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Dear American Life:


Let me take one minute to state my case. Just as there are glass ceilings in corporations for women and people of color, there remains a boycott of chiropractors in the media, hospitals, workers’ comp, and military medical systems. Despite the fact that chiropractic is the third-largest physician-level health profession in the world, it receives next to no airtime to teach viewers the benefits of our brand of spinal care due to the prevailing medical bias that permeates most outlets in the media. I pray this is not true for American Life as well.


Few people realize that chiropractors were among the first civil right activists in our nation. In the first half of the 20th century, over 12,000 were arrested over 15,000 times for simply bringing a new health profession to the public. Many were beaten, ran out of town, defamed, and humiliated in their local communities by Jim Crow MDs who were powerful bigots against any alternative practitioners.


My new book, The Medical War Against Chiropractors, brings to light the history of the medical persecution of chiropractors, a story the AMA would prefer left in its closet. I also reveal the new research that vindicates chiropractic care as more effective than anything the medical world offers for the epidemic of back pain, a costly $100 billion problem that 90% of Americans face.


However, just as blacks felt the bias of racism, chiropractors still face barriers by MDs who control the media health programs, including CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta who has badly misrepresented my profession and ignored the many newsworthy issues critical of spine fusions done by his neurosurgery colleagues. The last thing Gupta wants is to admit chiropractors were right all along or the belief that spine fusions are unnecessary and ineffective.


Apparently CNN does not follow the Fairness Doctrine to allow the opposing party to have airtime to refute misinformation. My two pleas to CNN executive Richard Davis, EVP of News Standards and Practices, and to Dr. Sanjay Gupta to allow me to respond to his allegations have fallen on deaf ears. I’ve attached for your review my second notice of my complaint, which is self-explanatory.


There are many newsworthy issues about chiropractic that would greatly lower healthcare costs as well as give people a freedom of choice to treatments. The public also needs to hear that for the epidemic of back pain, the medical methods of opioid drugs, epidural shots, and spine surgeries are now deemed as inappropriate in most cases, costly, and ineffective by modern standards.


This is a 10-minute radio interview @ will give you a short overview of my new book, The Medical War Against Chiropractors.



JC Smith, MA, DC