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Marketing Pain: Part 2

Marketing Pain: Part Two Minimally Invasive Surgery Quick Fix or Quick Con? Undoubtedly the largest advertising ploy today disseminating misconceptions about LBP treatments are the incessant TV ads promoting “minimally-invasive” laser spine surgery (MISS) by the Laser...

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Marketing Pain: Part 1

Marketing Back Pain Part One: Pills, Pillows, and Problems LBP is big business at $100 billion annually in the US while affecting 540 million people worldwide at a cost approaching one trillion. Many types of practitioners and non-practitioners are cashing in whether...

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Facts of Life

Facts of Life Learning about Workers Comp Let me recall an anecdote depicting the real-life problems in Georgia’s workers’ comp program facing injured workers seeking the chiropractic benefit. Although it’s been nearly 20 years ago, I’ve never forgotten the impact of...

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Blind Spot

Chiropractic’s Blind Spot In mid-March I attended the DC2017 in Washington DC that had 1,500 people from 29 countries. It was a great seminar with interesting speakers and research award-winners, but the Life Vision seminar hosted by Life University exceeded it in...

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Bad Disc Scam

Bad Disk Scam by JC Smith, MA, DC Back surgery is now rated among the worst of unnecessary, expensive and ineffective surgeries, yet few, if any, spine surgeons will admit this to their patients.   An article in USA TODAY warned “Caution: Six common surgeries are...

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Bone on Bone

Bone on Bone: The Biggest Scam in Medicine The recent LBP review by The Lancet, Low back pain: a call for action, mentioned much of the American spine community remains stuck in “widespread misconceptions” and “outdated models of care and the widespread use of...

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Response Health Agenda

TO:            EDITOR: HEALTH AGENDA FROM:       JC Smith, MA, DC                  Chiropractors for Fair Journalism RE:            BACK TO BASICS by Libby Hakim Dear Editor: While reading Libby Hakim’s article about the plight of back pain, Back to Basics (Health...

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Dental Attitude Spine

Dental Attitude for Your Spine Perhaps the biggest criticism by patients and insurance payors about chiropractic care is the principle of lifetime spinal care. Most patients who don’t understand the logic behind chronic back pain and the need for maintenance care, so...

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Reframing Reformers

Time to Reframe the Refromers A recent editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Is It Time To Reframe How We Care For People With Non-Traumatic Musculoskeletal Pain?, by Jeremy Lewis and Peter O’Sullivan  seems to be a follow-up to The Lancet review by Jan...

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Dream to Nightmare

The Dream Becomes a Nightmare…  Imagine if MLK, Jr.’s dream had been subjugated by a wave of young African-Americans more bent on making money to the point they sold out his principles of equality in order to cash-in and be more socially accepted to the racist status...

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