees, broken bones, etc. I can hear Ms. Fischer telling a VA patient,  “Hold still so I can run this Sub Station over your spine to detect killer subluxation. I know you’re in pain with a broken leg, but this is important too because I am a principled chiropracTOR trying to free your Innate nerve energy, so stop squirming, ya folla?”


It’s so ridiculous it’s laughable, but our WCA cultists are serious and continue to scream about it as if the ACA members don’t want direct access by VA patients to DCs. Convoluted for sure; misguided, naïve, embarrassing, and self-serving, certainly.


While the rational DCs on the VA committee proclaimed this deal a logical solution and huge breakthrough, Wrongberg is beside himself with his Chicken Little, “the sky is falling” attitude. His failed attempt to meddle in this VA legislative effort in which his special interests and those of his cronies were defeated is reason enough to enjoy the angst he now exhibits in his tabloid and email letters.


Seriously, however, it illustrates the naïveté of these ideologues who refuse to accept a reasonable role in integrative medicine no matter what the facts show or what’s best for patients. Indeed, Wrongberg wants his cake and to eat it too—he and his WCA simpletons refuse PCP responsibilities for full body diagnosis as the CCE Standards require, but now they want to be gatekeepers to the entire VA system. What a joke. Just what are these WCA guys smokin’ at their meetings when they think up this stuff? Although everyone else saw the convoluted logic in this argument, to this day Wrongberg and his band of sycophants still cannot understand the contradiction this position poses to every legal and ethical consideration in the role of a PCP.


Incredulously, after Sec. Principi’s original announcement, Wrongberg then had the gall to send him a nasty email complaining about his decision to include DCs as NMS specialists in the VA system.

I would rather see chiropractors excluded from the entire program rather than included for the wrong reasons.  I am respectfully requesting that you reject this recommendation and accept the ‘minority recommendation’ which represents the wishes of the majority of doctors in my profession and respectfully request you allow DIRECT access for VA beneficiaries to doctors of chiropractic.”


Wrongberg also recommended that every VA site purchase a Subluxation Station sold by his sock puppets, Kent and Gentempo, another idea vetoed by the committee. The conflicts of interest are obvious in every political move he makes now in that either he, his family, or his friends will profit by selling insurance, seminars, products, services or by fomenting chiropracTIC demagoguery among the rank and file with misinformation.


Dr. Chris Quigley, formerly of the ICA/Chiropractic Coalition leadership resigned in disgust when he finally saw the light and told Wrongberg: “I do see you as divisive and self-serving. I see you as a self-promoter disguising his for-profit businesses as having altruistic purposes.” In other words, a snollygoster, ya folla?


Adding more stink to TR’s situation, when Sec. Principi shared Wrongberg’s sentiments with his VA Committee aide, Sara McVicker, who then shared it with the VA Committee, Wrongberg flipped his lid that his cover of deceit had been blown and wrote another nasty letter to Principi:

“Of course I understand you can share a private letter with anyone on your staff, however it seems highly inappropriate for your assistant to hand it out to the committee and ask them how to respond…There are several people serving on the committee who represent other political groups and she is well aware of these circumstances and the harm it can do to my self when if it is publicized in the chiropractic media by my adversaries.”


Apparently Wrongberg prefers to do his dirty work in the dark where the profession won’t discover him, just as Osama hides in his cave out of the reach of our forces. Recently one of my GOA members asked Wrongberg about his conflicts of interest as a publisher/vendor and questioned the appearance of nepotism with his family-controlled CBS insurance brokerage. Perhaps Wrongberg was having a bad hair day, but his response revealed that he might be cracking up!


Ahhh…I see the fuck-up fairy has visited me again.  Thank you, I am refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.  I’m not being rude, you and JC are just insignificant…And as for your crybaby, whiny-butt opinion about nepotism, I can see your point, but I still think you’re full of shit. 

Terry A. Rondberg


Certainly Wrongberg’s response is not only obscene and juvenile, but also indicative of his egotism—how dare anyone question his obvious problems? His yellow journalism doesn’t stop with fraud in his TCJ, but now in his email responses his true sentiments shine forth. He lashes out at Sec. Principi, a dear friend of this profession who should be commended rather than criticized, and he now condemns Dr. Reed Phillips, DC, MSCM, PhD, DACBR, prez of SoCal UHS and VA committee chairman, who’s done more for this profession than few other men.


Déjà Vu all Over Again

Is VA issue came up again when Dr. Terry Youchum decided to sponsor a Unity Conference in Denver this coming weekend, so Wrongberg thought he’d poison the water by re-stating his dislike of the VA decision on chiropractic. To remind all, on October 25, 2004, the Department of Veterans Affairs Chiropractic Advisory Committee gave its final report to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs concerning the inclusion of DCs into its system. While the WCA sycophants still wanted direct access by all patients to DCs, realistically, that was impossible due to the specialist standing of DCs and the non-diagnostic PCP capabilities. Yet Leona Fischer, WCA board member and VA member, wasted no time to blast the rational DCs on the VA committee:

“As a member of the VA Committee that Reed Phillips chaired the most profound issue resulting from our voting was that DC’s now have to get the approval from physical therapists, nurse  practitioners, physicians assistants MD’s & DO’s. NONE are qualified to determine IF patients are subluxated!  This does NOT follow the intent of the law. On that fact alone, why would we as DC’s CHOOSE to limit a patients access to chiropractic by voting for a “consultation” before we can render patient care?

“A few other points WE as DC’s were the MAJORITY on the committee, if the ACA voted together as  we had all agreed to do, the VA would have had a difficult time explaining why they would not accept the recommendations we gave them. “Direct access was a significant issue given to us to decide.  The ACA who now whines about unity voted against direct access which is a grave disservice to the Veterans, our profession, and our future.

“If we did not ask for direct access, we knew we would not have it. The ACA members on the VA committee CHOSE not to recommend direct access and sold us all out.  Reed Phillips, Rick McMichael, and Cindy Vaughn (also in line for ACA President) needs to be held accountable for their vote against direct access.”


Of course, Wrongberg disseminated her naïve and nasty appraisal to everyone on his mailing list and, just like a yellow journalist, failed to offer a fair and balanced account. Rather than this yellow journalist having the final say, I approached Dr. Phillips to explain the situation. Indeed, there are two sides to this story—the rational side and the radical side.


Dr. Phillips, the consummate diplomat, explained the process of this agreement:

“During this now-infamous discussion over the issue of “direct access,” other members offered their opinions:

  • The committee staff-support person (nurse by training) and a very strong supporter of the chiropractic cause advised against taking a hard stand on this issue saying the Secretary would simply deny our recommendation and leave us at the mercy of a referral-only status.
  • The PA on the committee (a strong chiropractic advocate and close friend of the Secretary) also advised against taking a hard stand on the “direct issue” telling us it would never be accepted by the Secretary and that we should seek for a compromise.
  • The DO on the committee (not opposed to chiropractic) advised against a strong stand telling us it would cause a significant wave of opposition greater than anything we had experienced heretofore in the VA system.
  • The two MDs on the committee (moderate concern about the role chiropractic would play in the VA system) both advised strongly against the “direct access” issue claiming that even if the Secretary accepted the recommendation from the committee, the VA system was not set up to allow anyone other than the MD/Family Practice/General Practitioner to act as an entry point into the system.
  • No other medical specialty had the privilege of direct access with the exception of the psychiatrist dealing with obviously mentally deranged situations.
  • We also were informed that Duke Short, lobbyist for the ACA and personal friend of the Secretary had learned the Secretary would simply countermand the request for DCs to have the privilege of direct access in the VA system.


“If the system were forced to change to accommodate just the chiropractors, there would be so much havoc and hatred that the DCs would probably never gain any level of acceptance nor receive any type of collaboration of care with the other providers in the system. They further explained that due to the extensive variation in types of patients that the DC would be dealing with, such as cardiac conditions, amputees, post-traumatic shock, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorders and etc., by the time the DC worked through this type of patient flow, they would have no time to treat those patients who would benefit the most from the care we have to offer.”


Personally, if I were a DC working within the VA system, I’d relish the thought of a qualified PCP screening my patients for red flags to improve patient selection and rule out dangerous conditions not palatable to spinal adjusting, but that’s just me. I’m willing to admit my chiro education rendered me incapable of presuming the role of a PCP diagnostician, so I’ll take all the professional help offered to screen patients properly to insure patient safety and better patient outcomes.


Of the 37 Recommendations made to the VA, here is the one that caused the stir:

Recommendation 9: Access to Chiropractic Care.  

Committee Recommendation:

Access to chiropractic care should be in consultation with the patient’s primary care provider or another VA provider for the condition(s) for which chiropractic care is indicated.  VHA facilities should establish processes that will ensure patients are adequately informed about treatment options, including chiropractic care, when presenting to urgent care with acute neuromusculoskeletal conditions appropriate for chiropractic care, when calling to request a primary care appointment for acute neuromusculoskeletal conditions, or when receiving care for difficult, chronic and otherwise unresponsive neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  Patients presenting with neuromusculoskeletal complaints who prefer chiropractic care as their treatment option should be referred to a doctor of chiropractic for evaluation and care. Veterans who have been referred to and have received care from a doctor of chiropractic should continue to have access to the doctor of chiropractic for the continuation of care or treatment, consistent with facility policy for specialty care access.


VA Response:

It would appear that the intent of this recommendation is to help ensure that chiropractic care is provided to those patients who want and need the services of a doctor of chiropractic. VA concurs that access to chiropractic care should be in consultation with the patient’s primary care provider or a VA provider who is providing care for, or been consulted regarding, the condition(s) for which chiropractic care is indicated. It is VA policy that providers must inform patients of treatment options and that patient preferences for treatment will be met whenever possible and appropriate.  Shared decision-making regarding treatment options is encouraged.  VA concurs that the provision of chiropractic care should be consistent with facility policy for specialty care access.


As you can read for yourself, the VA is totally fair and reasonable about patient access to DCs: “It is VA policy that providers must inform patients of treatment options and that patient preferences for treatment will be met whenever possible and appropriate.”


For Wrongberg and his sycophant, Leona Fischer, to construe that a consultation with a PCP will not allow access to DCs is pure nonsense. Plus, their wish to have all VA patients screened first for subluxation is ridiculous. That sounds as lucid as having dentists posing as PCPs to screen all patients beforehand for tartar! Obviously Wrongberg is simply using this issue as a wedge in his strategy of demagoguery to misinform his readership in order to stir emotions to alienate docs from the ACA as if it were purposely trying to prohibit patient access to DCs. [To learn more of Wrongberg’s ulterior motive to foment dissension, logon to ]


One must question how the WCA even got a member on this VA committee inasmuch as everyone knows it’s a phony organization headed by self-serving vendors and political snollygosters. Ms. Sara McVicker told me the committee allowed this dissident group a role in order to avoid the expected response by Wrongberg as a yellow journalist. The choice of Leona Fischer, an unknown in the world of chiro politics, was made only to keep Wrongberg, Kent or Gentempo off the committee, all of whom would have been bigger obstructionists to their mission no doubt.


The VA Advisory Committee included:

Chairman Reed Phillips, DC, MSCM, PhD, DACBR

Charles E. DuVall, Jr., DC, MPS, CFE

Leona Marie Fischer, BS, DC

Warren A. Jones, MD, FAAFP

Michael S. McLean, DC, FICA

Rick A. McMichael, DC, FICC

Brian P. Murphy, MPT

Michael K. Murphy, DO, FACOFP

Michael J. O’Rourke

Paul G. Shekelle, MD, PhD

Cynthia Vaughn, DC, FICC


Since my Galactic Online Alliance now has more members than the tiny WCA, I may petition the VA for a seat on the committee in the future!


According to Dr. Phillips:

“So you see it was a choice of being ‘pig-headed’ and destroying any opportunity to make some inroads or work out a compromise that would open some doors. The compromise consisted of the following:

  • A consultation that could be nothing more than the intake physician responding to a request by a patient to see a DC by entering the request into the VA electronic records system and sending them directly to the DC.
  • On the other hand, under a referral basis, the MD would be required to do a complete physical exam, possibly render some initial treatment and arrange for a follow-up evaluation before determining if a DC referral would be appropriate.
  • Any person under chiropractic care in the Department of Defense military hospitals who became an eligible veteran could go directly to the DC for continuation of care.
  • Once a patient became an established DC patient, all that was required for continuation of care was copying the primary provider on the electronic SOAP notes, not a re-examination and re-referral.
  • The opportunity that when the individual VA facility gained comfort and confidence with the practicing DC, they could elect to offer them “direct access” privileges if they so desired. To date I don’t believe any DC in the system would want to be burdened by the responsibility that would entail.
  • The DCs serving in the VA report a patient wait time of anywhere from two weeks to six months. No body is starving for patients under the consultation process. So it would not appear the compromise was a mistake.


To illustrate how ridiculous Wrongberg’s fear of not having direct access to DCs actually is, an informal survey done by the VA committee of 18 sites revealed the average waiting time for new patients is approximately 5.5 weeks! Imagine if every field DC had such a waiting list for new patients. Apparently these VA chiropractors have their hands full in the present system as second tier specialists. Indeed, none of them are crying like Wrongberg and Fischer about not being a PCP or screening every VA patient for subluxation before treating their actual medical condition because they’re too busy treating patients.


Obviously what we see here is an experienced diplomat, Reed Phillips, versus rogue fundamentalist extremists, Wrongberg and his mouthpiece, Leona Fischer, who want it only their way without compromise or else they’ll spit up their milk. Ms. Fischer continued her rant against this settlement with the usual diatribe against rational DCs and giving her praise of her jihadist leader, Wrongberg:

“It’s true leaders have to be accountable for their actions including Reed Phillips, this needs to be made known throughout our profession. As long as I can speak, I will remain very vocal about this issue, as well as what can we do to avoid making the same mistakes? This can start by choosing leaders who have integrity.”


Okay, stop laughing! “Integrity” she proclaims, and this coming from a naïve sycophant of a known dictator of a sham “alliance” of evil vendors! So tell me, Leona, just when will your dictator-leader be accountable for his 20 years of despicable actions? I know plenty of rational DCs who would love to debate Wrongberg and his WCA sock puppets like Kent and McCoy, any time, any place in order to show their snollygoster position on every issue facing this profession, ya folla? [To read more of these snollygosters, logon to ]


This nonsense illustrates the absurdity of these jihadists. Dr. Reed and the other VA DCs who worked tirelessly to secure a position for DCs in the VA system on equitable status with other specialists should be commended for their work, not condemned. Yet these foolish WCA radicals criticize a compromise that got chiropractic into the biggest healthcare system in the country.  


In regards to Youchum’s upcoming Unity conference, Leona has more to say:

“Unity will only work if we support organizations and leaders who will passionately defend the core values in our profession! If you have not been reminded lately, I/we as a profession respect and admire your continued commitment to being a leader and being so passionate about “guarding our sacred trust”.  

“Thank YOU !”
Peace & Love


Isn’t that sweet? Leona wants peace and love for Wrongberg. Geez, it reminds me of my old hippie days in Berkeley or the $idiots who stood by Big $id as Life sank into oblivion. Obviously this sycophant has drank too much of his purple Kool-Aid.


Wrongberg’s response to her about Unity was just as funny considering no one in the ACA is offering unity to either the ICA or WCA as long as they subscribe to the radical ideology from yesteryear. Indeed, that’s as laughable as the US military offering unity to Osama Bin Ladin. [To learn how the ICA went wrong too, logon to ]


According to Wrongberg:

“We know the plan for ACA ‘unity’: Try to merge with the ICA.  Failing that, include only ICA when discussing other national associations.  Dismiss and villify the WCA and the FSCO as fringe groups.  I hope all of you test the Kool-Aid before chugging it down.”


How ironic: Wrongberg warning Fischer to “test the Kool-Aid before chugging it down.” Methinks she’s already drunk!


Secondly, the WCA and FSCO—the ChiropracTIC Coalition—are fringe groups of a few misguided ideologues who are insignificant to the future of this profession. Indeed, their only role presently is to meddle with legislation, to obstruct the good work of the ACA and WFC, and to disseminate dissension among the rank and file. This Chiro Coalition is simply the fly in the ointment, ya folla? Indeed, this is clearly a situation of the tail waggin’ the dawg. First of all, his WCA is not equivalent to any democratic, member-driven org as he implies.


Wrongberg’s obvious wish to be accepted as an equal to the ACA flies in the face of reason for many reasons, certainly after his WCA refused to attend the WFC’s identity & Image conference held at Life-West. Apparently Wrongberg is unwilling to attend any conference that he cannot dominate, so when his little illegitimate group of vendors was just one among many legitimate international groups, he refused to attend and then had the gall to denounce the WFC’s outcome as not representative of the profession’s wishes. How ironic is that—an autocrat denouncing a democratic body as not representative? What flavor is the WCA Kool-Aid?


Good ol’ Terry is the latest in the long line of chiropracTIC defenders who supposedly “guard the sacred trust”—in other words, use demagoguery to stir emotions to sell, sell, sell. Okay, stop hurling because his rant perfectly illustrates the absurdity this profession faces on every issue as long as these self-serving snollygosters continue to manipulate members in this profession with their propaganda. Indeed, in chiropracTIC, a sucker is “saved” every day, and these evil vendors are there to profit by them. (Psst—wanna buy a Sub Station? Wanna join the CLA, WCA or Chiro Coalition? How about buying CBS insurance or joining the RCS scam for only $14,000? Once you buy all their politically-correct products and attend their “enhancement” seminars, then you’ll be a “principled chiropracTOR,” too, ya folla?)


Dr. Phillips continues:

“So, in spite of what Rondberg says or prints to further his own personal agenda of divisiveness within the profession, the facts of the situation speak for themselves. While the decision was a compromise and the DCs did not get the recommendation from the committee of ‘unlimited direct access,’ they did gain acceptance and have more patients than they can manage. I believe Wrongberg is fully aware of this but it does him no good to recognize the situation for what it was. Rather, it furthers his agenda to tear down Reed Phillips by only stating that portion of the facts that gives him a platform to sell his demagoguery, the very thing that Joe Janse spent his entire career fighting.  


“I shouldn’t have to waste my time explaining this sequence of events over and over but until people stop distorting the situation for their own personal gain, I guess it will have to be.”


Despite the clarification offered by Dr. Phillips, Wrongberg continues to spin the truth to demonize this compromise, failing to admit that DCs may never be PCPs in the military health services or the VA healthcare system. Indeed, only extremely well-qualified DCs from mixer colleges have proven effective as PCPs in an HMO setting; certainly not chirovangelists who only “detect and correct VSC.” For him and Fischer to even suggest every VA patient must see a DC initially is ridiculous, but it does illustrate the effect of purple Kool-Aid upon their “core values.”


Yellow Journalism Continues

Even though this is a huge first step through a very big door, Wrongberg continues to soil the minds of his readership with misinformation. Indeed, I sincerely believe Wrongberg is incapable of telling the truth. His 20 years as a yellow journalist is replete with evidence of his total lack of journalistic ethics and outright political snollygostering. If there is anyone who actually believes anything this delusion psychopath writes, I’ve got beachfront property in New Orleans for sale. [To read more about his yellow journalism, logon to ]


Journalistic ethics obviously have no bearing in Wrongberg’s publication—his sole goal is to advance his own agenda as a vendor and political hack by using whatever means he can to stir the pot of controversy with publicity stunts. The following short review of Bob Kohn’s book, “Journalistic Fraud: How the New York Times Distorts the News and Why It Can No Longer Be Trusted,” summarizes those same tactic often used by this chiropracTIC yellow journalist:

“Today, instead of straight news, readers are given mere editorial under the pretense of objective journalism…routinely slanting the presentation of the facts in leads, headlines, and placement; utilizing polls, labels, and loaded language to convey particular views, not genuine news; and staffing the newsroom with hacks who manipulate information to further a leftist agenda.”


This accurately defines the scuttlebutt in Wrongberg’s TCJ and his emails. As I mentioned, no one in this profession takes his free tabloid seriously other than to learn what the radical insurgents think or their next scam, such as the RCS patient solicitation scam now.


Certainly this snollygoster’s bluster reveals how Wrongberg spits up his sour milk whenever his strategies fail as they often do. How many more respectable government servants will he offend, how many more naïve students or impressionable field docs will be conned by this propagandist/vendor, and how many more misrepresentations will he make as he meddles in our collective business? In fact, he is the most dangerous man in chiropracTIC. [Logon to to learn why]


The time has come for Wrongberg to shut up. He only represents a scant 0.004% of this profession, smaller than most state associations, yet he bellows constantly as if he were Lord of this profession, just as Big $id did during his downfall, allthewhile hiding from contact with reputable DCs. When Wrongberg finds the backbone to speak at RAC, maybe then we’ll learn of his true “core values.” Since Ms. Fischer wants to hold the VA committee’s DCs’ feet to the fire, well then, let’s have the same opportunity to have a panel with Wrongberg, McCoy, Kent, and Jackson to hold their feet to the fire of questions at RAC.


Let’s face the truth: Wrongberg shields his conflicts of interest from legislators, the profession, and to his own members; he’s the source of constant yellow journalism, and he’s shameless about his obstructionism and nepotism. In fact, he’s a loose canon who has shot off his mouth too often, and one that needs to either stay closed or come before the mainstream to answer questions about his agenda. I’m sure RAC will donate a panel discussion to this issue, ya folla?


Do you think this girlyman snollygoster has the balls to come forth and speak to the mainstream chiropractors in an open forum? Okay, stop laughing, ya folla? He’s as slimy as Saddam hiding in his spider hole.


On a larger scale, Wrongberg, McCoy, Jackson, Big $id, and the lesser known Evil Vendors, Yellow Journalists, Phony Researchers, and Academic Frauds (did I omit anyone?) in this profession are those 17% of outliers that Jay Triano railed against at RAC in Las Vegas last year. These are the scoundrels who give us all a bad name, who ruin our collective image, who teach fraudulent methods and practice fringe ethics. These are the chirovangelists who reject modern science or try to use it to their profit as we see now with the RCS scam. These “detect and correct VSC only” chiropracTORs are the ones who are willing to do or say anything to make a buck (NOOPE, TWIP, free exams, free chicken dinners), but who never read JMPT or any scientific literature. Sadly, their only sources seem to be TCJToday’s Chiropractic, or the Journal for Very Silly Research, all vendor-driven tabloids.


If it weren’t for our stellar clinical results with SMT for the epidemic of MSDs, this profession’s image would be even lower than it now is. Seeing only 7% of the population is a travesty considering MSDs affect 90% of all adults. If it weren’t for our great doctor-patient relationships and our safe and effective treatment, with our charlatan image, we would be extinct now if our chirovangelists’ hyperbole were the only paradigm in town. Although a case can easily be made that Wrongberg is a snollygoster, I daresay this entire profession is viewed in the same light as shrewd practice builders with unprincipled ethics—hawking the unproven Big Hypothetical that chiro-cures-all by releasing the “power within,” bait-and-switch ads, patient solicitation RCS scams, endless treatment plans bordering on insurance fraud, and a high percentage of sexual misconduct. Is this the Big Idea these BJ lovers have in mind?


Until we police ourselves with public condemnation of these charlatans and offer a mea culpa and tabula rasa to the public, we will continue to be tainted by the Wrongberg’s of this profession, just as we were embarrassed for 28 long years by Big $id. [To review the tyranny of Big $id, logon to ]


As George McAndrews found during the Wilk Trial, his biggest disappointment was that no one in authority spoke against these charlatans so he could show the court that ethical chiropractors were disgusted too with this behavior, which led him to state, “5% of you are cultists, 5% of you are freaks, and the rest of you keep your mouths shut.”


I say it’s time to open our mouths wider than ever before and wider than Wrongberg (if that’s possible) to tell our story that not all chiropractors are low-brow practitioners, fraudulent researchers, political hacks, academic frauds, or evil vendors out to make a buck at the cost of this profession’s image and place in mainstream healthcare. If 17% are these outliers, let us speak out for the other 83% who are ethical, prudent and rational.


Enuf sed, ya folla?