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Response to Col. Ferrell

My battle with Robins AFB has taken a new turn. After waiting two years after my initial complaint submission in 2018 to the Air Force Inspector General’s Office without any response, I finally found a new AFIG officer who actually responded to me by informing me I should have gotten a response a long time ago.

He contacted the local IG officer at RAFB, Col. Garrett Gordon, who apologized for the oversight in a three-paragraph letter in which he said the “case is closed” because “TRICARE does not cover chiropractic.” Considering the 3 Army MTFs in Georgia have DCs on staff and over 60 MTFs worldwide have DCs, obviously he is wrong.

In the meantime, I had an exchange of correspondence with Col. Maureen Ferrell who oversees the 78 MDB at RAFB. We were to meet at her office on base, but at the last minute she cancelled with the explanation, “TRICARE does not cover chiropractic.” Obviously, neither had done their homework to know this is untrue, but you can see the prevailing mindset at RAFB.

So, I wrote a lengthy explanation to them, but I’ve not heard a reply as yet and I don’t expect to hear anything. You will find my reply to each of them remarkably interesting.

I also find it odd despite the fact low back pain (LBP) is a covered benefit by TRICARE and FECA. They seem to ignore LBP is also the leading disability among Active Duty Service Members (ASDM) and injured civilian workers at RAFB, which is the leading single-site employer in the state of Georgia, yet neither officer is interested in how to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

My reports explain how and why the Pentagon has suppressed the law to make chiropractic care available to every military beneficiary include family members, retirees, etc. --- all 9.4 million that has been limited to less than one million active duty members only. You will learn the bad guy in this scheme is the late Col. (Dr) S. Ward Casscells, once the Asst. Sec. of Health Affairs in the Pentagon. 

You will find this history of this military chirophobia and discrimination very interesting as well as saddening to learn of the regressive the status quo in the military health services.

The Trump Report spoke of the resistance to reform:

“While American consumers and many providers would significantly benefit from the reforms laid out in this report, there are entrenched and powerful special interest groups that reap large profits from the status quo. It will take bold leadership to confront these incumbents and implement reforms…”[1]

This explains the situation I find at RAFB as my reports reveal so clearly.

You can read my two responses:

Col. Maureen Ferrell 
Col. Garrett Gordon





[1] Trump Report, pp. 4

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