1.5% vs 42.7%


Chiropractic Beats Surgery

A recent study in Washington State compared
workers with low back injuries. [1]
Consider the results:
only 1.5% of patients who saw a chiropractor first underwent surgery vs. 42.7% who saw a surgeon first.


Just Say NO

to Drugs, Shots &  Spine Surgery.


The evidence for chiropractic care is mounting.


  • The typical medical protocol of opioid painkillers, epidural steroid injections, and spine surgery has been branded as “the poster child for inefficient spine care.”[2]
  • A 1998 editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine noted that “spinal manipulation is the treatment of choice.”[3]
  • Even the North American Spine Society recommends spinal manipulation before surgery.[5]



Research now shows Chiropractors are


Primary Spine Care Providers


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