Chiro Ads



Advertising chiropractic care is a difficult task considering the extensive effort the AMA has made over the years to defame chiropractors with its multi-million dollar effort to sway the media against chiropractors. Indeed, no other profession has suffered the defamation that chiropractic has experienced by the medical propagandists at the AMA and the Institute for Science in Medicine that continues to manufacture what I refer to as Chicken Little journalism.

Presently the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) has decided to use the old WOC format, aka, the “wonders of chiropractic” that utilizes testimonials from celebrities, sports figures, and the stories how chiropractic care has helped regular people as well as pro and Olympic athletic teams. These are essential, but they do not address the underlying skepticism we face after decades of medical slander.

These type of ads do not teach the public the scientific essence of our care or explain the negative stigma associated with our profession due to the years of medical propaganda. I think until people understand our brand of spinal care, we will continue to be the last resort in spine care after the drugs, shots, and surgery and panned out.

Since we’re supposedly now in the evidence-based era of healthcare (okay, stop laughing), I designed the following evidence-based advertisements, aka, eAds. Although the WOC newspaper ads are visceral, gut-wrenching type of ads that chiropractors have used since the beginning with patient testimonials, these eAds are designed to hit at the intellect, instead.

I created these eAds to give you an idea of how we might approach PR with a different perspective. Feel free to use them, to edit them, or to create new ads altogether. If you do, please send me your copy.

Click here to read the first ad.