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J C Smith

1103 Russell Parkway

Warner Robins, GA. 31088



Chiropractors for Fair




Present Positions:     

            Smith Spinal Care Center, Owner & Director

            Chiropractic Paradigm Systems, Owner & Director

            Chiropractors for Fair


Educational Background:   

            B.S. Conservation of Natural Resources, 1970

            University of California, Berkeley

            M.A. Sociology of Sport, 1972

            Goddard College, Cambridge, Mass.

            Doctor of Chiropractic, 1978

Life Chiropractic College, Marietta, Ga.


Teaching Experience: 

            Livingston College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J.

            1972-75, Sociology of Sport & Intercollegiate Sports Coach


Noted Author

Publications  & Presentations


            A Chiropractic Paradigm

            The Path to Mastery in Chiropractic

            How to Avoid Back Surgery: Chiropractic—the Proven Method for Back Pain

Poisoned Love: When a Chiropractor and an Orthopedist Fall in Love…

            The Medical War Against Chiropractors

            To Kill a Chiropractor: the Media War Against Chiropractors


Magazines & Journals 

            Dynamic Chiropractic

            Staff Management - Hiring New Staff Members

            Management & Transformational Leadership

            Can You Imagine?

            Unity or Anarchy? (3 part series)

            Mystery Science Profession

            Too Many Notes,  Mozart

            The Chiropractor Is Naked!

            The Chiropractor As Hero

            Voodoo Diagnosis

            Humpty Dumpty & Workers’ Comp.

            Affirmation Action in Chiropractic

            Bad for Business--But Good for People

            Stormin’ the Capitol: NCLC 2001



            The American Chiropractor 

            In Search of Excellence or Excess?

            Cooks & Chiropractors

            Sour Grapes, AMA!

            Killer Subluxation

            Between a Rock & a Hard Place

            Smart Marketing: Top of Mind Awareness

            Smart Internal Marketing

            Between a Rock & a Hard Place


            The Journal of the ACA

            Time to Crow

            Dr. Smith Goes to Washington

            We Are Family

            Strangling the Golden Goose

            Managing the Patient from Hell


            ACA Today Newsletter of the American Chiropractic Association

NCLC in First Person: “You Toucha My Fender, I Smasha Your Face”


The American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic

            Ethics in Chiropractic—Pursuit of Image or Ignominy?

            CAM Scam


            The Journal of Chiropractic Humanities

            Chiropractic Ethics: An Oxymoron?

            Microsoft & Medicine


            The Georgia Chiropractic Journal

            "The Bane of Chiropractic", November 1996

"Discounted Chiropractic Care", January 1999

"Bad For Business, But Good For People", February 1999

Jump on the Bandwagon to Better Health, Naturally", June 1999

"Pleading Chiropractic's Care to Workers' Comp", December 2000


                                                Noted Speaker

Seminar Presentations

            Georgia Chiropractic Association - Practice Boosters Seminars

            Practice Consultants - Advanced Client Program Instructor

            N. W. Florida Chiropractic Society - Smart Marketing Seminar

            Chiropractic Paradigm - Practice Management & Marketing Seminars

            Palmer Chiropractic College (West) - Symposium to Preceptor Class

            ACA Sports Injuries & Physical Fitness - Keynote Speaker before the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia

            NYCC Career Development Program

            Life Chiropractic College (off-campus presentation)

Florida Chiropractic Association Conventions in Tampa, DelRay Beach, Panama City, Jacksonville, Orlando

National College of Chiropractic Homecoming and Ethical Practice Mgt. Class

CBP 2000 Semi-Annual Reno Seminar

Rhode Island Chiropractic Society convention

Governor’s Commission on Workers’ Compensation, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Los Angeles Chiropractic College lecture on ethical practice management

Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City, Trends in Research

Life University, Marietta, GA, Research Trends in Chiropractic

Palmer Chiropractic College, Davenport, Iowa, Research Trends


Chiropractic Activist

Political Involvement:

GCA’s Delegate to the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations: 1999, 2000

ACA member and GCA delegate to the National Chiropractic Legislative Convention

GCA delegate to State Board of Workers’ Compensation

GCA representative to the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Workers’ Compensation

ACA PR Ad Hoc Committee





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