Baby Jesus Rule on Gifts



Every Christmas I share the one and only poem I’ve ever written.

This year I’ve added a few new lines to this wonderful rhyme.

I urge you to share this message with your family and especially your children or grandchildren.


JC Smith

The Baby Jesus Rule



The bedlam at Christmas,

is a fright to behold,

tiresome for reasons

that trouble the old.

Frantic parents buying gifts

in a crowded shopping mall,

only to hear from kids on Christmas morn,

“Is that all?”

This yearly frustration leaves

parents disheartened and broke,

Christmas has now become a very misguided

and expensive joke.

The anticipation on young faces,

reveals both joy and greed,

with images of gift cards,

cell phones, and MP3’s.

The real reason for the season

children now seem to forget,

blurred by Santa Claus

and the gifts that they get.

The new meaning of Christmas

leaves me to wonder:

has Santa Claus

stolen His thunder?

So I asked myself,

What would Jesus do?

The answer’s been clear for 2,000 years,

a tribute now fallen

on children’s deaf ears.

The wisdom of Three Wise Men

with 3 gifts divine;

an example of giving

that will do us just fine.

Now in my home,

I’m invoking this rule:

If 3 gifts were enough for Baby Jesus,

then it’s plenty for our Yule.

This holiday season, tell your kids

“3’s the limit.”

It will help you regain your sanity

and the true Christmas spirit.

If they ask for more

and continue to fuss,

then ask them,

“Are you better than Baby Jesus?”

Despite Santa’s temptations

with gifts galore,

Remind your kids,

“It’s His birthday, not yours!”

Don’t cave in if they start to cry.

The real reason for the season

may be a hard lesson to learn,

but the Good Book tells us the story why.

If the King of Kings

was content with just three,

that’s all you need

under your Christmas tree.

So make your holiday

a pleasant time this year,

follow the Baby Jesus Rule

for Yuletide good cheer.


JC Smith, MA, DC

Warner Robins, GA

[email protected]


Please share this Christmas poem with your family and friends.

It might change their entire perspective on gifting to help all have a Merry Christmas.